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CCP karkur - you're our only hope - new Little Things

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Benny Ohu
Chaotic Tranquility
#41 - 2013-09-08 07:25:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Benny Ohu
Valterra Craven wrote:
Suggestion: Add to items an "affecting skills" tab that shows what make the modules better

Keyword: Skills, descriptions

Note: Skills have a tab that show what each skill allows. I'd like for each mod/ship/item in game to show if there is a skill that affects its performance.

This would be a spectacularly useful and informative tool for newbies

e: an extension of the tool might allow you to do this with a linked fitting or at the fitting screen to let you see all the skills that will affect a certain ship and fitting, categorised, which would be even better for newbies

Valterra Craven wrote:
Suggestion: Add an item comparison tool that will allow you to easily show the difference between modules
Keywords: Items

Note: Think like you are comparing two different items on new egg and you can check a box to add it to a something that lays out all items stats for easy comparison, then highlight in green the item that has the best stat, and highlight the stats in red for other items that have worse stats.

There's a tool in the show info window of modules. Go to variations and hit 'compare' at the bottom?

CCP Explorer wrote:
Benny Ohu wrote:
Note: When does bug reporting come back online?
When in the client, press F12 and click Report Bug at the bottom of the window.


CCP karkur wrote:
(every release I try to make a few small changes I like which have been suggested by you guys, but that's mostly done during my 20% and spare time)

You're the best
Bagrat Skalski
Koinuun Kotei
#42 - 2013-09-08 11:26:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Bagrat Skalski
Sugestion: Please, could we have radial menu in the cargo bay and general inventory? When in space, default option would be to jetisson cargo from the cargo bay, and while in station it would be sell items? That would be so cool. :)

Sugestion: And about the info windows, i would definitely like the "align to left" option. That would be less eye hopping from left to right ;)
Chaotic Dynamics
#43 - 2013-09-08 14:02:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Hazzard
Suggestion: Don't blink the wallet if I already have the window open.

Keywords: Wallet
Mallak Azaria
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#44 - 2013-09-08 14:10:29 UTC
Suggestion: Ban Goons
Keywords: Grr, Goons, Ban
Note: They are ruining EVE.

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The Great Leader
#45 - 2013-09-08 14:49:29 UTC
Suggestion: Rats shouldn't aggro pilots with high faction standing.
Keywords: 0.0, ratting, anomalies, pve
Note: It's immersion breaking and also dumb from a gameplay perspective that NPC rats of certain faction attack individuals with high (>+5) faction standings, who most of the time are there to help them kill their oppressor: the cruise raven sniping at 100km.

Suggestion: Add option to disable wallet blink on corporation balance changes.
Keywords: UI, corporations, wallet
Note: Annoying to see wallet blink on every 5000isk broker's or docking fee paid.

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Mina Sebiestar
Minmatar Inner Space Conglomerate
#46 - 2013-09-08 15:45:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Mina Sebiestar
Suggestion: Add "buy and equip" below "buy this" option in market tab.

Keyword: Click fest and eye strain reduction.

Note similar can be done in fittings/browse add "buy and equip" where "fit" "save" and "delete" are.

If you are headed to jita to fit something and you don't want to go 15j to buy 0.01 isk cheaper in say amarr there should be possible to dock find fit you want via fitting screen and buy it at station cheapest offer as whole package.


Suggestion: Add rename option to 1-7 divisions in corporate hangar's.

Note: Convenience.

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Chaotic Dynamics
#47 - 2013-09-08 15:55:03 UTC
Suggestion: Create a small box on the overview that can be used to quickly set our new destination without having to open the map.

Keywords: Map
Chaotic Dynamics
#48 - 2013-09-08 15:57:04 UTC
Suggestion: Let us modify a market order to add additional items to it. ie: If you have an order of 3 ships on the market you could modify it to add an additional 1 to the same order.

Keywords: Market, Orders
Felicity Love
#49 - 2013-09-08 15:59:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Felicity Love

Keyword: broken


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Solstice Project
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#50 - 2013-09-08 22:22:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Solstice Project
Suggestion: Make faction and mission entities warp in like players, instead of spawning them.
Keywords:Immersion, In-game-realism
Note: They might be NPCs, but we are not WoW. It's awesome and frightening to see a lot of people warp on grid !
Unkind Omen
Voyagers Inc.
#51 - 2013-09-09 05:54:28 UTC
Suggestion: Let players click-and drag blueprints onto manufacturing/copying/invention lines to install the corresponding job.
Keywords: industry, UI.
Samoth Egnoled
Caldari Provisions
#52 - 2013-09-09 08:49:37 UTC
Arrow Suggestion: Put the Pod explosion (Splat) sound back in Cool

Arrow Keywords: Pod , Sound Effects

Arrow Note: I miss that sound, its just not the same without it.
Utremi Fasolasi
La Dolce Vita
#53 - 2013-09-09 17:52:54 UTC
Suggestion: Flash the S&I button in the neocom when Industry or Invention of PI stuff finishes
Keywords: ui, Science & Industry, qol
Note: Checking it all the time to see "is it done yet" brings sadness, all other things flash when something finishes like skills, missions, wallet orders, etc.
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#54 - 2013-09-09 18:29:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Gamer4liff

  • Suggestion: Take away the barriers to making research slots at POSes public.
  • Keywords: ME Research, POS Labs, Industry, Research
  • Note: The situation now is somewhat absurd for people who want to manufacture.

