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What was your first WH experience like?,

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Imadude Orti
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#41 - 2013-12-29 03:19:24 UTC
Oblivious Aubaris
Falling Skies Syndicate
#42 - 2013-12-29 06:53:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Oblivious Aubaris
I am looking to get back into wormholes and I saw this thread. I thought I would share my first experience in a wormhole, as it was also my first PVP experience. I had met a friend through a friend that at the time was running a C2 wormhole alone. He had invited us to come and check it out. I was only maybe 3 months old at the time. My skills were crap and I had basically just gotten into a myrmidon. There were three of us online this day and my buddy(also in a myrmidon) said hey lets go run a site together. So we jumped in our shiny myrmidon's fresh from carebear land and started running a site. As we were running the site my friend says WARP OUT........ in the corp window(we didn't have any comms setup during the time) I'm looking around like WHAT????? Next thing I know my friend has warped off and left me on grid with two other battlecruisers that were locking me up. I immediately went into panic mode.......SCRAMMED...........taking heavy damage. The "owner" of the C2 says burn for the structure and try to get them hung up on it and burn away as fast as you can...................WHAT????? At this point my repper is just barely keeping me alive. The repper would pulse and they would knock it down again plus a small chunk of hull. This went on for what seemed like 5 minutes and was probably only a minute. I hadn't said anything in chat for a while, but my friends were asking me what was going on. Finally the "owner" said if your alive just hit X. So I slammed a X in chat! At this point my ship was blowing flames out of it and I just knew it was going to be over soon. Then like an angel in the sky the owner of the C2 shows up in a falcon and permma jams them. I was able to warp out and back to the POS. My ship was in flames, my nerves were shot, my muscles ached, and I knew then that wormholes were fun! I told my friend in true "Top Gun" style................................."NEVER, EVER Leave your wingman" ;)
Oska Rus
Free Ice Cream People
#43 - 2013-12-29 16:22:34 UTC
I had nothing fancy. I decided to go wormhole because isk. Read all the stuff about wormholes. Did a few peacefull daytrips and started to go deeper and more permanent.
Hamabu Corporation
#44 - 2013-12-30 01:05:14 UTC
Went in, died. Went back in, died again.

Didn't go back in.
ktown Hekard
Gone Krabbing
Solyaris Chtonium
#45 - 2013-12-31 00:00:56 UTC
Really great stories Shockeddon't stop here, keep them coming, good or bad, lets share, LOL
Auduin Samson
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#46 - 2013-12-31 06:31:21 UTC
I was a VERY new player and thought this whole wormhole thing sounded pretty cool. I stuck a scanner on a Punisher, fit it up with some armor and lasers JUST IN CASE, and went in. Didn't know what D-scan was, didn't know how to bookmark things. Just went in and warped to a planet, figuring nobody would find me if I didn't say anything in local.

My punisher was down before I realized I was taking fire (Was busy looking at my probe scanner) and I was podded before I could react.
ktown Hekard
Gone Krabbing
Solyaris Chtonium
#47 - 2013-12-31 15:49:39 UTC  |  Edited by: ktown Hekard
ISD Ezwal wrote:
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Having said that, my first time ever in -W-space went exactly like this: Scan down wormhole from hs > jump through wormhole > load grid just in time to see Pod hanging beside wreck of own ship > wake up in fresh clone......
Several weeks later I found myself living in a C1. Ah, the memories of days gone by....Blink

Just wanted to add a ty to the ISD for keeping this thread to the point, ty sir.
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#48 - 2014-01-04 01:32:51 UTC
My first experience in a Wormhole was amazing, a friend of mine and I had been trying to get into eve for awhile and decided after several trials trying everything from mining to missioning to pirating that we would try exploration. From my time in a missioning and wardec corp I had some combat experience and some skills sufficient to fly a drake.

We entered the WH with my friend acting as a scout with a tier 1 frigate with minimal skills no cloak and a probe launcher and I in a basic fitted poorly skilled caracal >.> . We were having fun just messing around found a c1 sleeper site and did the entire complex. My buddy salvaged the site and thats when we found it.

