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[Beyond Rubicon] What Mobile Structures would you like to see?

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Frostys Virpio
Goonswarm Federation
#1401 - 2014-04-28 17:46:11 UTC
Mikhem wrote:

Only if they fix the sillyness of getting concordokken if your mines in null hit someone.
leavemymomalone idiot
State War Academy
Caldari State
#1402 - 2014-04-28 21:46:44 UTC
i would like to see a deployable structure that breaks and prevents a warp scramble.

as it sits just now if you get scrambled, until the ship holding you is dead or out of range your toast.

being able to drop a mobile lock breaker would allow the owner to warp out of the area

one time use only

personally i think this item would make eve even harder for ganking and gives the fleeing party a way out.

Anthar Thebess
#1403 - 2014-04-29 09:38:41 UTC
Moon mining inhibitor - while active blocks all mining activities on a pos.
Something like siphon but without the stealing part.
Mr Deathstalker
Caldari State
#1404 - 2014-04-29 15:25:54 UTC
Koban Agalder wrote:
Stationary (geostationary) orbital bombardment unit/cannon.

But anchorable guns (with limited lifespan, and no possibility to anchor them nearby POS/gates/stations) would be interesting.

I was about to say something similar. Novadays everyone is crying about HS being not safe for miners and other ppl. I wanna sugest dropable local guns, who could react to agression or something like that.
Eagle's Talon's
#1405 - 2014-04-29 21:47:52 UTC
Mobile Micro-Warp Jump Drive Depot that would micro jump any ship passing through its field in the direction of travel 120km.
motie one
Secret Passage
#1406 - 2014-04-30 11:10:19 UTC  |  Edited by: motie one
Hisec only deployable the CONCORD enhancement response system, a deployable that decreases bounties and mining yield on grid and in exchange boosts concord response times and flight times.

Comes in 5 varieties, level 1 reduces bounties and yield by 5% level 2 10% etc.
Concord bonus. Level one increases concord response in for example a .5 system by .1 to make response equal to a .6 system. Level2 etc etc...

Only operates on grid. Redeployable. Operating time 2 hours before switching off. Cannot be fitted within 500km of station or gate.
Special feature, device comes in and out of cloak, five minute cycle, becomes visible for 30 seconds every five minutes, once under attack it loses cloaking ability until redeployed.
Cost from 100mil to 200mil dependent on version. Can be destroyed with the same mechanic as the mobile tractor unit, hard to destroy but disrupting mining operations for example can be solved with a couple of new procurers in 15-30 minutes.
Retained ore and bounties drop if destroyed before being re-scooped
motie one
Secret Passage
#1407 - 2014-04-30 11:30:58 UTC
Greviouss wrote:
good evening

cloak pulse (and added mini game?) ok people dont liek this idea and i know which ones of you you are. were not after you. were after that biowaste sitting in a cloaky afk watching your home system traffic and reporting it to YOUR ENEMIES! took me 2 years to devise this one... and here it is..

a POS deployable that requires alot of science cloaking and various other skills to manipulate. the better the skills the better your odds of winning. the better the skills of the afk biowaste the better his chances of not having his cloak go offline and need to be turned back on. player A operates the POS module and a pulse goes out across the system. The biowaste cloaky gets a 10 second warning that his cloak is being hacked. this begins a two player minigame that resembles the existing hacking system. the difference is that the cloaker places his firewalls and cloaking core on the board (30 seconds to do this?) attacker gets a "loading hack" message while he sets his defenses. then the game proceeds liek any normal hack accept the player can choose where to start. you can add various different implants or variations on the pos module and a midslot anti hack module would make for varying degrees of options for both sides. you can base attack strengths on a multitude of skills to acquire varying numbers of attack and defense.

