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The return of the Deep Space Probe

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Rolled Out
#21 - 2013-08-15 04:45:54 UTC
DSpite Culhach wrote:
It's a small universe at the moment, and seriously, scanning difficulty took a bullet to the head cause I can suddenly scan stuff waaaay too easy, I almost miss swearing at when I was shrinking down spheres and a blip would disappear.

Maybe if the universe got _bigger_ and the outlaying regions got much harder, then very high difficulty sigs would make sense, but right now it just feels off.

Handing info to players in hisec does make some sense for "training" purposes, but shouldn't every game mechanic have degrees of difficulty? We go from L1 missions to Sleepers and Incursions, but exploration seems pretty "flat" by comparison. To me anyway. I'd rather have my ass handed to me by spawns when I fail a hack then the current spew system, heck, I's settle for a point blank trap explosion :)

Excellent points all the way around. Exploration became far to simple with Odyssey. We are seeing some really interesting proposals to try and alter that reality. Hopefully CCP takes note.

I'm right behind you

Tarn Kugisa
Kugisa Dynamics
#22 - 2013-09-04 06:07:38 UTC
ISD Cura Ursus wrote:
Bumping is allowed
But only in certain spots.
This place is not one.

Bad language is bad
Please stop, and don't go around
The filter at all.

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