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Sonar Probes (Finding Cloaked ships)

Nikk Narrel
Moonlit Bonsai
#61 - 2013-06-11 15:05:50 UTC
Solutio Letum wrote:
Maybe it should be possible to Detect a cloaked ships, like its possible to detect a stealth submarine, maybe they should give you a panel for detections while scanning with probes and you can find random signatures, most of what is going to be light waves, but the ship was uncloaked some time meaning light DID in fact hit it, so if you where able to make up where he was by seeing some little faith lights in a panel it would be fun....

BUT again this is almost impossible, there is so much **** in the ocean you just cant find a stealth submarine if you dont know its there, although with good enough systems, you could actually find it...... but what tells you its not just a random debrits?... i think ccp should of remade the scanning game a bit, to be more like if you where looking for sigs, and put some bad ones in there where you just fall on a random asteroids damn :P... like most explorers, its normal to find something totally useless, just ask the one who found the american continent.. oh wait...

meh current things are fine for now... maybe one day its going to be more complex and a bit more exploitative.. or its going to stay the same like the bounty system

I like the idea of being able to search for cloaked ships, but ONLY if it is balanced.

Using your naval analogy, if a cargo ship instantly knew when a submarine was in it's patch of ocean, it could immediately radio for destroyers. Following that logic, destroyers would be like a local fire department rather than patrolling expected activity areas.

Automatically knowing something is present before you begin searching for it is game breaking.