Nanoribbons, WOW we were rich! Within 15 minutes of shooting things we made 30m isk! We were so ecstatic about our discovery that we had finally found our niche in Eve. We went back and sold away and split everything down the middle. We returned to another C1 thinking this would be just as succesful, unfortunately we were very wrong. We were dropped on by a t3 looking for a fight. We immediately jumped, I wasn't even familiar with the name of the ship (when I was missioning I dont even think t3 were out yet). Using the skills I had learned from wardec we used safe spots and rapid jumps to stay away from the handful of ships with combat probes. We had no cloaks and no way to avoid confrontation except just to keep jumping and making safespots. We chatted them up in local as we dodged, they were nice guys but very intent on ending our little trip. We then made a sudden realization, we had never bookmarked our entrance xD, in desperation we scanned out another wormhole and ended up even deeper in WH space, being pursued by this fleet. There was little we could do except keep trying to rapidly jump and escape, eventually we got caught.

They popped my friends ship, I evaded for a little while longer, but gave up knowing it was futile and my fit wasnt worth more then 50m. They were impressed with our evasion in the fun chase and liked our attitude that we had kept in local with them. They had so much fun messing with us, they offered for us to join the corp, payed for our losses and gave us a free trip back to hi sec (they podded us :P). I promptly accepted and have been playing in WH space when I've been active ever since.

The best experience in EVE for me to this day, I think thats something worth making a Sandbox story about :)
ktown Hekard
Gone Krabbing
Solyaris Chtonium
#49 - 2014-01-07 03:39:47 UTC
bumping for MOOOOOOREEEE
ktown Hekard
Gone Krabbing
Solyaris Chtonium
#50 - 2014-01-22 17:55:16 UTC
Come on folks, i love hearing your stories, keep it coming.
Serendipity Lost
Repo Industries
#51 - 2014-01-22 19:15:09 UTC
Just after wh first came out I had my first experience. Repo was a decent merc corp back in those days. We had chased someone into a low sec dead end system as part of a contract. Tbh I don't know if we got the guy or not. To the point: as our fleet (10 or so guys in misc ships) started home we realized we were camped into the pocket w/ no way out. I don't recall who had us hemmed in, all I recall was that getting out would not happen. There was some smack back and forth in local. They had us for sure. One of the guys in fleet (again don't recall who) had a probe launcher. Under the cover of good natured local discussion he went back a system and probed out a wh. From that wh he found another wh back to k-space. We took the fleet in and back out the other way and avoided assured destruction.

We did all that with zero knowledge of mass limits, timers nothing. It could have collapsed or whatever. So that was cool.

A few days later we had a contract to bash a wh pos. A route was given and we went in and took it out. That was somewhat unnerving as beyond how to take down a pos we had zero clue how the wh thing worked. On the way out from the pos bash me and Hans stopped at a site and killed the sleepers. Was probably a C1 but who knows. Knowing nothing of salvaging sleepers and what not we finished the waves of frigates and sat in the site for a bit. After a while I asked Hans on comms what we were supposed to do next. "I think we're supposed to mine??" was his answer/question. One of us said it was stupid and we left.

A few months later we put Repo dormant for what has turned out to be years. I wondered a bit and ended up with a character in SPLU and things got from there to here. Not that exciting I suppose, but more of a reluctant journey. I wouldn't change it as I had a lot of fun getting from there to here.
Tajic Kaundur
Collapsed Out
Pandemic Legion
#52 - 2014-01-22 21:08:08 UTC
So, I don't live in wormholes at all. Only recently started using them, in fact.

I unlocked CovOps ships a few days ago, and fitted up an Anathema while I finish training for bombers. I'm in need of ISK, so I start trying to scan down DED sites. Nothing at all in the nearby systems. I figure "Well, I found a wormhole one jump away from here, maybe I can use it as a tunnel to get somewhere else, see if there's sites out there...?"

I scan down that hole, and bounce in. A C5 hole. I warp to a random planet and make a safe mid-warp. According to DScan, it's not uninhabited. Guess I won't be trying to ferry my Dominix through here. I jump back into lowsec, and there's an Iteron V jumping into the hole. Interesting. I don't have any guns on this Anathema though (what's the point when I have a cloak and warp stabs fit), so I just sit around and watch it enter the hole. A few seconds later, a Badger does the same thing.

Alright, they're either moving in or out of this hole.

I head the 3 jumps home and jump into a NOmen and run back to the hole, hoping to be able to gank an indie full of WH loot. That could be even better than the DED site I was hoping to find.