again this is not to kill all the cloakers. but .. can REMOVE AFK CLOAKYS ALTOGETHER (no response no minigame and the attacker wins automatically deactivating the cloak) or at least have a BALANCE against their ability to watch everything you do and you can do nothing about it. to be fair the POS module should have a 1 hour cooldown timer if it fails to win the hack on a cloaked ship, and eat a ton of fuel. you can have a t2 variant of the POS module that is designed to work against cov ops (and doesnt work against non cov ops cloaks) also you can only have one online in any system at a time, and have a 30 minute onlining time. there see not so bad considering the drawbacks. 1 has to manually operated, 2 is expensive as u can imagine, doesnt blanket all cloaks with one item, doesnt prevent you from cloaking anywhere in the system at any time unless its being operated. and even then it cannot be operated 24 hours a day cause of failure or fuel.

deployable (> 0.4) or modifiable (HS) billboards there are billboards all over eve in hi sec, allow capsuleers to make thier own advertisements on them for whatever, look to entropia unverse for the model for this as i see it in my head. allow pilots to choose the billboards that run thier ad in cycle with others for an isk fee per day. for null, same principal but allow the deployment of billboards, billboards last various times based on the bpc used to build it (week, month, 3 month) fuel them with mechanical parts ;)

deployable broadcast towers - a devoted channel opens if there is a broadcast tower up . make it fueled, and make it eat fuel fairly quickly. it should be expensive to automate a message to an entire system, and the entire system should b able to ignore it. it causes suspect status for destroying, it lasts upto 60 minutes, eats like 100k water or ozone or consumer electronics

the beacon from #39 - deployable that you your fleet your corp and your alliance can warp to about the size of a drone... it does not show up on any scans. extremely low HP no status change for destroying it

reflector deployable (reflects one or two types of damage(randomly determined at manufacturing time?))

black market hub (max 5 items / 5km3) cannot b launched in any system containing a station. raises suspect status for destroying. requires trade, and manufacturing skills which can effect the items and mass allowed. does not leave behind any items when destroyed, but could be suceptable to a variant of the already released sucker deployable that siphons off 5% of the isk sales.

drone hive a deployable that auto agresses any attacker of it, the owner, or owners fleet with up to 5 drones at a time. fueled by robotics and BYODrones 100m3 drone bay

modularize the mobile depot currently only seems useful for griefers n pirates? u can use H/M/L & PG/CPU like ships fit create a whole new tree of skills if you wanted to for it. create any item ingame or being discussed as plugins for it expanded cargo etc. make these things NOT function AND UNREMOVABLE if the reinforcement mode begins, just the basic module as it is now. scooping the mobile depot with mdules attached puts them in a container UNPACKAGED in space. this leaves everything you had in it vulnerable to being taken and or destroyed. you want it you better be able to defend it.

grid detector (pretty much only useful for WH - puts anyone who passes in local for 1 hour and if connection with the ship is lost the name is removed from local)

WH stabalizer A (fueled, extends WH life indefinately as long as anchored, has like 5 hitpoints, costs millions requires insane science skills and jumpdrive skills, expires after 120 hours, only one allowed in any system at any time, cannot be used with version B) (would b funny if attempting to place a second causes a massive explosion for real destroying the launching ship - people make mistakes ...) (removing this item instantly collapsees the closest WH)
WH stabalizer B (fueled, increases the amount of mass of the WH can withstand for collapsing, cannot be used with version A, only 1 allowed in system at a time

thanks Big smile

Oh dear god please no!
I will edit with more details as to why these ideas are either insane or totally game-breaking, once i stop shutting my head in a door for relief.
supernova ranger
The End of Eternity
#1408 - 2014-05-01 03:54:39 UTC
Gas cloud deployment array.

One thing that can save you from a cloaky is knowing its there. May times has my little venture run away while gas mining since the cloaky got too close to the cloud.

It might be nice if it was a little poisonous but its just there as visual camouflage and as a cheap way to knock out cloaks.