Allow BPOs in stations to be researched in same-system POSes with no risk of theft or destruction. When I started in 2004 you could find a ME slot with a wait time of 2 days, or even no wait time at all after they doubled the genetic slots (back when all research was conducted in generic slots). If more research slots won't be created, a mechanism needs to be improved to let players make up the difference.

  • Suggestion: Create new (or at least, modified) station graphics for pirate outposts.
  • Keywords: Graphics, Stations
  • Note: A Blood Raider station should not be flying Amarr Navy flags.

No freetext.

  • Suggestion: A character name change function (be the cost in skillpoints, isk, or otherwise).
  • Keywords: Names, Accounts, Characters, Mistakes made when 14
  • Note: Must have consequences remain intact*

*Must have ability to track a char's previous names in character sheet, and no loss of watchlisting, kick a notification to anyone who had the char watchlisted.

  • Suggestion: Do something with research agents - make them more than just data-core dispensers.
  • Keywords: Research Agents, Agents, T2 Blueprints, Industry, Research
  • Note: There's got to be something that can make research gameplay more interesting.

Maybe high ME T2 BPC lottery for partial amounts of RP (not the whole stack)?

  • Suggestion: Remove standard mission agents from the game.
  • Keywords: Missions, Agents, PvE
  • Note: People might swear by ratting anoms, but I can't imagine some people wouldn't enjoy a change of scenery/plot.

Make missions (at different levels) request-able based on what space you're in. e.g. Caldari Navy in Caldari high/low/0.0 space.

A comprehensive proposal for balancing T2 Production: here

Julia's Interstellar Trade Emperium
#55 - 2013-09-11 03:53:42 UTC  |  Edited by: TheSmokingHertog
Since most of my little things didn't get into the CSM shortlist I suggest them here again.

Suggestion: Superpindown for containers, let me PIN certain containers open in stations and let each invidual station remember.
Keywords: Industry, Trade, Distribution, UNI_INVT, Enablers, UI

Suggestion: Filter remembering, let specific containers remember if they have a filter set or not, maybe use the Superpin construction for Filters too.
Keywords: UNI_IVT, ALL_SEC, filters, UI

Suggestion: Please add another public contracting skill, the 21 limit is really to low when using a lot of public shipping contracts.
Keywords: Orders, Management, Contracts, Skills
Note: I run into the limit a lot.

Suggestion: Please add a shift click function in the orders overview to select more as 1 order, so you can cancel several of them at the same time.
Keywords: Orders, Management,

Suggestion: The ability to right-click a courier package and being able to chose 'Set destination' to the destination for delivery.
Keywords: Contracts, Enablers,

Suggestion: Add a filter option that filters non-empty containers from the overviewlist in Items
Keywords: Containers, Assets, Management, Filters

Suggestion: When creating a contract, with non-empty containers, please make the YES button SHIFT clickable, so that if you ad 1 NON empty container, you can agree to add them ALL
Keywords: Contract, Enablers

Suggestion: Make it possible to PIN a locations folder to the NEOCOM bar or let it opened on relogging.
Keywords: NEOCOM, Locations, UI

Suggestion: Automerge Char Contact list between mutual agreeing parties.
Keywords: Social, People, Management, UI
Note: Especially usefull for maintaining overview with alts

Suggestion: Make it possible to filter added characters within PEOPLE with a NO-LABEL category,
Keywords: Social, People, Management, UI,
Note: <<<Done>>>

Suggestion: Please add a tool-tip that tells you can use keyboard input to locate items / locations in the orders overview tab.
Keywords: Market, Orders, Tool_Tips

Suggestion: Please add a replenish option to orders.
Keywords: Market, Orders, Distribution, Skills
Note: So orders can be supplied with extra stock when they start to deplete. Maybe add a skill to get this done, with a Station, System, 20 jumps, 40 jumps, Region upgrade like other trade skills.

Suggestion: Add a function in the right menu of your own order in the market overview tab that says "go to order" and auto-focus on the order in question in the orders overview tab, so you can CANCEL it on that location.
Keywords: Market, Orders,
Note: <<<Done>>>

Suggestion: Please add a regional filter setting within the orders overview tab
Keywords: Market, Orders,

Suggestion: Please make an option to set the contract button blink duration
Keywords: NEOCOM, contracts

Suggetion: Make it possible to set a threshold for wallet blink
Keywords: Wallet, Market, Enablers, NEOCOM

Suggestion: Please make the contract wizard remember settings while opened
Keywors: Contracts
Note: If one would ship something public, but reconsider a few steps in the wizard to a private one, you have to re-select the stuff to be shipped.

