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Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2013-07-10 15:07:18 UTC  |  Edited by: Cyberin (eve-bloggers channel in game)
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Eve Bloggers is a site that is aimed at building up the Eve blogging community. Focussed mainly on providing a single area for bloggers to have links to their posts displayed (via RSS Syndication) and an all-inclusive list of Eve related blogs, podcasts, and other sites...creating interaction and awareness within the greater Eve community is our goal.

Along with the syndication of eve related blogs and podcasts, it is my aim to provide other useful resources for the community, guides to getting started blogging, social media interaction, providing knowledge to people new (or old) to Eve.

  • For Bloggers, it's a place to get a little bit of visibility for your blog.
  • For Readers, it's a place for you to get your fix all in one spot.

You can either see all of the recent posts from every blog, view specific blogs by topic (coming soon), or just randomly view the list and choose specific blogs that you'd like to add to your own RSS Reader (the site does not actually display post contents, just a link to the original post). There will also be an RSS Syndication feed for each list/topic that you can plug into your RSS Reader to make it easy to add multiple blogs to keep up to date with.

The site will continue to evolve over time, aiming to grow into what the community wants it to if you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know.

EveBloggers has been around since 2009, and at it's peak listed over 500 Blogs. It's no secret that over the past year the site has not been updated with new blogs and comments have gone unanswered. Well, that's going to change now.

I am the new owner of and I'm in the process of getting everything updated, as well as planning a few exciting additions and changes to the site.

If you run an Eve Blog or Podcast, please head over to the site and help us get it back on it's feet. Add your site, spread the word so we can get this awesome community of bloggers/podcasters going strong again!

I will be using this thread to post official updates for the site as well as any discussions people would like to have about any aspect of it.

There will be a few updates/annoucements coming in the next few days, but to get us started...

(re)Submit Your Blogs or Podcasts
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-07-10 15:11:01 UTC
I endorse this service. Always been a good site to use, and I'm sure the new management is nothing but good for it!
#3 - 2013-07-11 01:23:27 UTC
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2013-07-11 10:09:18 UTC

I love interviews, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me and discuss things Winterblink!
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2013-07-13 14:11:21 UTC
We are up to 51 active blogs listed and 3 podcasts. Come checkout the site, get some reading done, or add your own blog/podcast to the list!

Also, come join us in the eve-bloggers channel ingame and have a chat.
Stay Frosty.
A Band Apart.
#6 - 2013-07-17 18:33:27 UTC
I support this product and/or service.

Seriously, this is THE site for Eve related blogs currently. Essential for all Eve addicts! Blink

If you run a blog or pod cast for Eve get it registered on this site.