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Returning 97mil EU pilot looking for incursion corp

Be Nice Inc.
Prismatic Legion
#1 - 2013-08-09 09:58:56 UTC  |  Edited by: TheBlueMonkey

Eve's pulled me back in again and this time I thought I'd go and see what incursions are like

About me
- I've lived all over, done various things from mining to piracy (I'll tell you when I'm going to be a douche bag, I was the most honest pirate there ever was).
- 97mil sp, can fly most sub caps, some capitals, logi 5 and Armored Warfare\Information Warfare\Leadership\Siege Warfare\Skirmish Warfare 5 and Wing Command 3.
- can fly all logi ships
- euro timezone 20:00-00:00 a few nights a week
- 30ish with family stuff

What I seek
- fix my slightly dented sec status
- Mature players
- No drama (seriously, if I have to go through more "I'm going into exile Clarice" types I'm gonna biomass)
- RL first
- higher end incursions stuffs, I've done the smalls and what not, I want to help make a mother ship explode
- larger corp, 10 man jobs need not contact me.

Eve mail me