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New Eden Trade Group Investor Page

First post
The Fukuzawa
New Eden Trade Group
#41 - 2016-10-11 23:07:31 UTC  |  Edited by: The Fukuzawa
Omega Flames wrote:
The Fukuzawa has complained I have no proof of him scamming....I offer proof (well as proofy as chat logs get at least) feel free to evemail me if you want the full collection of tears we got from his "typo"

[ 2013.07.10 22:41:47 ] Opner Dresden > you guys overvalue your collateral
[ 2013.07.10 22:41:55 ] The Fukuzawa > You are mistaken
[ 2013.07.10 22:42:05 ] The Fukuzawa > We do not over value collateral
[ 2013.07.10 22:42:22 ] Heavy Met4l Queen > well of course you deny you do
[ 2013.07.10 22:42:23 ] Opner Dresden > k, what'd ya guys offering on a Chimera
[ 2013.07.10 22:43:20 ] Darkness Darkshot > ooooh silence
[ 2013.07.10 22:43:27 ] Heavy Met4l Queen > let him think
[ 2013.07.10 22:43:37 ] Heavy Met4l Queen > some are slower than the rest of us...
[ 2013.07.10 22:43:40 ] Omega Flames > he has to eve central it
[ 2013.07.10 22:43:59 ] The Fukuzawa > 1.75 billion or so
[ 2013.07.10 22:44:09 ] Heavy Met4l Queen > dosent take me that long to come up with a price on E-central
[ 2013.07.10 22:44:43 ] The Fukuzawa > we look at the contract average
[ 2013.07.10 22:44:43 ] Opner Dresden > so I give you 1.75b isk and you give me a Chimera for collateral?
[ 2013.07.10 22:44:46 ] The Fukuzawa > jita
[ 2013.07.10 22:44:55 ] The Fukuzawa > and other high sec regions
[ 2013.07.10 22:45:07 ] The Fukuzawa > Yes
[ 2013.07.10 22:45:13 ] Opner Dresden > just want to be clear here, 1.75b for a Chimera?
[ 2013.07.10 22:45:22 ] The Fukuzawa > yes
[ 2013.07.10 22:45:34 ] Omega Flames > i can buy one for 1.2 bil....
[ 2013.07.10 22:45:38 ] The Fukuzawa > typo
[ 2013.07.10 22:45:43 ] Mercor Iluvian > rogl
[ 2013.07.10 22:45:45 ] Darkness Darkshot > bull ****
[ 2013.07.10 22:46:07 ] The Fukuzawa > 1.15 or so
[ 2013.07.10 22:46:11 ] The Fukuzawa > pardon my mistake
[ 2013.07.10 22:46:18 ] Heavy Met4l Queen > LOL
[ 2013.07.10 22:46:18 ] Opner Dresden > fair enough
[ 2013.07.10 22:46:27 ] Heavy Met4l Queen > right. a typo.
[ 2013.07.10 22:46:34 ] The Fukuzawa > yes a typo
[ 2013.07.10 22:46:50 ] Omega Flames > cause the 7 and 1 are soooo close on the keyboard...not

I'm human, I make mistakes. However we do value our collateral at or a little above market value, this is for our protection.

Also, no proof exists of us scamming players because we never have.

We are a legit trade organization partnering with the Eve community to build wealth.

! ! ! New Eden Trade Group is paying monthly interest to investors, contact me if interested ! ! !

If you already assume we are scammers without looking at what we offer objectively, go ahead and F*** off.

Thank you, that is all.

