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[Beyond Rubicon] What Mobile Structures would you like to see?

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Insane's Asylum
#1521 - 2014-07-04 11:28:08 UTC
anchorable doomsday device 1 time use for all your christmas shopping needs! Twisted
Deployable in wormhole or nullsec space and once deployed you can have your ship 2500 m close to it and activate it and it gives you a 30-60 second timer until it does a 15 km big explosion depleting the anchorable in the process and doing dmg to everything thats destructable, player ships, player structures, npc's , jet cans other deployables?

Could have a estimated cost between 40 and 80 mil.
+ graphical effect doing the epic white emp blast wave that was in the last eve trailer for kronos.

areas of use, clear camps of ships or as a self defense weapon in critical situations or to clean space debris with or to blow up your own ship in style! Big smile
Snape Dieboldmotor
Minotaur Congress
#1522 - 2014-07-10 12:56:24 UTC
Mobile super capital anchoring unit. Traps a single ship in place. Can be deployed and destroyed only by sub capitals.
Saelem Black
Cog Banking
#1523 - 2014-07-10 20:46:08 UTC
Dunno if this has been suggested already, but:

Deployable turrets. Basically, a single 425mm railgun, tachyon, or howitzer, otherwise unmodified. Fires some set number of rounds (maybe 30-40), does 50 dps @ 30+20 km. Destructs after rounds are expended or 5 min. 1000 shield, armor, and structure. Shoots at enemy targets within 50km, in order of descending ship class. Can't deploy within 10km of another mobile structure (including itself). ~2 million isk each. Unlike drones, they wouldn't be governed by skills, and are not reusable.

Radiation field. Does continual 100 dps damage (25 of each type) to all targets in an 8km radius for 3 min, then destructs.
Saelem Black
Cog Banking
#1524 - 2014-07-10 21:01:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Saelem Black
Anchorable probes:

D-scan monitor
Lasts 1 hour if not retrieved
Gives remote sensor data to an out of system owner such as:
D-scan (perhaps with limited range or direction) from the probe.
Local population (in low or zero sec)
Easy to scan down and destroy.

Deep space monitor:
Lasts 6 hours
Gives limited access to system's local channel, for pilots out of system. Deployer cannot chat, but can still see the channel and any pilots in local.
Permanently cloaked.
Mina Sebiestar
Minmatar Inner Space Conglomerate
#1525 - 2014-07-10 22:38:10 UTC
A mobile quad 2000mm howitzer artillery platform.

for fun.

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Because >>I is too hard

Arctic Estidal
Amarr Empire
#1526 - 2014-07-11 01:31:52 UTC
1. Mobile Vending Machine
Provide different sizes to accommodate different items. Make them permanent deployables that perhaps run on a fuel (needs to be appropriate to the return the vending machines can make). Enable them to be easily scanned down for players but potentially harder to destroy so valuable items can be placed inside. There may be a limit of one per player per system.

2. Mobile Billboard
Enable players one billboard per system where they can have their message of the day. This would be great for advertising deals, items for sale, warnings to players, etc. You click on the billboard and a window pops up so you can read and click on links through to webpages, the market, contracts page, etc.
Eagle's Talon's
#1527 - 2014-07-13 21:14:31 UTC
What about a Mobile Depot Hub?

The Mobile Depot Hub would allow for four ships up to Battleship in size fit with rigs to dock. In addition to be able to dock ships the Hub would also be able to dock four Mobile Depots to it of any type.

The Hub could be anchored 100km from an mineable belt and 500 km from a station or gate or POS.

The Hub would last for a week and would nullify the time duration of the mobile depots docked to it.
Elfi Wolfe
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#1528 - 2014-07-14 18:09:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Elfi Wolfe
FOB (Foward Operating Base)
Depot on a large size
May not be able to deployed within 6km of another mobile depot/fob, within 50km of stargates or stations, or within 40km of a starbase. May not be able to be deployed within 100km of a beacon (Like a beacon denoting an asteroid field)

Automatically decays is abandoned for thrity days. Is recoverable.

