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Capital Fusion.
Pandemic Horde
#681 - 2013-07-05 00:39:45 UTC
Chase Hakoke wrote:
Wibla wrote:
Chase Hakoke wrote:
lol you guys think you would have actually killed 112 TEST carriers before this escalated? LOL. Test would have dropped supers... then the CFC... then all TEST friends and then all the cfc supers would die. You guys should be thanking CCP.

You're delusional and/or trolling.

We had you outnumbered close to 2:1 in battleships, your carriers were popping left and right, and your good friends (who left you to die earlier in the fight, btw) refused to escalate because we had 60+ dictors and 20+ hictors on the field.

AND YET THE CFC DIDN'T DROP A SINGLE CAPITAL. And they know why they didn't either. 300 megas aint gonna do much against a super blob.

Good thing you has no such super blob in system.
CCP Falcon
#682 - 2013-07-05 00:40:31 UTC

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Marlona Sky
State War Academy
Caldari State
#683 - 2013-07-05 00:42:08 UTC
If CFC had the same amount of participation in the actual game as they do this thread; they would have won the Fountain war by now. Blink
Sabrina Scatterbrain
United Souls Research And Development
#684 - 2013-07-05 00:42:53 UTC
CCP TEST: Before I press ENTER please confirm I have everything correct.

CCP PL: Looks good.

CCP NULLI: I don't see any problems here.

CCP TRIBE: Let me see, yes, that will do.

CCP PIZZA: I wanna see, can I see?

CCP 401K: Push the friggin button already!

1Robert McNamara1
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#685 - 2013-07-05 00:53:54 UTC
Ok, I'm no hero so not reading 30 pages of well earned tears and hate. I get it, mistakes were made. It sucks but I want to hear about what will happen to avoid it in the future.

CCP stated 'this will never happen again.' CCP also said 'we don't stop the best content our game can deliver, giant fights that matter.' I know CCP Phantom is the mouthpiece I can read, I'm just acknowledging that the problem and onus is larger than him.

Please, detail for us exactly what steps you will take to avoid this from happening again in the future. I understand you'll probably need a meeting or two to talk about policy changes or even code changes, but we need to know. This could have just as easily gone our way for some bull **** in Tenal or 4-EP12. Neither side wants this to happen again.

Here are my humble suggestions:

1. The guy who did this, actually entered the command, gets a 2 day paid vacation. I know his job is full of stress and fuckery and this has got to keep him up at night for the next several days. I know I couldn't sleep after this.

2. Z9PP-H, E-IO0O, and 4-EP12 are constantly getting hit with timers and big giant alliance crushing fights are going to happen there for the foreseeable future. Place all 3 of these systems on their own reinforced nodes. If you don't have that many spare nodes, have the reinforcement follow the iHUB and Station timers. You have 20,000 players watching those timers and responding to them, please give them some attention to guide your server balance decisions.

3. Make it right to the CFC. Killing 100 carriers is too far, as much as we'd like that it wouldn't feel right unless it was our guns and bubbles that did the slaying. It would also set a terrible precedent in the game. Who knows when either side would escalate to supers etc. Instead I ask that you set that iHub back to the reinforced state it was at. I know Test repaired it, good on them, but CFC spent a ton of man-hours creating the condition for that fight, and the reward for their preparation was going to be a ton of dead enemies. With the reward taken from us, at least re-set the conditions for the fight. I think these are extraordinary circumstances and would require a unique fix that would not apply to other server welps from CCP sys-admins.

I'm no diplomat, the opinions expressed above are my own.