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Rapid Light/heavy launcher = crap

Bouh Revetoile
In Wreck we thrust
#21 - 2013-11-22 19:51:43 UTC
Baron' Soontir Fel wrote:
I don't think you know how much the Caracal trades away in order to hit frigate sized targets.
It gets more tank ? :D

There's a reason Talwar gangs were used and not Caracal gangs.

And do you see any other Destroyer being used? LML Talwars are the only Destroyers used in large fleets. Because everything Destroyers can do, Cruisers can do better. And it's across the board, not just on missile ships.

And you know nothing about kiting with Caracals if you think killing two frigates is OP.
Talwar get used a lot because light missiles are OP and don't need explosion velocity bonus, and because MWD sig reduction is an OP bonus for T1 ship.

Also, there was fleets of Caracals in nullsec not so long ago. But then TEST became ruined and discovered that Talwars are cheaper than Caracals and about the same with less everything.

BTW, if Talwar are better than Caracal, why don't you fly them instead of Caracal ?
Jester Cap
A better day
#22 - 2013-11-22 20:22:12 UTC
Bouh Revetoile wrote:
Baron' Soontir Fel wrote:
Against T1 frigates, you have to be really careful because you don't carry very much tank on a RLML Caracal. 2 LSE's. Maybe a DCU, maybe an invul. Usually run a web/point/mwd/2LSEs + 3bcs/nano. The whole point of using the RLML caracal was killing the fastest frigate burning at you while kiting the rest. Going 2k and kiting frigates doesn't work when you can only kill the first two frigates that are coming at you. You don't have the luxury of reloading, you'll be scrammed/webbed and the rest of the blob will catch up to you. Before, the old RLML could put out enough DPS that you could kite the main blob while killing off the fast tacklers. Now, if you run out of missiles before the fast tacklers are all dead, you need to warp off (and lose the FW plex) or die. Since you can't even change ammo types reliably, someone did the math is the old F&I thread, and the Caracal can only barely kill a normal MSE Crow. The Crow turns on OH'd MWD and he survives your 18 missile clip, and probably more damage because he can outrun missiles at that kind of speed.
Old RLML Caracal was OP. It was a better destroyer in everything : range was equal, better dps, better tank, faster, and only the signature was higher. You were not soling fleets of frigates because you are good but because the ship was OP as an anti-frigate ship.

Oh, and complaining about only killing two of your ennemies when they largely outnumber you and are all faster than you is quite disturbing about your expetations.

Now RLML are a support anti-frigate weapon : focus on the light frigates of the ennemy and take them down while the fleet take care of the main targets. If you have a fleet of Caracals, just put two or three people for each ennemy frigate,and watch them pop. Otherwise use a destroyer ; they deserve to be flown too.


Baron' Soontir Fel obviously thinks it is not OP to kite a blob of enemies that are supposed to be faster than you and hard to hit and also kill them all. Obviously there was never anything OP about that.

Now you can "only" kill 2 of them before the rest of the blob do the unthinkable and catch up to u and scram/web you. Almost like its something they are supposed to be able to do. I mean. "No kill all of them no is much fair." Me no happy me no can kill an enemy that outnumbers me and is supposed to outrun me. This makes it totally useless. I mean you have to be able to kill at least half a dozen of them to make it a viable option for you to fly. What a shame. Right?! LOL

It is such rage posts of of OP ship pilots that just demonstrate how badly those weaponsystems were OP in the first place.

All i can say is, i feast on your tears of losing an OP weapons system.

Now do something unthinkable and changa/adapt. OMG in what world do we live where you cannot pilot your OP weapon system forever and bake half a dozen of faster enemy ships.

I think i need to rage-quit now LOL

I have a gut feeling (and my personal chrystal ball agrees) that the newly nerfed RLML will suprise us, without being the OP system it was.
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