They wouldn't last long but they'd be cheap and get used allot in hostile mining areas or gate camps. I would make a restriction of them not being allowed to be close to each other though.
Grayland Aubaris
Gallente Federation
#1409 - 2014-05-01 12:43:43 UTC
Disclaimer: I apologise if any of these have been mentioned before, I really don't have time to read 71 pages :)

Personal refinery - refines modules / minerals in a very inefficient way - useful for ops where you are miles away from a refinery
Mobile armoury - is a mobile 1 slot factory, slow and inefficient and only allows you to build T1 ammo and drones. Useful for deep space ops when you need to replace your ammo
Mobile hanger - Allows me to store ships. Enough space to store 1 BS.
Solar harvester - allows you to place 'empty' cap charges in, and they recharge over time. new item: Spent cap charge.
Mobile shield bubble. Deployable but not re-scoop-able. Shield does not recharge when damaged. When reaches 0% the structure self destructs
Mobile cloaking field. Creates a bubble 10k across in which all ships inside are cloaked. Lasts 2 hours the self destructs.
Beacon. Can be dropped and warped to by any member of your corp or fleet. Lasts 24 hours. Skill based to prevent spamming.
Mobile repair station. All ships within 5km slowly regenerate shield / armour/ hull. Does not work if you have a weapons timer.
Listening post - has a configurable listening range (5 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 500) km - pings a message to the owners log when a ship enters the detection radius. Also keeps a log that can be browsed. Only deployable < 0.4 space.
H.I.D.R.I.A Industries
#1410 - 2014-05-02 19:03:44 UTC
Love to see some New Mobile turrets ore missile launcher for extra Dmg :)
Eagle's Talon's
#1411 - 2014-05-03 00:59:21 UTC
What about a Mining Bonus Mobile Depot?

It would be a combination of the Encounter Surveillance System and Mining Bonuses. When deployed a pilot could put a certain amount of ISK into the depot where the pilot would then receive mining bonuses for a period of an hour after which the pilot would have to pay another round of ISK to receive the bonuses.

Level 1: 50,000 ISK - 2% mining yield
Level 2: 100,000 ISK - 4% mining yield
Level 3: 200,000 ISK - 6% mining yield
Level 4: 500,000 ISK - 8% mining yield, -5% reduced mining laser or strip miner cycle time
Level 5: 2,000,000 ISK - 10% mining yield, - 10% reduced mining laser or strip miner cycle time

A second Mining Bonus Depot would involve Mining Drones

Level 1: 50,000 ISK - 2% mining yield
Level 2: 100,000 ISK - 4% mining yield
Level 3: 200,000 ISK - 6% mining yield
Level 4: 500,000 ISK - 8% mining yield, -5% reduced mining laser cycle time
Level 5: 2,000,000 ISK - 10% mining yield, -10% reduced mining laser cycle time

The Mining Bonus Mobile Depot would store the ISK in the Depot and if attacked and destroyed would drop an amount of ISK in AUR based on a random roll.

The Mining Bonus Mobile Depot after deployed would have a lifetime of five hours and would cost 50,000,000 million isk.

Each Mining Bonus Depot would as many ten pilots to use it at a time.
Pidgeon Saissore
DNS Requiem
Warped Intentions
#1412 - 2014-05-03 23:24:39 UTC
scanning depot
scans any ship that comes into range and posts to local
should be highly squishy so someone can have a scout deal with them if they dont want to be scanned
Jaz Antollare
UrAnus Probing Squad
#1413 - 2014-05-04 11:26:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Jaz Antollare
I dont remember have i told this already or not., but here it is again.
Checkpoint structures that can be linked in a chain, so the user could see in a log, who flow by, at what speed, signature and at what time - so we can arrange races between capsuleers ^^ and maybe for scouting... =__=
Ministry of Silly Walks.
#1414 - 2014-05-04 12:37:19 UTC
i like Grayland Aubaris repair depo idea.

i still think we need deployable gun battery's, and automated mining arrays.

this is one i REALLY think should be in the game.
some kinda anchor-able smart bomb array.
if something uncloaked enters its range, it activates and acts exactly like a large smart bomb. doing AOE to everything in range.

should be cheap and squishy like mobile tractors.
the deployable smart bomb array would essentially work like a reusable mine, except it wouldn't move.

it would be nice to bring back a defensive element to the game.
Utremi Fasolasi
La Dolce Vita
#1415 - 2014-05-04 22:32:47 UTC
Mobile Strip Mining Inhibitor.