An Iteron V hops out of the hole. Lock it up... 3 shots and it's dead. Run to the wreck... nothing. It had a cloaking device and 2 expanded cargo IIs. Guess they're moving in, not out. Unlucky guess. Right as I loot the wreck, a Badger warps to the hole from a station. Awesome, this one's going the right direction. Try to lock it up... he gets through the hole while I'm mid-lock. Damn. A few seconds later, a handful of Ishkurs come through, probably to kill me.

I jump into the hole, knowing I probably won't be able to get away, and warp to the safe I made earlier, and I'm fully aware I have no cloak, an aggression timer, and they almost certainly have probes. I keep bouncing around celestials, hoping that'll stop them from scanning me down- I've never tried to scan down a ship before, only sites, I have no idea how it works!- and every time I land on the planet closest to the hole, I DScan it. I know I need to get through soon or they might try to shut down the hole and lock me in, I've got no probes on this NOmen.

After running a lap around the system three or four times, I jump back through the hole. There's a single Ishkur on the lowsec side.

I dunno if he was AFK or what, but he didn't lock me up and I managed to get back home with my hard earned... uh... cloaking device.

I'm gonna start using WHes to get around more often Big smile
Dmitry Wizard
#53 - 2014-01-22 22:00:05 UTC
Tried to solo a c2 wolf rayet site in a fed navy comet.... I died in a fire. Sleepers scared me

"Wormhole corps are like a bunch of homeschooled kids"

Desmond Strickler
#54 - 2014-01-22 22:14:31 UTC
Everything was throbbing, but I was exhilarated! Only downside is that I feel next time won't be as special. 10/10 would do it again.

[b]Part-Time Moon Bear and Full-Time Black Guy

"My other dread is a Swaglafar"[/b]

Maxxor Brutor
Borderline Procurements
#55 - 2014-01-22 23:24:06 UTC
Living in Lonetrek hisec, doing level 3s and other ratting. Got a Probe, went around scanning for Gurista sites. Found this beauuutiful thing that lead into the Unknown.

Jumped in to check it out, saved the exit, warped to random planet and dropped probes. There were so many strange things to see that I just sat there trying to narrow signatures down for ages it seemed until suddenly I heard the shield warning sound. Closed the probing map to find that a Tengu was hurling missiles at me! Luckily he didn't bother pointing me so I just ran back to hisec. Convoed him apologizing for disturbing his wormhole and the guy was nice enough to give me some advice and 200 mil isk!

Lots of daytripping experiences later I now live in a C5 :K

Owen Levanth
Sagittarius Unlimited Exploration
#56 - 2014-01-23 13:53:13 UTC
ktown Hekard wrote:
I trained and saved what I could as a miner, and having never pvp'ed I thought what would be the fastest way to learn wh fundamentals, and pvp. I was going to apply to one of the big WH-corps, but honestly who would want a miner. I waited to hear from a few top wh corps never expecting anybody to want a noob. I scanned a c1 that was empty, lived there a month got killed a few times. lost pos, ships, and all assets.

So after a few more months training I scanned a c2, moved in, long story short lost everything (AGAIN), but I allowed any noob who wanted to be in a wh to join me to make some isk, learn basics with me, while I did my best to make sure there experience in the wh was a positive one, not a money sink.
I was not always successful at saving them all but I am told I made it accessible, fun and sometimes profitable experience for them, which was all I wanted in a WH corp.

To this day I still have a ****-eating grin from the fun I had. Even though I barely understood anything about wh's, and lost everything.

So I figure, 3'rd times a charm, looking for a new WH to call home for me and a couple friends, am I stubborn, maybe. Have I learned anything about wh's, pvp, ect..? u better dam believe I did.

So my what was your first WH experience like?,

I just randomly took my Heron into one just to take a look around. After scanning several wormholes since my exit had collapsed behind me, I had a run-in with pair of T2 cruisers camping a HighSec-exit. It was kind of fun slowboating with my cloaked Heron around a Heavy Interdictor and a HAC until I reached the heavily bubbled wormhole right behind them and bugged out.

Since then I started using wormholes as a easy way to transport myself around the map. Especially to enter and leave NullSec at will. Or when I'm exploring and have no clear goal in mind.
Erufen Rito
Trillium Invariant
Honorable Third Party
#57 - 2014-01-23 16:33:48 UTC
Boy....this takes me back.