Riko Vemane
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#42 - 2016-11-06 07:02:36 UTC
This document server as an acitive billi on investment between The Kukuzawa and Riko Vemane valued at 10 million Isk
Valued at 6% monthy return current
Current toal is 10,000,000
Seon Hwa Hwang
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#43 - 2016-11-08 05:42:51 UTC
Simple service, sounds like a scam, but I've gone multiple months with payments always on-time and easy enough! I'm not one to trust people, especially in EVE, so I deposited 100m and have not been disappointed.
Riko Vemane
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#44 - 2016-11-13 05:57:47 UTC
Interest received.... they DO make investments in new eden
Selena MMA
MMandA Research
#45 - 2016-11-13 16:03:29 UTC
I chatted for a while with The Fukuzawa about what NETG does and decided to give them a chance. I haven't been disappointedBig smile Interest has been paid on time every week. Would recommend investing with this group.
Gavrillo Ferdinand
Kentucky BBQ
Deepwater Hooligans
#46 - 2016-11-14 03:53:20 UTC
Bill of sale for a deposit of 2.2b Bond account as well as a 800m variable short term investment.
#47 - 2016-11-14 04:38:29 UTC
Stevo Powell
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#48 - 2016-11-15 08:27:03 UTC
It was 3 In the morning central time and I received immediate help and answers when i asked about investing, aswell as being very professional they have not given me any reason to distrust them, i will be a return customer.
Talya Sarum
Aqualian Flow
#49 - 2016-11-16 23:42:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Talya Sarum
I never expected my first post to be a testimony. I never expected to post at all, but here I am. Posting.

Out of boredom, I threw my dust-collecting ISK with this group. Fun times. Payments were rolling in just fine. Not a single one missed. Never had any concerns either.

I terminated my investment with the group today, and received my full amount including this upcoming week's interest in full. Why some maybe wondering? Because I wanted to see if they would return my ISK. They did AND with a thank you(I tried to return it Lol). They showed patience, kindness, and professionalism. What more can one ask for?
Werner Ross
Bio Corps Enterprises Ltd.
#50 - 2016-12-07 23:56:38 UTC
Handled pay-outs and buy-out very well.

Recommended trading partner.
Fanfin Malukker
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#51 - 2016-12-08 00:45:07 UTC
I invested a while ago.
Received regular weekly investment payouts.
And when requested, I received my full initial investment returned to me.

Recommended as a trading/investment partner.
Roza Noman
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#52 - 2016-12-08 22:43:12 UTC
I sent isk, got the weekly payments. Got the isk back when I asked. Did as they said :)
Sir Frankfoot
1n5MN Y-SnT8 Compact Ab n Mwd Firm
#53 - 2016-12-08 22:45:41 UTC
Great group, I invested with them for several weeks, made return on my investment, and investment was returned when account closed. Would recommend them to anyone looking to invest some extra isk and see a small return on it. Obviously, I'd look into the history of any corp. offering what these guys do, as many a scam are out there, but New Eden Trade Group was the real deal =) ♥
Parn Pokesmot
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#54 - 2016-12-09 04:21:20 UTC
Investment worked as advertised. Interest paid roughly every week and loan repaid at the end of the month. will invest with them again.
Beyond Divinity Inc
Shadow Cartel
#55 - 2016-12-11 15:20:57 UTC
I invested 1bill, payments received on time, investment repaid in full when he said he did not have the time to continue.

Would invest again.
Juicy HardMan
Misfit Logistics
#56 - 2016-12-11 19:12:03 UTC
Got all of my interest and initial investment returned with no problems! Will definitely invest again when you come back.
The Fukuzawa
New Eden Trade Group
#57 - 2016-12-28 22:09:48 UTC
Taking a break from internet spaceship investments for a bit.

Thank you to all those who have partnered with us, we look forward to the next round of opportunities.

! ! ! New Eden Trade Group is paying monthly interest to investors, contact me if interested ! ! !

If you already assume we are scammers without looking at what we offer objectively, go ahead and F*** off.

Thank you, that is all.

BigBoss Sanchez
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#58 - 2017-01-04 19:47:10 UTC
Would love to if I had any money
Carter Cruise
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#59 - 2017-02-17 01:58:02 UTC
Laying the ground work to get investments rolling again soon.
Gavrillo Ferdinand
Kentucky BBQ
Deepwater Hooligans
#60 - 2017-02-18 03:19:24 UTC
Money returned after investing along with interest earned. Thanks for the fantastic and loyal service.