Perfect for environmentalists - reduces yield from or shuts down strip miners and ice harvesters. The locals in a Null system will have to deal with it to get their harvesting underway again and static invulnerable ones can be dropped by the Empires in the Rookie systems.
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#1416 - 2014-05-04 23:45:32 UTC
mobile laser focusing unit -

extends the range of mining lasers by 20 kilometers from the mobile unit.
-5% yield
mobile laser focusing skillbook = +1% yield per skill level
Kyle Yanowski
Malevelon Roe Industries
Convocation of Empyreans
#1417 - 2014-05-05 21:10:42 UTC
Trip wire structure. (believe this is was written into the lore; gallente caldari battle)

A structure that can monitor and alert ship / fleet composition at a stargate or wormhole.

Would love to have the structure generate a message to the deployer about the direction a ship is traveling as well.

This would allow fleet members who enjoy reconnaissance to employ a "web" of sensors in a given area.

Host of the High Drag Eve Online Podcast ( Director of Aideron Robotics.

Eagle's Talon's
#1418 - 2014-05-05 23:29:45 UTC  |  Edited by: DrysonBennington
Deflection Shield Array Mobile Depot - would create a shield 5km in diameter around an area where the ship inside would be impervious to any form of attack.

The only way to defeat the depot would be target the depot itself and then pound away at it until it was destroyed. The depot would only have 5500 hit points total but actually be destroyed because of the assault on the shield itself as the weapon discharge passed through the shield on its way to the depot. Attacking the depot would not be CONCORDABLE offense nor would it give aggro rights to the deploying pilot. The attacking pilot would however lose security status for the attack allowing other pilots in the system to attack her or him freely without CONCORD arriving.

Once deployed the depot would last an hour and could not be unanchored but it could be scooped after the hour time limit and then reprocessed for minerals.

The pilot deploying the shield would be protected but any other pilot would have to be in a fleet with the deploying pilot in order to have access to the shield itself and mine comfortably.

Cost : ten million isk.

Useable only within ten kilometers of an asteroid, ice chunk or gas pocket.
Jur Tissant
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#1419 - 2014-05-07 05:11:50 UTC
A false signal generator. It would give out a select false signal on d-scan (e.g. fake ships, MTUs, bubbles, etc.) and would not be discernible until you were on the same grid as it (at which point it would appear in the overview as its true self). Perhaps the most obvious use would be as a pirate trap, but it could also be used defensively by miners to feign the presence of protection.
Aureus Ahishatsu
Deadspace Knights
#1420 - 2014-05-07 14:02:47 UTC
Mega bubble. This is going to cause a lot of controversy but I would like to see something introduced that is like a super warp disruption bubble say on the order of 200km. Next is why.

Anyone who has ever participated in major fleet battles will tell you that the a lot of the time long range weapons are neglected in PVP with 3 exceptions.

-insta pop welping nados
-support dps fleet to an engagement already in progress.
-pos bashing out of defense ranges.

I realize there are a few other situations but for the most part pvp is get up in your face where you can touch someone. This also makes individual ship alignment and velocities almost irrelevant. Nobody cares too much that the minmatar after the fastest once you go beyond cruisers in the game if you're just going to warp a BS fleet to zero on people. This is the problem i always had with the EVE commercial "i was there" where a long range fleet is killing the gallente fleet. in reality the short range just warps away and then has a frig gets on the other fleet before warping to zero on him. In all likely hood though the sniper fleet would warp away again before the frig even got to them so nothing happens and conflict is avoided. nobody will sit there and take the beating from sniper fleets and there is nothing stopping them from leaving.

What a module like this would do is give long range weapons a purpose again in game. it would also make ship velocities actually matter in game again as now a shot range that can close faster has a significant affect on which is more powerful. speedy non-capital ships would serve a purpose again. The catch obviously is that the fleet that deploys it is ALSO affected by it so don't expect to get out quickly after deploying.

Obviously there would have to be pretty heavy restrictions on a module like this such as a long activation time, or deactivation time, long redeploy times etc. But i think something like this would have a pretty heave impact on the pvp scene