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polarized massively blob some farmers, then bat-phone ash alliance. afterwards they brag about it.

Riel Saigo
#101 - 2013-08-02 03:28:05 UTC
Afuran wrote:
This must happen in other parts of space thjat I've never heard of -

if you cant break someone's ship in a 1v1 you usually back off and 'GF' them in local.......

You never get anyone else to join in a fight.

You mean like the Battle of Asakai?

Isn't this just wormhole space's version of.... whatever it is Goonswarm, NCdot, PL, and Test are doing in Fountain right now?

Any carebear corp that tries to settle in null sec without paying tribute or playing diplomacy with the major null sec alliances is going to get blobbed out of existence. Why is it surprising that a carebear corp that doesn't do these things in WH space has the same thing happen to it?

Where were the connections for the carebear corp to batphone in? Shouldn't a carebear corp leader be doing some diplomacy, talking to the neighbors, making connections, maybe even getting some spy alts in No Holds Barred, or whatever?

As far as I can tell, this happens to carebears everywhere. In high sec - they get war decced. In null sec, they play the politics and bow down to the evil overlords or get erased. And in WH space, they get mobbed by misanthropic psychopaths who just plain like killmails. And it low sec.... ummm... OK, I'll admit I don't know what happens to bears in low sec. But it's probably bad.

Time to get that rainbow rescue beam working again in Carealot.
Angsty Teenager
Broski North
#102 - 2013-08-02 03:37:56 UTC
Well, please can you evict more people from C5's because recently I've been having trouble finding unoccupied holes to farm.
Hidden Fremen
#103 - 2013-08-02 05:22:51 UTC
Just stop... staahhhhhhhhhhhhhp... please.