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Tear Dancer
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#21 - 2014-01-05 21:15:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Tear Dancer
The Day my life changed forever Part 1: Night at the Lazy Sister

I laughed when Dur finished another of his poetic jokes, we were all having a good time at this new amazing club called the Lazy Sister. Dur Introduced me to the club's owner, his friend they called Brick. Though I was eager to find out Brick's real name, that didn't matter right now.

Dur was a tall, well dressed and a very handsome man with a quiet yet powerful personality. He seemed like a business man, the kind of guy who could get any lady to sleep with him and convince any man to do business with him. Dur was such a gentleman to me, he calmed all of my fears as my life changed coming to this exotic place. He didn't ask anything of me and well he felt like that wonderful father figure i never really had. I trusted him and he made me believe in loving a man again, though he was not the one i had a crush on.

Brick was quite the opposite, his body seemed to be chiseled out of steel and he loved to show off his tattooed arms. His confident yet mildly aggressive persona would normally turn me off, if he wasn't so amazingly cute especially the way he smiled at me. When we first met just a week ago, he reminded me of Lion's i had seen at the zoo when i was a little girl. Brick owned half of the clubs in the space station, he owned a fleet of ships and Dur said he was a capsuleer. I felt so small next to him and despite his strength and bold attitude, he showed respect to me. I liked him a lot, he was the kind of man I had been looking for.

I leaned against Brick's hard body as he held his arm around my hips. I already had a few of his Galarrmin mixed drinks. A mix of the finest rum from Gallente, Amarr and Minmatar suppliers, capped off with a cherry Quafe cola adding amazing flavor and pink color. Brick made sure i had two cherries with my drinks and so I loved to show him what i could do to the stems with my tongue. I liked how he didn't seem to dwell on me even when i tried to flirt. He was so independent so confident that I found myself trying to get his attention, this club was different from the rest and he was different from all other men.

It had only been little over a week since Dur swept me away from my dull life at the mining station and gave me a position as one of the Lazy Sister's premier dancers. I was settling in nicely, the other girls were really welcoming, well except for one, Xexa.

In the club we used fancy stage names, Xexa was fairly new to the club and was busy making a name for herself, she didn't like me and I didn't like her right from the start. Xexa didn't smile unless she wanted something from you. She had gorgeous golden skin and soft curves that I could not compete with. I worked out daily to firm up every part of my body. I may not have had Xexa's more full, feminine figure but "my toned white ass didn't shake like whale blubber when I danced." I said that too her after she gave me my stage name. Yeah, she didn't like me much.

In the Lazy Sister the dancers had a rule. The most junior girl gets to give the new girl her stage name. Xexa was the last 'new girl' so after several days of practicing for shows she made fun of my gothic style when I danced. So she gave me the stage name Tear Dancer, the others laughed and it stuck to my chagrin. It didn't matter, I wasn't the sum of some stupid stage name, I was the best damn dancer they would ever have in that club and Xexa knew it.

My night was complete when Xexa gave me a cold look and walked out of the club. She had no man buying her drinks. She was too busy trying to convince the other girls i was some whore. With Brick by my side, those girls didn't give a damn what Xexa had to say, they wanted to be me that night and I couldn't wait to see them the next day to give them all of the juicy details.

Tonight I was having the time of my life. This is what I had dreamed of and I knew I was going to be alright.

(to be continued)

Pi$$ed off Exotic Dancer

I blow up Miners for fun and Dance for entertainment.

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