My first experience was with my very first corp. There was about 5 of us or so on shield tanked BCs, plus my noctis alt with a probe launcher and cloak. We were in a C4, and our plan was simple. Let the noctis do the scanning while the fleet was cloaked somewhere else. Once the site was cleared, warp noctis in, salvage, scan cloak, rinse and repeat. Well, it just so happened that my noctis had T1 tackles, and salvaging III, with IV in queue. Once we cleared the first site, I couldn't salvage the good wrecks for at least 40 minutes, so that was funny and somewhat lucky.

That went very well, we cleared the hole, and made a nice chunk of isk out of it.
Weeks later, we returned, and did the exact same thing, on a different C4. When we finished, everyone was tired and itching to log off. One of my corpmates somehow understood that everyone would log off in the hole, and so he did too. On the next day, when I log in, he is very mad and yelling at me for leaving him stranded. I told him to scan his way out, and he said he didn't fit a launcher on his drake, because of the cloak. I had to burn back to the entry system, which by some sort of miracle, the hole was still open, and fish him out.

Maybe half a year later, one of our blue corps asked us to help them set up camp in a C3 that had been reported as empty. Once the tower was anchored and in the process of onlining, a Gilla and something else came in and blew up our transport with the rest of the POS modules. We were not prepared for this engagement, and my Talos died, along with the rest of our fleet and POS.

A while later, I was soloing a C3 on an artycane with my noctis alt coming in and out of the hole with salvage. By now, i knew better, so i had D-scan up. I spotted a drake, and I warped to a site I had previously cleared, then burned off at range. Once the drake landed, he was greeted with delicious alpha. Since he was all ressist no buffer, he quickly dropped into armor, and warped off as my 2nd barrage landed. I left the hole, and got a private convo, asking me to join their corp. I joined and 3 days later left because no one was active.

Yup, that's my WH tale up until TDSIN.

This is as nice as I get. Best quote ever

ktown Hekard
Gone Krabbing
Solyaris Chtonium
#58 - 2014-01-25 05:40:40 UTC
James Nikolas Tesla
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#59 - 2014-01-25 07:32:25 UTC
I had just finished the exploration tutorial and moved into my new home system. I scanned down my first wormhole and decided to poke my head in. It wasn't long before I turned chicken sh*t and headed home.

CODE is just a bunch of pirates; smart, organized pirates. It doesn't help to rage at them because that is exactly what they want. Dust yourself off and get back on your feet, you don't even have to talk to them.

Caldari State
#60 - 2014-01-25 22:00:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Herzav
This was a couple of days ago, if by any chance the person that almost blew me up reads this, then you win 1 free internet Big smile

Since I'm a big fan of space and anything related to space in general, after reading about wormholes I was extremely interested in taking a look at how a ''theorical'' wormhole would look like. I did a facecheck and ended in a J2xxx system, I was in a Heron just practicing probing in general since I hadn't done much of it, so my first mistake was holding cloak right beside the WH entrance, I was probing the signatures but then I noticed in my overview a flashy popped up and then I dropped my pants when I saw that the cloak had deactivated buuuuutt... It was a T1 Industrial,me being a noob, just shrugged, recloaked and continued probing the signatures, BIG MISTAKE, moments later, another flashy comes into overview, this time, a Purifier, and for some ******** reason my cloak deactivated again, I managed to cloak before he locked but I tried to burn away from him at top speed with cloak (LOL) and ate a bomb that left at at around 50% hull. I was unzipping my pants and reaching for some lube but then....

He only dropped 1 bomb, I don't know if he though I was dead but he burned straight ahead around 45km, I decided to take my chances and dropped cloak and hit the AB and the DCU module and burned to the entrance, he turned around, launched another bomb but it was far away and only hit for around 75, I walked out, alive, RELIEF.

My heart was pumping, what was supposed to be a training turned into a game of a fat animal vs a lion in a savanna, I was thinking to myself, what kind of masochist goes into a wormhole just to suffer a death like this and Lo... A email pops on my NEOCOM from the attacker asking me what the hell I was doing there and If I didn't see their POS on Dscan.
Turns out, It was a misunderstanding from both sides, Apparently my presence was enough to cause them to **** their pants (it was the other way around) and they though I was a scout for a big arse fleet about to pop into their system.
We exchanged a couple of mails about the experience, I did end up apologizing for the scare since it wasn't my intention at all and they may had to change pants as well.

I just want to join a wormhole corp :(
EvE is more KOS than Dayz KOS.

So if like, there's any newbie wormhole corp, I'd like to join you :)