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[Beyond Rubicon] What Mobile Structures would you like to see?

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The Church of Awesome
Shadow Cartel
#1721 - 2015-01-22 17:08:44 UTC
WH stability/mass attribute modifying deployable ("cork"). With appropriate consequences of course. Scannable from both sides.

Korean Ninja
I Shall Watch Over You
#1722 - 2015-01-26 06:22:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Korean Ninja
'Mobile Tiny Fuel Silo'
input fuel item to silo and silo will sustain nearby Mobile Structure.

'Mobile Sensor Strength Buff Unit'
Buff nearby SHIP, Structure's Sensor Strength so make difficult to probing

'Mobile Bait Unit'
it will be probing as DED,Relic,Data site (can choose) and bait explorer
Montecore Qubaal
15 Minute Outliers
#1723 - 2015-01-29 23:11:37 UTC
Like a Protoss pylon that provides power to Protoss structures, I propose that some deployables require power to be fed to them by a separate power providing deployable. So if 3 mobile warp disruptors are being powered by a single mobile power unit, if you shoot down the power unit, the 3 mobile warp disruptors go offline. Add to this some kind of “bandwidth” mechanics that limits the amount of deployables that can be deployed on grid where self powering deployables are exempt from this limit. So if the bandwidth limit is 6 deployables you have to make a choice between using 5 warp disruptors with 1 power unit or using less disruptors with some backup power units so everything doesn’t shut down after killing 1 power unit.

Others have mentioned similar ideas such the post above this one and this post also mentioned using power relays.
Terpene Conglomerate
#1724 - 2015-01-30 13:46:32 UTC
Mobile EMP Unit

once anchored no cloaked ship can stay cloaked or cloak on the same grid
Colette Kassia
Kassia Industrial Supply
#1725 - 2015-02-01 11:38:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Colette Kassia
Energy Barrier Node

Place one nothing happens. Place a second one within 20km and a twinklie sci-fi-ish energy beam appears between the two. Place a third one within 20km of the first two and more beams appear and form a triangle. And within the triangle a glowing energy grid appears. This energy grid does huge damage to anything that collides with it-- enough to be fatal to most frigate-class ships and painful enough to most cruisers that they'll strongly want to avoid it.

It'd be like a giant bug-zapper for drones and interceptors.

But you don't have to stop at three. Add an additional nodes and extend the structure. Rules are: minimum connection range of 5km, maximum of 20km, resulting lines and polygons may not intersect existing lines or polygons. After the first three nodes, an additional triangle can be created using only one more node.

*** I drew some lovely ASCII art of a triangle strip here, but I didn't come out right. You'll have to use you imagination ***

You could build flat walls, boxes, pyramids, and sufficiently industrious players could build whole isospheres. 3D mazes, even.

There are a few ways this could work:
- You can fly through it unimpeded (if you can tank the damage), and can shoot through (just a bug zapper)
- Can fly through, but can't shoot through.
- Can ram your way through with enough momentum (with insufficient momentum you bounce off, but still take full damage), can't shoot through.
- Can't fly through, can't shoot through (solid barrier).
(The exact behaviour is to-be-determined. This post is just mile-high brainstorming.)
*'shoot through' includes line-of-sight for propulsion jamming, e-war, target painters, neuts, etc

Possible uses:
- Defensive fortifications. Many of the posts on this thread suggest various things that would be anchored and then may need to be defended.
- Offensively, to box-in ships. This would require that nodes be quickly placeable (instant anchor) and able to form tight spaces to make accelerating to 75% speed difficult. Or better, they block the jump to warp along line-of-sight.
- To box in enemy structures, including POSes
- Add layers of defence to POS shields.
- And other miscellaneous ways of shaping the battlefield.

How do knock it down, or prevent it from being knocked down?
- Direct assault on a triangular pane until you break through.
- Assault on a node, destroying it and any pane it was essential for.
- Or maybe the nodes are invulnerable while they are powering at least one intact pane.
- Or destroying a section fries the three nodes that were supporting it (kabooms).
- Can be reinforced with remote shield boosters or capacitor transmitters.
- Perhaps shield reppers fix only the targeted pane, and cap transmitters on a node will recharge shield panes throughout the interconnected structure, but less efficiently.
- After the attackers breach a barrier they can place two nodes such that the beam between them intersects with where the knocked-out shield pane was, thereby preventing the defenders from reactivating it.
- While anchoring would be quick, unanchoring/reanchoring would take more time, if this is the method of reactivation a pane that has been fully taken out.
(The game-balanced way of reactivating a destroyed section during battle needs more thought.)

