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Launcher problem

Krixtal Icefluxor
#81 - 2013-07-04 17:30:42 UTC
I can't play. Launchers for 2 separate clients both broken....... Sad

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Marcus Arelios
Blackjack Brigade
Eclectic Collective
#82 - 2013-07-04 17:33:57 UTC
Clicking Autoplay checkbox, closing launcher and reopening fixed my problem.
Brand Wessa
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#83 - 2013-07-04 17:36:02 UTC
Mine was fixed by going to settings (gear on the upper right), on the bottom left of the download settings tab is a link to 'Reset launcher settings'. After that I reloaded the launcher and the error was gone.
#84 - 2013-07-04 18:36:23 UTC
Allaera wrote:
I'm beginning to wonder if this was CCP's inspiration for their launcher Roll

ROFLMAO!!! Perfect example of the new Eve Launcher. Holy crap that was bad!

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