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Free to Play EVE

Tsobai Hashimoto
Caldari State
#61 - 2013-11-26 11:19:21 UTC
They already have f2p, get trail account, earn isk, buy plex with said isk, its now free to play

What other MMOs have a way to pay for your account with in game money?
Teckos Pech
Goonswarm Federation
#62 - 2013-11-26 16:06:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Teckos Pech
TheFourteenthTry wrote:

snipped to save space

You can't have a discussion if you aren't reading and responding to people's comments like Shah Fluffer's. His comments aren't that the Eve economy would get destroyed, but that the bottom line for CCP--i.e. their profits, could take a massive hit. Like I said, I am closing in on 102 million SP. I can fly just about every T2 cruiser in the game, I can fly all the interceptors, the dictors, all the battle cruisers, battleships, and soon I'll be able to fly two types of carriers. I have more gunnery SP than alot of players have SP. Why, because I'm a fairly "old" character (by the way, no bragging here, anyone who pays their subscription for as long as me and logs in to change skills can do this too, it isn't something "special").

I could stop paying CCP and with my alt accounts, which are also trained to provide me isk from a number of in-game activities so I wouldn't have to pay for them either, I could make plenty of isk.

The game also has a very steep learning curve. There is almost a perverse sense of pride when Eve players discuss this aspect o the gem.

So, a noob who starts playing the game could very well feel a level of unfairness when he finds out I can do all this stuff he can't do and never will be able to do unless he ponies up money every month. Granted, that is what I did, but I don't expect people to be all rational and logical and ****. Humans aren't vulcans by-and-large.

So that noob starts playing, thinks this is great, finds out no it really isn't free to play...if he wants the really nice toys in game and quits. It would mean that CCP would have to focus very, very much on the short term...the short term number of new players joining the game. A game that is noted by just about everyone as being rather niche. A successful and amazing (IMO) niche, but niche none-the-less.

Is that what we, as players, want? CCP hyper focused on how many new people signed up, how many are paying their training subscription?

Your suggestion has, by your admission, a number of faults and I don't think you've fully grasped the extent of those faults.

For example, you wrote:

EVE players are great at self regulation

Let me disabuse you of this notion, or put it in a more accurate light:

CURRENT Eve players are great at self-regulation, bring in millions more and that may very well change. You will bring in many, many more casual Eve players vs. us weird OCD types (no insult intended here P) who learn even the most arcane aspects of the game using sophisticated mathematical techniques.

I'm not joking on that last one. I was curious about the negative impact of things like remote sensor dampners and fitting more than one. So I googled around to see if anybody had any information on this. They did. They had a very sophisticated level of analysis. Somebody did a bunch of testing of the module and compiled a data set and then using fairly sophisticated statistics estimated the underlying mathematical model CCP uses when imposing penalties on fitting more than one of various types of modules. And keep in mind, I do forecasting for a major utility for a living, and I was impressed with the level of detail and sophistication of the analysis in question....all for a freaking game (to be clear, I was impresssed way back when I first started, now I know that most of us who play this game are like this...or at least that is my impression). Or go and search for the Goon's grid-fu manual. Again, lots of testing and data gathering and a very nice write up. Very early on, I figured out the value of Excel for doing things in Eve. Hence the joke, Spreadsheets Online.

Bring in a bunch of casual players and that will almost surely change. Is this a good thing? IDK, but it is one of your assumptions you based your belief that "the negatives aren't that big a deal" on. It is highly suspect.

Then there is this:

I for one would not stop training, consistent and quality updates have made getting new skills very desirable.

Reasoning from an unrepresentative sample? Probably. Yeah, lots of players will pay, but lots will just stop or do it intermittently. Thus, the bottom line for CCP could be very bad. And, with lots of new players who aren't like the current players, and CCP needing to retain these players they may very well have to start catering to these players, especially if they are to get them to start paying for training. In short, it could lead to fundamental changes to the game and it wouldn't be Eve Online as we know it.

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design."--Friedrich August von Hayek

8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

Unicorn Balls
#63 - 2013-11-26 18:30:49 UTC
Thanks Teckos

I appreciate this level of feedback. I am seeing the vibe of the players of EVE in a new way (had a gut feeling, but was really wanting to share what I love with more of my friends). I think its tough to realize a game you love is not for everyone, and even harder to realize that it is better for the game that way.

I think there is vast consensus that EVE's current F2P model is fine, and that its player base is quality (for the most part). Thanks everyone (including trolls) for giving great insight (and calls to biomass) to this capsuleer. Big smile