People are going to cry, "Oh no.. but the server load!" The server already tests for collisions between ships and other objects, so that's no different. And very efficient algorithms have been developed to test whether or not a line segment intersects a plane within the area defined by three points (used quite extensively in many aspects of 3D game engines). These checks would only need to be made with relatively few triangles and only as often as a ship fires in the vicinity. Compared to all the other stuff the server is doing, this is negligible.

The idea of constructing of wall, barriers, and other fortifications to give yourself an advantage over the enemy has been around for millennia. It's as old as the bone cudgel. Every military force in history has erected field fortifications. And how many times have force-fields and energy barriers appeared in Star Wars, Star Trek, and other sci-fi? (practically everything except Babylon 5. I was gonna list that too, but I can't for the life of me think of an example of when one was used)

A concept as old as warfare and presented as a staple of science fiction surly has a place in Eve.

[EDIT: Forgot to mention that there would obviously have to be some placement restrictions. We can't have people screwing with station undock or stargates. And not normally placeable in highsec, other than for special exceptions (faction warfare, around your own POS, within deadspace bases, etc (hint, hint) ).
Nebaile Sharisa
Annoying Flies At A Barbecue
#1726 - 2015-02-07 07:22:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Nebaile Sharisa
Just wondering if anybody put up an idea for a mobile structure that puts out fake wrecks on dscan. The structure it's self wouldnt show up on dscan. Possibly with scripts to fake certain types of wrecks.
Nano Whackers
#1727 - 2015-02-11 01:02:45 UTC  |  Edited by: ZikChil
Mobile Ship Anchor. Once launched the deploying ship is "anchored" in place. This could be employed as a defense against miner bumping, forcing the "bumper" to destroy (or overcome) the mobile anchor. Defeating the anchor could be combat and\or a skill based deal where stats decide the outcome (like ECM\ECCM). This small mod could enable players that mine a counter that would force bumping to a combat level but could not itself be deployed as a weapon (like a stasis field). Possibly also implemented as a logistic drone.

Mobile CAP Station. Once deployed will launch drones based upon load-out and threat \ scenario. Requires (new) skill to allow the system to control "x' number of drones similar to existing drone control skills. May support multiple drone load-outs but the player cannot control what the mobile CAP (Combat Air Patrol) launches if a mix is loaded on-board, the onboard computer would handle this. Skills could be created for type of drone load-out to be launched that may also include the number capable of launching.

Mobile Ice Extraction. Planets with rings could have a potential for ice, even if it's "dust". A mobile unit could be deployed and collect said ice over time. This is a realistic random chance opportunity that would help balance the overly small current ice field population in EVE. Best suited as a scanned down event (like prev. grav sites).
So you want to be a Hero
#1728 - 2015-02-11 19:52:18 UTC
A mobile structure (with a timer and automatic send eve-mail to owner) that can un-anchor abandoned unfueled POS Cool

Eve online is :

A) mining simulator B) glorified chatroom C) spreadsheets online

D) CCP Games Pay to Win at skill leveling, with instant gratification

Komodo Askold
Strategic Exploration and Development Corp
Silent Company
#1729 - 2015-02-12 13:27:45 UTC
I'd like to see AoE deployables that project an EWAR effect, just like Mobile Warp Disruptors.

For example: Mobile Stasis Webifier, Mobile Energy Neutralizer, Mobile Tracking Disruptor...

It could offer interesting options, as long as their AoE's can't cross each other.
Jenn aSide
Worthless Carebears
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1730 - 2015-02-13 13:19:02 UTC
Haven't read the whole thread so don't know if anyone suggested something similar.

Deployable "Marker' beacon. Like a cyno, creates a warpable beacon in space that also appears on overview. Would be super useful for marking wormhole entrances in k-space (of course with the down side of saying "hey bad guys, people are warping here :) )
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1731 - 2015-02-16 18:40:29 UTC
Mobile Hyper Spatial Accelerator

  • Anyone who enters warp on grid (or X km range) of device gains a bonus to their warp speed for that warp.
  • Not deployable in high sec.
  • Help Null to have paths that alliances/corps maintain to reduce travel time of many jumps.
  • Could improve force projection, but be vulnerable to attacks.
  • Script could also make it reduce warp speed, so that your path could become a hinderance to your enemies.

mobile "pirate faction" comms decryptor

  • Deploying player gains tactical knowledge against specific faction.
  • Provides player with buff to dps / resistances etc.. many options that could benefit the player.
  • Hacking mini game on deployment, with new nodes providing boost to the buff, or debuffs to the pirate faction.
  • i.e you have successfully implanted a virus into sansha repair systems reducing their resistance for the next 1hr.
    when you overcome a node.
  • No reinforced mode, maybe have fixed number of hacking attempts before it self destructs.
  • Other players that destroy the mobile unit could get +ve pirate standing ( Open to abuse though ).