Suggestion: Switch the TAB index # within the Courier Contract wizard on the CALCULATE / COLL fields,
Keywors: Contracts
Note: Now you first enter the COLL field and then you can request a EVE estimate on the price of the to be couriered items.

Suggestion: Please make it possible to add a description with double clicking a form field to see its history, just like in web-browsers.
Keywords: Contracts

Suggestion: Please show the number of available contracts while you are within the contracts wizard continually.
Keywords: Contracts, Enablers

Suggestion: Make it possible to scroll down and up in the in the Courier Contract wizard duration field
Keywords: Contracts,

Suggestion: Remote stacking Skill in trade skills with these ranges: "Station, System, 20 jumps, 40 jumps, Region"
Keywords: Asset_Management, Skills
Note: The idea was in the CSM list, but I dont like it for everyone, make it something to work for.

Not my ideas, but let shine some light on them

Suggestion: Let us inject skill books whose prerequisites are injected but not trained yet (with a warning).
Keywords: Skills, UI

Suggestion: Setting up shortcuts via a list is massively unpractical, there are better ways to do this, read the note
Keywords: UI

suggestion: allow turning off of incursion related channels
keywords: incursions

Suggestion: Add 'launch in external browser' to url context menus.
keywords: IGB

Suggestion: Contract Stack Peeling: Ability for contracts to "peel' one quantity off the top of a higher quantity stack when using copy contract functionality or regular contracting.
Keywords: UI, client,contracts

Suggestion: WTB contracts with a duration, and collateral/materials possible from both parties
keywords: ui, contracts
Note: So you can say 'make me this. I want it in X days' and they know you can't cancel on them.

Suggestion: AFK and ready check indicators in fleet and corp chat.
Keywords: UI, Corp

Suggestion: Redock timer much like wormhole jump timer.
Keywords: Docking, undocking, station games, pirates, PVP
Notes: If you undock once and redock the next time you try to dock for 1 minute you have to wait. With new session changes and kickout timers, pvping on undocks is very few and far between. Let the autopilot react to the timer like a jammed system stargate does.
Note: <<<Done>>>

Suggestion: Allow players to configure chat window defaults ("Show text only", font size, highlight, compact userlist, etc)
Keywords: UI, Chat

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Julia's Interstellar Trade Emperium
#56 - 2013-09-11 04:06:14 UTC  |  Edited by: TheSmokingHertog
And some more ideas from that thread

Suggestion: Add LP to the markets to be bought, sold, traded, manipulated, and speculated.
Keywords: Market, FW, PvE

Suggestion: Audio notification when ore hold is full or mining crystal depleted
Keywords: audio, UI
Notes: Nearly all other actions in game such as running out of charges or an asteroid being depleted announce themselves except for your mining lasers/strip miners deactivating due to a full hold or a mining crystal being consumed

Suggestion: Give an option to remember the password for each account on the launcher so you don't need to type it every time.
Keywords: Launcher, password
Note: You could set a "superpassword" on this feature.

Suggestion: Multirow tabs in any and all applicable windows
keywords: UI
Note: Most desperately needed in chat windows.

Suggestion: Allow items in a container to be repackaged, or contracted without having to first move them to the root of the hangar.
Keywords: Containers, Contracts

Suggestion: Allow a master file of ALL in-game settings to be imported/exported in an editable (XML, JSON, etc) format.
Keywords: UI, settings
Note: See this thread for my original suggestion.

There is a list on MD forums too, should scrape it later on.


"Dogma is kind of like quantum physics, observing the dogma state will change it." ~ CCP Prism X

"Schrödinger's Missile. I dig it." ~ Makari Aeron

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Yongtau Naskingar
Yongtau Naskingar Corporation
#57 - 2013-09-11 11:12:44 UTC
Suggestion: When warping with drones out, give a message "Abandoning X drones due to warpout"
Keywords: drones, ui
Note: N/A
Sam Alkawe
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#58 - 2013-09-11 15:47:23 UTC
Suggestion: a good HTML editor for brackets/overview tabs
Keywords: brackets, overview, pretty, customization
Note: Modifying the way the information is presented (multi-line informatin on click, instead of one long line) is a PITA to do with the current system. The *best* way to do it is basically through XML, but it doesn't really provide with an easy way to check the result AND it assumes you know what is it that you are doing. I mean, having to use &lt; and things like this is not really intuitive. Besides, I'm sure the dev team can get an elegant solution to this issue.
#59 - 2013-09-11 16:34:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Commander Spurty
Finish up the mouse over hints on modules (complete them please)


ECM modules can show effectiveness normally and when overloaded. Good
MWD and AB modules show only off and on effectiveness (want overloaded speeds). Bad

Good luck!

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Matari Akiga
#60 - 2013-09-11 16:34:54 UTC
Suggestion: Increase the number of standing slots at alliance, corp and personal level.
Keywords: Standings
Note: There are not enough slots to keep track of all the standings that are required for 0.0 and having to check a notepad for neutrals takes a lot of time and is not fun.

CCP dont need to change everything to suit your play style.

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