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EVE Online: Odyssey Feedback

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Flash Bomb
Forgotten Union of Knackered Tradesfolk
#321 - 2013-06-05 11:51:34 UTC
I was quite happy on the first day not too buggy which is great but when i came round to seeing what a mess CCP had made of the skills i was shocked. e.g. to train Iteron V reqiures same as the Iteron I. Which if i remeber correctly is given via a career agent. So whats the point in having the Iteron II, III and IV, not to mention the the lost in value for them. I am so glad i waisted time and skill points training so many skills that are pretty usless now. We may get ship bonuses here and there for andvancing certain skills but it seems to me now that the noobs are having alot handed to them on a plate, what next each noob only need a day to train a Dread so-long they not on a trial?
Rayzilla Zaraki
Yin Jian Enterprises
#322 - 2013-06-05 12:18:18 UTC
Day 2 -

I haven't had much chance to do any exploration as all the systems in my general area have been explored out but, I am on the fence about the loot bukkake. I know we were told that an average player would still be able to get the same amount of loot as with the old system because the total loot is supposedly doubled in the spew, but I am not a fan. I know this is because I am used to the old system, but still...

My NUMBER ONE annoyance is the scan overlay. I like it. I really really do. However, I want it ON DEMAND, not a constant scan at what seems to me to be random intervals.

On the new radial menu (which I kind of like and am getting used to) instead of the 12 o'clock position being "Show Sensor Overlay" change it to "Ping Sensor Overlay". Triggering it will show the overlay sweep. Then, once the sweep is done, have the old-style spread sheet pop up (could be an option set in an option menu somewhere). I'm in no way an "old" player (9 months in, I think) but I had gotten used to the spread sheet and having to pan the camera to find what I could find in the spread sheet is a slight annoyance. Only slight as I am sure I'll get used to it.

Overall, a nice update. I found zero bugs. I thought I'd hate the ice field thing, but I kind of like it as I have been able to find some uninhabited and my corp was able to get several loads of ice before others found the field.

Thanks for the 50,000 skill points. You didn't have to as the DDoS wasn't your fault and you guys did yeoman's work fixing the issue and keeping us informed via Facebook and Twitter. However, maybe consider putting the forums on a completely different server? Easier communication for the more hard core players.

Gate campers are just Carebears with anger issues.

Crosi Wesdo
War and Order
#323 - 2013-06-05 12:18:50 UTC
Um, why cant i right click on my ship in station? cmon guys, the rest of hte UI is completely shite, you cant take away perfectly function features like.... right click and force us you use the **** buttons.
Chuck Sanussi
Black Rebel Rifter Club
The Devil's Tattoo
#324 - 2013-06-05 12:23:37 UTC
The rigs for scanning: Small Emission Scope Sharpener do not add +10 to virus coherence. Just saying.
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#325 - 2013-06-05 12:27:53 UTC
CCP did a great job if it was trying to make the big corps happy by messing everything up in high sec., causeing a bigger gap now with newer players and old, causeing everyone to hate the new lay out, and making all the skill trees a mess. Way to go CCP. How bout having the people that want to start messing with the code get in the game and find out what its about befor they messing with it?
Tuxedo Catfish
Gallente Federation
#326 - 2013-06-05 12:57:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Tuxedo Catfish
The new scanner is terrible. Which is kind of disappointing because based on the description I was looking forward to it more than any other change.

In no particular order:
* Getting to the old dscan menu now takes two clicks instead of one. None of the other HUD buttons behave this way.
* The sensor overlay doesn't respect being turned on/off -- even turned off it still scans the new system after a jump.
* Systems with a high population of anomalies are a mess, it's impossible to pick out the one you want in a timely fashion (in a context where every second counts!)
* You can use the "probe scanner" page to simulate the old scanning UI, but it's lost a ton of functionality -- the "ignore result" and "ignore other results" buttons are still there, but do absolutely nothing.
* You can no longer resize individual columns in the list of anomalies, which means that the only way to tell a Forsaken Hub from a Forsaken Hideaway is to stretch the whole window till it takes up half the screen.
* The "clear result" button works, but there is no "clear other results" button, and clearing results does not affect the anomalies you see in space, only on the spreadsheet list.
* I only tried this once, but warping to a FW acceleration gate with the sensor overlay on made it impossible to activate the gate -- the sensor result covered the acceleration gate's icon so you couldn't select it.

I'm also not a fan of the new undock button -- why move it and screw with years of muscle memory? Why not make it so you can drag and relocate it like every other Neocom element? Also, making a button that fills up and flashes as it gets closer to completing is not "removing progress bars." It's just making a garbage, less-precise progress bar.