Concord APR

  • Concord Automatic Pirate Recogniser.
  • Increase player ( or fleet, if player is fleet booster ) bounties on npc kills in the deployed system.

Mobile Jump Generator (others have suggested )

  • Deployment creates a bridge to cyno.
  • Single Use.
  • Limited jump range ( 1-2 ly )
  • User subject to Jump Fatigue.
  • Mass Limit ( 5-6 frigates or 2-3 cruiser ) when reached bridge collapse with unit destroyed.
  • For small gang movement. ( i'm thinking camped null gates ).
  • warpable overview object.

  • Sisters Dark Energy Amplifier

  • Deployment opens a WH.
  • Single use, gets swallowed by the initial singularity.
  • K-Space->K-Space.
  • Generation Timer ( 5 mins, longer perhaps? ).
  • Creates new cosmic signature on deployment ( so probable ).
  • Restrictive jump mass and total mass.
  • Subject to number of wormholes currently in system ( i.e only enough dark energy to go round ).

  • Sisters Dark Energy Collectors

  • Collects Dark energy from the system background.
  • Skill based maximum number of deployables.
  • Requires fueling.
  • Has reinforced mode.
  • probable.
  • cannot be placed near celestials or pos, as it interferes with energy collection.
  • no high sec deployment ( sorry :( )

  • This could do with a new system map mechanic that lets you warp to spots of high dark energy, that you have surveyed.

    Narcotic Gryffin
    Republic Military School
    #1732 - 2015-02-19 05:09:15 UTC
    In my travels I always remember seeing the model of the "secluded habitation module" in missions and complexes as a bit of pretty scenery nothing more.

    I'd love to see these turned into a corporate version of the mobile depots. A cause I love the idea of a little module with a stripper on it and b well who the hell doesn't want those stripper joins and old narcotics warehouses for a corporate depot.

    Colette Kassia
    Kassia Industrial Supply
    #1733 - 2015-02-22 07:52:31 UTC
    Narcotic Gryffin wrote:
    In my travels I always remember seeing the model of the "secluded habitation module" in missions and complexes as a bit of pretty scenery nothing more.

    I'd love to see these turned into a corporate version of the mobile depots. A cause I love the idea of a little module with a stripper on it and b well who the hell doesn't want those stripper joins and old narcotics warehouses for a corporate depot.

    I would love it if you could dock a pod at these things and then walk around in them. It would be a good way to slowly restart ambulation as something vaguely useful. At first you'd only be able to riffle through lockers to find sunglasses and jackets and crap. But it would slowing get people to warm up to WIS and wash away the bad taste left by Incarna.
    kelvin oriley
    Caldari Deep Space Ventures
    Reckless Contingency.
    #1734 - 2015-02-24 01:00:28 UTC
    Gate destabiliser

    Disrupts the use of gates when two are activated one each sides of the gate if either are deactivated the gate becomes stable once more

    Deployment criteria

    High sec Not deployable

    low sec deployable but of limited short term use (gate guns shoot it upon activation )

    Null unrestricted use

    Has to be deployed within 10 km of the gate

    Can not be deployed within 40km of another gate destabiliser (effectively making it one per gate at a time)

    Once hp reaches 0 enters a decay period of "4" hours (similar to reinforced timer but once the timer expires it blows up) (gate useable during decay but as the disruptor is still on the field effectively means another can not be deployed within the decay period )

    2 minutes deploy time once deployed the unit cloaks until any ship is detected within 50 km when it would get decloaked and activate this includes the player that deployed it and npc ships if attacked during deployment it still enters decay timer

    Hp similar to the mobile tractor beam large fleet can alpha single ship can kill in a short "ish" time depending on ship

    Not able to be picked up once deployed

    Limited power supply "8" hours after deployment whether activated or not then enters decay period
    Oreb Wing
    Last Rites.
    Villore Accords
    #1735 - 2015-02-24 17:35:42 UTC
    Hyper-Capitals that have starbase hardpoints you can set with arrays and batteries. Death with feet.

