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[Fiction] The Rapture Chronicles - Nothing Is Set In Stone - Chapter 2

Zalik Rapture
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2011-11-02 03:49:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Zalik Rapture
The Rapture Chronicles
Nothing Is Set In Stone

Chapter 2; Just another evening

School was out, and his house wasn't somewhere Zalik liked to call his home. The constant virbal pushing and shoving by his egotistic family was more then enough to listen to for a minute, let alone every evening. "I'd rather just sit in class in night", he said to himself as he passed by the door to take home.

"Where are you going this time?"

Zalik turned around to find his youger sister, Sencia, following him out the schools doors. Sencia was two years younger then Zalik, her appearence and inteligence made people think otherwise though. Her long brown hair, long black and blue dress, and use of complicated vocalbulary made her seem like a high school wasn't the place for her at all.

"You better not be running off to the news comm centers again."

The news comm centers have become a place of interest for Zalik, listening to reporters and journalists go on about what's going on in other regions of New Eden. Nothing seemed real outside of the region, everything felt like it was just another story, there was more and more talks of war, of culture, of odd and abnormal habits that anyone from here would just find absurd. Most avoid even watching or listening to the news from that station as they found it wrong and biased, that's what he liked though, something different.

"So what if I'm going there? It's better then listening to Dad at home going on about how excited he is that I'm going to pilot school."

"Listening to that false and useless stories isn't going to help you either. You should listen to Dad more, he's only trying to make sure you have a good future."

There she goes again, he thought. Defending Dad as usual. She was always the 'daddys little girl' type, she always tried to enforce whatever her Father had to say, but never exactly following the advice herself. He never understood how she could contradicted herself like that, and refused to admit it whenever someone brought it up.

"He doesn't want a future for me, he's trying to make it so that I relive his past."

Before Sancia could put in another word, Zalik ran off down the hall towards the news comm center.

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