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Dev blog: Email verification and you

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Princess Sultry Snarketawa
Caldari State
#41 - 2013-11-06 03:28:59 UTC
CCP Guard wrote:
I was in a meeting with some fine folks who confirmed to me that the secondary link that I lovingly refer to as the self destruct button, will be removed :).

Anyone who's pressed it or is having any other kind of problem with E mail verification, please contact Customer Support and they'll sort you out with urgency.

That's not what I am experiencing. Been waiting HOURS on my other account.
All I tried to do was change my email address. You know, some people move, right?
New email, new ISP. I am moving. Tried to change my email, now I can log into my account but the email won't verify.
Can't log into the game, it says,

"Trial account EVE-SSO-CONNECTION has not been activated!

Please check the E-Mail address provided at account creation for an activation E-Mail."

WTF does that mean?
All the emails I've had to change with paypal, ebay, amazon, our brokerage, our mutual funds, STEAM, two other online games, etc etc and ONLY EVE HAS FAILED ME.

My wife just said, "did you really expect any better?".
Why, yes, my dear, I did, fool that I am.
Professor Ichigo
#42 - 2014-01-24 03:50:26 UTC
Where's the "other accounts sharing this email" bit gone from account management?? Sad
Fumika Karusaka
Karusaka Family
#43 - 2014-01-30 09:13:44 UTC
Could you also link in two-step authentication with something like Google Authenticator, since then its easy and free to setup on any android device.

Thank you!

It would also make it near impossible to hack the account.

Evil is not just an alignment, it's a perspective

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