Shield capacity 10,000
Armor capacity 6000
Hull capaacity 40,000
Has a reinforced mode with a 24-72 hour timer.

Packaged size 40,000 or 50,000 m3

all 4 sensor strength 50 - 400 depending on meta level

Has a 400,000-500,000 m3 ship maintenance bay
Has a 40,000-50,000 m3 cargo bay

Has one slot for construction. (possible restricted to ammo/drone)
Able to recycle item but not refine ores? At less than 50% recovery.
Able to repair items in cargo bay or ship maintenance bay.

LFOB (Large Forward Operating Base)
Depot on large size

Shield capacity 40,000
Armor capacity 24,000
Hull capacity 120,000
Has a reinforced mode with a 24-72 hour timer
Packaged size 200,000 - 400,000 m3
All 4 sensor strengths 12 - 250 (300) depending on meta level

Has a 600,000 to 1,000,000 m3 ship maintenance bay
Has a 100,000 to 150,000 cargo bay

Has 1 - 4 slots for construction
Able to recyle items but not refine ores?
Able to repair items in cargo bay or ship maintenance bay.

To set up a base in a system with limit ship storage capacity and limited ammo/drone making capacity.
"Pirates" could use as a base of operations in hi-sec, low-sec.
Deep recon could use as a base of operations in hostile null-sec
Miners/industrialist could use as a base of operations in mining fields
Corp people could use for a small personal station in/near Corp POS set ups.
Tran-shipment points.

The higher meta would be for setting up in hostile systems. Due to the more expensive items used in outer hull to reduce signature.

Possible add a "vending machine" So that items could be put up for sale

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Syrias Bizniz
some random local shitlords
#1529 - 2014-07-15 15:45:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Syrias Bizniz
Black Market Hub

A deployable that allows the owner (and potentially people on an 'allowed' list) to put Items into it and list those items for sale.
However, these Sell-Orders (and potentially buy-orders?) would NOT show up in the regional market hub.
These orders are listed on the blackmarket, which can only be seen by actually accessing one of the Black Market Hubs.
Buying from one of the Hubs would only be possible by actually accessing the very same Hub, so no buying from 2 jumps out.

This way, people could sell stuff in Space that usually hasn't stations, or even in actually HOSTILE places.
And only to people who know where it is, so to say, has a bookmark.

To collect the ISK, the owner('allowed' player) has to get to the Hub and access it.

Reinforcing would denyl listing Orders, cancelling Orders and ISK withdrawal. Buying would still work.

Upon destruction, all ISK that are not withdrewn yet are destroyed.
Items in the Cargo / Sellorders would have the usual 50/50 dropchance.


Damn, it is an ISK-Sink, Risk vs Reward thingy.
Come on peeps, make it happen!
Miss Everest
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#1530 - 2014-07-16 01:41:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Miss Everest
There are 77 pages at this point so I am unsure if it has been said already but.

Has anyone mentioned deploy-able Turrets?

Before you go to far let me explain.

This will be put onto Outposts and gates only.

Essentially counter to what all other deploy-able things where you cannot put them near Outposts and Gates.

The cost/effectiveness is up to you guys I just think it would be a cool idea.

Secondly, what about a beacon? Simply something that when placed will tell you someone else is close by.

Example of this would be putting a beacon, (that is visible and kill able), could be placed next to a acceleration gate. So when anyone else comes near the gate it will alert the owner.
Solj RichPopolous
#1531 - 2014-07-16 08:34:46 UTC
Not sure if said anywhere else. But some sort of deployable gun structure needs to be created for taking the tedious out of POS killing in high sec. Let it start with low damage and ramp up over time. POS will not automatically target and shoot this making the POS owners need to actually show up and do something about it.
Jeremiah Saken
The Fall of Leviathan
#1532 - 2014-07-17 06:38:26 UTC
Maybe proposed, maybe not:

Mobile Planetary Destroyer: fueled by Titan or Titans, after deployed and connected to hull(s) and after timer it has ability to destroy planets into asteroid belts.

