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New dev blog: Hybrid weapon and Tech II ammo balancing

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Kal Gnak
#1241 - 2012-03-20 22:59:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Kal Gnak
I wonder Why CCP cant add side effects of hybrid weapons, why does a railgun not get a bleed-through dmg for example against armor/shields, the relativ lesser range and damge would be balanced out if my weapon had a chance to penetrate shields and/or armor for a part and directly hit the next defense-Layer zone

The original role for Galente was espacialy to be the race with Drone-Controll to be the speciality (they are less effectiv in armor/shield tanking then any other races, are not really faster then any other and not dealing much more dmg compared to range and not have more range/tracking then any other races ships/roles, not only to mention out PVP balance, but the balance start originaly at PVE to be honest, try to fly a C3 wormhole space with a gallente ship its nearly impossible to get that 600dps omni tank and enough range/dmg to finish slepper without faction/complex moduls. drones are firsttarget or realy fast down on focus fire, so you loose most of youre dmg.(one the first time i went to sleeper hunt i had no chance, i had to skill caldari - fast drake to be able to get sleeper

The next thing is PVP i agree dmg should be boost but not only dmg, also tanking ability there is no resistance bonus at all vs Amarr beeing both armor tanks, also no t2 Scorch amunition xD, also drones are nearly useless in PVP, i agree minmatar auto-cannons are a real nice thing. There should not only be a weapon buff, but also ships should be buffed and compared to others ( the generaly overall fitting value, for moduls, e-warfare, turrets/luncher, the slots/low/med/high)

Also skills compareing, its annoying how much skillpoints you need as gallente, you need drones to upgrade dmg/efficience, spec hybrid turrents, gunnary and then need spec rail and spec blaster(while basic skills for fitting and tank or the same in each race, while other need only t2 light drones and spend a lot lesser SP. I started up as gallente and regrett that after i recognize that other races are much more of value in PVE or PVP

I feel a bit like Gallente has no realy speciality compared to other, just useless drones with no ability to upgrade the number of drones, why not allow the dominix for example while beeing a drone-boat to fit drone controll moduls on highslots to use more then 5 drones at the same time to be more like a small carrier

PVP is not only about DMG AND TANK but also about speed and E-Warefare, Gallente feels like an allrounder race with medium-tank, medium-dmg, medium-range, medium energy-grid/cap, its just sometimes a pain -.- i wish i could respec my entire skillpoints

with regards, sry for any misspellings or grammer failures