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[Rubicon] Command Ship Models

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Callic Veratar
#221 - 2013-10-03 15:53:04 UTC
We have this thing for the Caldari Shipyard paint jobs. Is there something similar for the other 3 factions?
Caldari State
#222 - 2013-10-03 15:59:02 UTC
I seriously hope that you're not changing the names of the ships, just the models.

Because those names would be god damned terrible.
Tinukeda'ya Naskingar
Minmatar Expeditions ltd.
#223 - 2013-10-03 15:59:50 UTC

If you really want to change the ships, can't you just grab completely new hull... or the "tier 3" hulls??? Come'on Hurricane already has navy version... I invested a lot of skillpoints into gunnery because of Sleip... I hate 'cane hull so I'm gonna probs fly Claymore from now on, but that means my gunnery skills are just waste and I have to spend time on missiles which I do not like as much... But better spit missiles then look at that ugly piece of crap.

DAMN... You made me very VERY sad.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -  Arthur C. Clarke

Marcus Greengale
Vector Prime Industries
#224 - 2013-10-03 16:10:37 UTC

Absolution and Nighthawk have the best hull design among ALL eve ships and you are going to ruin it! Why not to change the Blackbird’s one instead? My eyeballs have always been melted out of my head every time I take a closer look on it!
Ariesen Serenity
SRE Brotherhood
#225 - 2013-10-03 16:12:11 UTC
Tinukeda'ya Naskingar wrote:

If you really want to change the ships, can't you just grab completely new hull... or the "tier 3" hulls???

I love the EOS change. Who honestly wants another Drake, and Red Chicken of Doom...meh I like the red Harby hull I guess. With the Cane being my favorite Minny Hull, I was happy to see that change, until I realized, we have 2 Canes already! Why add a third?

However, I'll give up the t2 Myrm for a t2 Talos. And if a Minny complains about flying a FREAKING VERTICAL Sliep...something wrong with them. That's enough to make me go back to the Sliep! The Naga is one of the coolest hulls...would love to see it as a Vulture (and leave the NH the Ferox hull). And the Oracle...WHO DOESN'T WANT ONE IN RED????

Lets at least get away from the most used hulls, and go with the new BC tier 3 hulls
Deep Core Mining Inc.
#226 - 2013-10-03 16:16:13 UTC
All these pubbies complaining about how they are going to change ships because the new ones aren't "pretty enough" are amusing. Building new models would be a waste of the art department's time; I'd much rather they be working on new SOE ships, the animations/models for the bastion model, etc.

I think these are welcome changes; it only makes sense to have different models for different T2 ships, especially using separate weapons systems.

Proud owner of an Ibis.

Rules of Acquisition
#227 - 2013-10-03 16:17:16 UTC  |  Edited by: TekGnosis
I'm actually kinda bummed at the prospect of losing the laser chicken. Prophecy hull shooting lasers really does have a great presence. I suppose in the end new models anyway...

Also... moar drake? Ain't nobody got time for dat.

I bet Absolution would be epic with medium hardpoints on an Oracle hull with an nice paint job. The T3BC models are quite good, maybe leverage those?
Lord Moridin
Big Shadows
The Initiative.
#228 - 2013-10-03 16:18:38 UTC
No no no, this is a horrible idea. Why exactly? Because those people at the art department thought it looked nice.

All t1 hulls and no sleipnir makes Thor a dull boy

Give the t1 hulls this look instead, t1 hulls looks pretty booring anyways
Rab See
Fool Mental Junket
#229 - 2013-10-03 16:21:08 UTC
Yes - as someone said - the Sleip is iconic ... but its also the missile boat (coming from the recently missileified Cyclone).

Would be nice to have a 'black cane' for the Claymore, but it would be odd continuity wise. Maybe a black cane for Sleip - Hotblack Desatio and Islington all over.
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#230 - 2013-10-03 16:22:19 UTC
Two differente hull for command ship cool
Eos looks like Myrm cool

I'm happy Smile
Black Thorne Corporation
#231 - 2013-10-03 16:22:30 UTC
No no no no no!
Don't do it!
Please don't!!!
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#232 - 2013-10-03 16:22:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Dyfchris
Goti fase
Faulcon de Lazy
#233 - 2013-10-03 16:33:00 UTC
Should the harbinger hull not be used for the Damnation instead of the Absolution?
Wiu Ming
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#234 - 2013-10-03 16:36:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Wiu Ming
i admit the new graphics look ok and all.

with that said, do what you want with the nighthawk and whatever the hell the gallente ship is but PLEASE leave the beloved abso and sleipnir hulls alone. changing those legendary ships would be like, oh hell i dunno, offering up gold magnates on some lame-ass out-of-game scamming gambling site...
Ariesen Serenity
SRE Brotherhood
#235 - 2013-10-03 16:38:19 UTC
no, they are trying to match t1 BC weapon system to t2 C-ship.
Quantum Cats Syndicate
Dock Workers
#236 - 2013-10-03 16:38:24 UTC
So what would be happening to the old hulls? I mean new ones look great, but what about the old ones?

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Takezo Kensei
#237 - 2013-10-03 16:47:50 UTC
No, just no!

Abso, sleip, nh have their _iconic_ models, which suit them _extremely_ well. Even the astarte looks cool in the brutix model. Abso and sleip especially look really badass and those models really deserve to stay!

On top of it who the hell wants to fly another drake!?! Or a cane for that matter?? Didn't you guys gave us navy BC's already? I'm really sorry but _none_ of the new hulls look as great as the old ones.

Wtf is team 5-0 thinking? You guys bored in office, no important stuff to work on so you're shitting on the command ships models??

Astarte / damnation / sleip - why on earth would anyone want them changed?? Just for the sake of standardization?

A definitive NO to these ridiculous changes!
Michael J Caboose
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#238 - 2013-10-03 16:58:24 UTC
I really dislike these changes. The harbinger is one of the ugliest hulls in Eve, and glitchy to boot. If the abso gets changed to the harbinger hull, I'll probably never undock in an abso again. Life's too short to fly ugly ships. A big thumbs down to the changes to the sleip and nighthawk as well.
Zansha Expansion
Brave Collective
#239 - 2013-10-03 16:59:09 UTC
Just dropping in to sign my approval.

WTB EOS right naaow!!

Eve Minions is recruiting.

This is the law of ship progression!

Aura sound-clips: Aura forever

Gallente Federation
#240 - 2013-10-03 16:59:32 UTC
+1 for this one, love this idea