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Strip Miner yield : Mackinaw vs Hulk.

Styth spiting
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#21 - 2013-08-07 17:11:32 UTC
Ekaterina 'Ghetto' Thurn wrote:
Oh no not another one of these posts. Blink

One of my associates has started using a Mackinaw instead of a Hulk to mine ore because his Hulk was lost to a four Catalyst team but also because the Mackinaw has a far better tank.

I won't list the full fittings but with the 5% yield hardwiring fitted which of the following would give more yield?

Hulk: MLU II x 1. Running with Scordite T2 mining crystals

Mackinaw: MLU II x 1. Running with Scordite T2 mining crystals
MLU I x 1.

It seemed to me at a glance that with the above fittings the Mackinaw was giving better a yield. If this is the case, which it probably isn't, then it would mean the Hulk is now a joke ship and has been rendered useless by CCP's ship 'rebalancing' program. I'm not personally in favour of any of the 'rebalancing' done so far so I'm somewhat biased regarding this situation.

Nevertheless if someone would be kind enough to do the math and settle this one I would be grateful.

PS This is not a troll. I am genuinely interested. Smile

Removing MLU's from a ship will decrease its yield to hardly more then that of most of the T1 versions. Hulk with Exhumers IV gets 12%, Exhumbers V is 15%. Removing a MLUII drops these down to 3% and 6% over the T1 ships. So you end up in a sub par yielding expensive ship that will still in most cases not survive a gank attempt if you're not watching local.

If you want tank use the mining ships built for tank fitted for max yield. Their yields will be nearly as good as a high yield ship fitted for tank but at x7 the cost. Removing max yield off the high yield ships will just leave you with an expensive high yield ship with a low yield.

Sabriz Adoudel
Move along there is nothing here
#22 - 2013-08-08 02:00:36 UTC
Bugsy VanHalen wrote:

So a dead space fit HULK with 100k ehp does not have an equal chance of getting ganked as a max yield fit HULK.? I guess I can believe that, after all the multi-billion isk HULK is a much more attractive target, even if it takes more ships to kill.

The only way to survive a GOON gank fleet is to pay attention, and bug out before they target you. Tank really has very little effect.

One, most miner disposal professionals are not Goons. There is some overlap, but the Goons are a minority.

Two, while putting deadspace on a Hulk will indeed increase your chances of being ganked, two tech 2 +%resist modules (an Adaptive Invulnerability Field and a Damage Control) will dramatically decrease the number of miner disposal professionals that can solo gank you. Group ganks usually provide enough warning that a dilligent pilot should never fall for them.

I support the New Order and CODE. alliance.

Andrew Indy
Cleaning Crew
#23 - 2013-08-08 06:43:17 UTC
I guess it depends on wether the Gankers ship scan people before doing the gank. If they do they will most likely target max yield ships otherwise they will mostly just bring enough ships to kill you no matter than tank (I have see 6 Cats per Mack which is pretty over kill)

I have a decent tank on my Mack but not at the expense of yield.
Ekaterina 'Ghetto' Thurn
Department 10
#24 - 2013-08-11 09:58:24 UTC
Krixtal Icefluxor wrote:
Victoria Sin wrote:

Also, if you're fitting MLU, you're doing it wrong. Reduce the yield, increase the survivability. Or, work out how long you'd have to mine with your extra yield in order to replace the cost of your ship. If it's a long time, don't bother with the MLU. I haven't fitted one for ages.

I have never not fit 2 on each Hulk in 3 years and have never lost a Hulk. A Mack yes, but a Hulk no.

But Mack, Hulk, it matters not.

If they are going to gank you they are going to gank you.

I partially agree with you. Not sure on fitting two MLU to a Hulk though.

The most dangerous tactic of suicide gankers is to send a non-ganking char into a set of asteroid belts in a Venture or Noctis. Especially with a Venture if they leave your belt after a minute or so it may appear that they are leaving because you are mining that belt and they are polite. Alternatively the Venture has just bookmarked a rock near your ship and you are entering **** creek without a paddle. On these occasions try to remember the pilots name of the Venture for future knowledge.

" They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out. " Rick. " Find out what ? " Abraham. " They're screwing with the wrong people. " Rick. Season four.   ' The Walking Dead. ' .

Ekaterina 'Ghetto' Thurn
Department 10
#25 - 2013-08-11 10:18:09 UTC
Bronco Platz wrote:
But, if I fit an expensive and really good tank on my hulk to, isn´t then the Chance bigger to get ganked because of the expensive fit?

I don't think it's very wise to use Deadspace or other expensive tanking modules on your mining vessel as this makes you more attractive to gankers.

With an MLU II and some tank on a Hulk it will be about 22k ehp roughly.
With an MLU II plus an MLU I and some tank on a Mackinaw it will be about 28k ehp roughly.

With an opportune single ganker you are probably going to survive the gank in the above scenarios.

Atm especially with less people on Tranquility due to summer holidays Krixtals comment that if 'they are want to gank you they will' holds true. They will bookmark near to you using a peaceful char & vessel, and maybe scan you as well. Then they will deploy enough catalysts to do the job. Once we get past summer holidays there will be less risk though.

" They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out. " Rick. " Find out what ? " Abraham. " They're screwing with the wrong people. " Rick. Season four.   ' The Walking Dead. ' .

Dave Stark
#26 - 2013-08-11 10:33:59 UTC
Andrew Indy wrote:
I have a decent tank on my Mack but not at the expense of yield.

this is the way to do it.

i sincerely doubt any one is getting ganked frequently enough to say "i make more isk using a DCU instead of an extra MLU"

especially if you're mining in a barge rather than an exhumer.
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