Mobile Planetary Terraformer: opposite, build planets from asteroid belts of terraform exist ones. Need resources to operate, and obviously longer time for the process (month?).

Both "huge" devices. I watched "herectics gate" trailer time last night and those came in mind.

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1533 - 2014-07-18 04:00:15 UTC
-=Mobile EMP Device=-

An anchorable structure which takes a decent amount of time to anchor, 3-5 minutes or so. The device acts as a self destructing EMP bomb that decloaks any ships within a 100km radius destroying itself in the process. The device will disable any cloaked ships cloaks from being activated for 5-10 minutes, in turn it gives the cloaked ships who were affected by it will also gain aggro timers which will mean they cannot simply log off and wait out the EMP.

The device also affects any uncloaked ships on field who had a cloak on them, making their cloaks also disabled and unusable for 5-10 minutes. The device could weigh a decent amount to stop it being hauled around in frigates/covops potentially.


1. Decloaking hostiles on jump bridge/cyno beacons
2. Finding cloaked targets on grid who are believed to have recently cloaked after trying to get away. (Boosters and such)


-= Mobile Anchorable EMP Device I =-
Volume: 200.00 m^3
Anchor Time: 180 seconds
Radius Affected: 100km
Effects: Cloaking Devices
Affected Duration: 300 seconds
Immune Ships: Black Ops Battleships

-= Mobile Anchorable EMP Device II =-
Volume: 250.00 m^3
Anchor Time: 180 seconds
Radius Affected: 150km
Effects: Cloaking Devices
Affected Duration: 360 seconds
Immune Ships: Black Ops Battleships
Quinn Corvez
Caldari State
#1534 - 2014-07-18 10:36:39 UTC
It has probably been suggested but i would like a Mobile Jump Portal. Allows a ship to jump to a cyno without a jump drive but only the owner can use it.
Shadow Legion X
Seriously Suspicious
#1535 - 2014-07-24 15:51:41 UTC
A Mobile Structure that can increase the chances of choose able sites to spawn (of the racial rats) or ore sites.
Irya Boone
The Scope
#1536 - 2014-07-27 02:37:13 UTC
Just want the siphon and the cynojammer improved :(

CCP it's time to remove Off Grid Boost and Put Them on Killmail too, add Logi on killmails .... Open that damn door !!

you shall all bow and pray BoB

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1537 - 2014-07-27 10:24:42 UTC
I think being able to deploy mini bases that others can jump to for safe zones for a docking fee and you can also upgrade the base remotely e.g. guns / defenses, i would like to see ways of creating your own businesses in EVE that you can manage remotely.
Tujiko Noriko
Dirt 'n' Glitter
Local Is Primary
#1538 - 2014-07-27 22:46:04 UTC
Snape Dieboldmotor wrote:
Mobile super capital anchoring unit. Traps a single ship in place. Can be deployed and destroyed only by sub capitals.

You mean like, a bubble?
Trii Seo
Goonswarm Federation
#1539 - 2014-07-28 17:01:48 UTC
Bring back spacemines. Like landmines, just in space. Preferably in several flavours - from small to anti-capital.


Maybe with some limitations as to how many can be anchored on grid.

Proud pilot of the Imperium

Arek'Jaalan: Heliograph

Voyagers Inc.
#1540 - 2014-08-01 07:18:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Mad'Ness
Cynosural redirection array.

When deployed forces all capitals heading to the system to exit from jump at its location instead of cynosural field. Can only be seen on d-scan. Cannot be deployed closer than 500 km away from stations. Lasts 30 minutes. Activation time 2-3 minutes. 200 k EHp. Cost around 100 mil.

Expected effect on gameplay.
Counters safe cyno in dock range logistics. Allows small organized groups camp for JF and carriers. Allows big alliances disrupt capital activities and big fleet bridging of each other. Power projection is no longer 100 reliable.