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Can we still call it 'Exploration'?

Paul Uter
#21 - 2013-07-12 05:45:56 UTC
Welcome to the EVE ONLIE the game where exploration is looking for you
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#22 - 2013-07-31 18:48:19 UTC
Its true. Too easy. Counterbalancing the easiness by making the loot crappier is an unsolution.

You warp into a system and it just tells you the sites straight off the bat, then you scan, which is now absurdly simple, then you play the stupid minigame. Finally you get a bunch of junk worth 5-10 million for wasting an hour. Where is the skill in this? There is no skill.

Its not exploration anymore, it's click spamming for peanuts.
WoT Misfits
#23 - 2013-07-31 21:15:24 UTC

I have an alt that started as an explorer. No missions for him!

He started learning probing and spent time as a ninja salvager while getting his skills up. Made good isk.

Then the Noctis came long...with it's affect on ninja salvaging and, more importantly, the corresponding crash in salvage prices. Fortunately my skills were up and I was ready to head out to scan down sites.

He then spent a long time in low sec...probing down sites, dodging bored 'piwates' and gate camps and made some good isk. He also delved into null as well both in hostile space and trying not to get caught exploring 'blue' space.

Was fun.

Did some recently. Exploration is gone man...dead. I actually like the mini-game and dislike but could live with the spewing of stuff out...but the simplicity of finding these sites has killed exploration. It really isn't 'exploration' someone said - moree like anoms or missions.

My exploration toon is now looking for something else to do.
Symple Onez
#24 - 2013-08-05 06:58:42 UTC
I do not believe anything as Mario-like as the new "exploration" system would have been suggested by CCP up to a few years ago. Something has changed internally - my conjecture is the Old Guard of EvE developers has been replaced.

Someone (the CEO?) has made the decision to dumb down EvE to make it more like any other MMO, in the hopes of cashing in on the wider base of Mario players.

This may work.

However, I and others like me are on the long glide out of EvE, as we cash in our "stuff" to buy PLEX (!). Discovered I have not had to pay a subscription fee for over a year, and never will again.
Ireland VonVicious
Vicious Trading Company
#25 - 2013-08-06 05:47:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Ireland VonVicious
Exploration has been on a pendulum for a long time.

Was too easy in early 09 so they made it tougher.

Too tough compared to what came before it. Changed how a lot of people did business.

So people cried, exploration numbers fell too much.

What do they do next? Make it too damn easy again.

Prices still up people swarm on it who once didn't care.

Everyone is happy and prices fall.

So people cry, exploration numbers fall off a little.

Will still have too much exploration, more people will cry.

Lets see if they stick the middle ground next time.

You also have the option of not crying and going into wormholes and null sec for your exploration.
I think that is what CCP was going for, you know make elite exploration guys go work for it, instead of the entire profession being elitist. Roll
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