    Mobile cloak disrupters that burn out active cloaks within a certain proximity.
    Brutalis Furia
    Hammer and Anvil Industries
    #1736 - 2015-02-25 06:56:32 UTC
    I got to page 27 before my head exploded, but here are my ideas (probably duplicated elsewhere):

    CONCORD Signal Booster - This one-shot mobile structure would be available from the CONCORD LP store. It would halve the response time for CONCORD for infractions on grid. Short deployment, long duration.

    CONCORD Signal Jammer - This one-shot mobile structure would be available from any Pirate LP store. It would double the response time for CONCORD for infractions on grid. Long deployment, short duration.

    Decoys - these would come in a variety of flavors or be configurable, but the idea is to create a ship in space that to all but the most discerning looks and scans like the ship it is trying to be. These could be used to bluff that a mining op has overwatch or to create a honeypot for an ambush.

    Intelligence Node - Deployed for a corp or an alliance on a gate grid, this deployable would send a +1/-1 customizable reporting line in the designated chat channel (default to the channel it was deployed for). It would have no special ability to detect cloaked vessels, would be relatively fragile, and if destroyed, would report its destruction.

    Wormhole Blockade - Deployed on grid for a wormhole, this cloaked, single use unit adds mass to any ship attempting to enter the wormhole. The amount of mass is significant enough to put ships on par with a size category higher. This change affects both the maximum mass allowed and the maximum mass before collapse.

    These are my thoughts on some of the more noteworthy ideas I've seen.

    Mining Protection Unit (Highfield) - While I like the idea of an anti-rat deployable, it takes a role too close to that of drones, but I could see a drone that had a high slot...

    Asteroid Scanning Array (Steve Ronuken) - I like the idea in principal, but control over the Eve economy is done through the influx of raw materials. If there were a way for players to spawn effectively infinite ore in any system, the economy would go out of balance faster than you could say "boo!"

    Stargate Inhibitor (Syrias Bizniz) - I like this very much as a harassment tool, but I'd rather be able to destroy the gates entirely (and build my own) to control access to my own space. This would rock to cut off reinforcements from foiling nefarious plans, or to create choke points to ambush said reinforcements...the possibilities are endless.

    Cynosural Jump Disruptor (Abdiel Kavash) - Oh, you're an evil, evil man. I like you! Anything that gets people thinking about the universe differently is good. Not because what we know and do is bad, but everything needs to be shaken up from time to time.

    Warp Disruptor - This we actually have, but I did want to sneak in a suggestion regarding these. It has to do with the graphics. Right now fleet fights are bubble hell. I would like it if the bubbles were a single additive bubble. It would clean up things a bunch and as it's only a graphical display, I could even see it being done client side and have no impact on server load.

    Wormhole Stabilizer (Many) - The only way I could see this being balanced is to swap the mass for time. While deployed, all ships add 0 to the mass needed to collapse the WH, but reduce the lifespan accordingly. If a ship's mass would be 5% of the total mass allowed, then the lifespan would be reduced by 5%. The mass limits of what can fit through any given wormhole would still apply.

    Wormhole Destabilizer (Many) - Placed at the mouth of a WH (Within 50k), I could see this adding mass to the WH until the WH closes.

    Improvements to existing deployables:

    Mobile Tractor Array - Launch for corp/alliance/fleet and a variant that salvages as well (or a separate salvage deployable)
    Arthur Aihaken
    #1737 - 2015-02-25 07:33:48 UTC
    What's happening with mobile structures? Are they effectively dead?

    I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

    Ragnar Snowed
    Caldari Provisions
    Caldari State
    #1738 - 2015-02-25 12:32:35 UTC
    A cloaked Mobile Depot
    Komodo Askold
    Strategic Exploration and Development Corp
    Silent Company
    #1739 - 2015-02-25 20:53:32 UTC
    Arthur Aihaken wrote:
    What's happening with mobile structures? Are they effectively dead?
    I seriously hope not, but I don't like the fact this topic is no longer an sticky. Neither that the last CCP post is from 2013. Sure, this is a pure brainstorming topic to throw ideas on the cauldron, but I would appreciate a brief post saying "Thank you for the ideas, these are the most voted ones/most interesting ones".
    exiik Shardani
    Imperial Spacedrill and Logistics
    #1740 - 2015-02-25 22:01:31 UTC
    yeah it looks like ccp plan is no new mobile structures Sad

    sry for my English :-(