The new jump effect was neat once, but I already wish I had a way to turn it off. Ditto for the pod death animation.
Namod Demitrius
Valient Stallions
#327 - 2013-06-05 13:01:29 UTC
Don't mind the expansion...the only major issues I have is with the new Shield / Armor / Hull alarms and the "I'm being shot" bubble sound. First of all they are WAY TOO QUIET! Second why did you change them from the way they were? They worked, and worked well.

If you think this is a better alarm system, at least give it enough volume to punch through the mass sound of 35-40 ships shooting, a bunch of idiots on voice comms, and background noise in your computer room / hidey hole. Come to think of it, isn't those alarms suppose to be internal sounds (inside your head / pod)? Shouldn't they be louder than external sounds (aka ships go boom, and weapons fire)?

Running incursions multi-box is amazingly rough now as there is no damage warnings, or if there was it was so quiet it got lost in the 7x 1400mm "quieter turret effects" arty pieces going off.
CCP RedDawn
C C P Alliance
#328 - 2013-06-05 13:04:07 UTC
Chuck Sanussi wrote:
The rigs for scanning: Small Emission Scope Sharpener do not add +10 to virus coherence. Just saying.

Hi there,

The Emission Scope Sharpener rig adds +10 Coherence to the Relic Analyzers, not the Data Analyzers so that might be the issue you are seeing.

The Memetic Algorithm Bank rig adds a +10 Coherence to the Data Analyzers but not the Relic Analyzers.

Note that both of these rigs do not affect the Civilian modules.

We are aware of the lack of clarity within their descriptions and that should be fixed soon.

Thanks again,
CCP RedDawn

Team Genesis

#329 - 2013-06-05 13:08:15 UTC
Gatejump FX (cam rotation, intense warp tunnel etc.) needs to be fixed. Make at least cam rotation optional. People are getting sea sick after a few jumps.

Hacking minigame is not that bad. Much room for improvement, though. Interacting with stuff makes much more sense than just sitting there waiting the module cycle to complete.

Trying to click the scattered loot is frustrating. Is there any way to get the loot displayed in overview? While being gameplaywhise totally inconsistent ("interact" - i.e. "tractorbeam" - without targeting first is a new way of doing stuff) it would make things easier. The current experience is more like playing an egoshooter aiming for headshots than harvesting the fruits of your excavation.

But the redesign of exploration stuff has been announced as "tip of the iceberg", so let's see whats coming up next. Mental note to myself: pray that they don't reuse the hacking and loot mechanic as a possible future "improved wreck salvage" minigame...

Sensor Overlay looks nice. Scanner window, filter/ignore stuff/show previously ignored stuff is broken.

Undock button? Placement makes more sense than before. Maybe a keyboard shortcut may help those who can't get used to move to the upper right corner or rightclick on the ship? Or make it a drag-and-drop element users can place in Neocom on request. While being at it, implement that for CQ also. The red-light undock FX is fine.


Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#330 - 2013-06-05 13:10:27 UTC
Calypso Coro wrote:
The new hacking whatever is terrible.

Whoever thought that loot shooting everywhere and then disappearing is somehow "fun" needs to learn some things... scrap it. Ego of the programmer be damned...

I agree. The new hacking minigame forces the player to take up to 5 minutes to manually do what the analyzer module did by itself in a single cycle.

I hope this is not a trend coming. What other modules might we see turned into manual clicking minigames? Ewar? Will we have to now pull up a screen and manually fine tune a jammer frequency and signal type to exactly match the target ship in order to jam? What about firing guns? Do we get a World-of-Tanks-esque firing reticle we have to place on the target to hit it? How about cloaking? A minigame where we have to make sure the cloak is placed neatly and snugly around our ship so nobody can scan it down?

I foresee a large number of wormhole folks not even bothering to hit Radar or Mag site cans anymore, thus driving the prices of T3 components way way up.

If the reward for analyzing were in line with the amount of time and effort now required, it might (MIGHT) be worth it. Currently it's not.

So, you're a bounty hunter. No, that ain't it at all. Then what are you? I'm a bounty hunter.


Eve Vegas 2015 Pub Crawl Group 9

Houston EVE Meet

Nova Power Institute
#331 - 2013-06-05 13:13:10 UTC  |  Edited by: TradeBear
Odessy is so sloooooooooow. performance is bad. some examples:

- when undocking it takes ages before the screen goes from black to actually see my ship fly, while I can already hear the space sounds.
- moving with my mouse over the buttons on the left side to see how much isk I have in my wallet takes around one minute. (tooltip)
- doing a search in the market screen for an item, never turns up with results, while when I browse the market in the solar system I fly in and do the search has plenty of that item.
- show info on anything, sometimes never finishes the loading of the content of the show info window (half pictures, half text)

I know deploying a new expension is a complex thing, but in comes all down to testing, and the effort which is put into that.
That's the less fun thing of programming, I know...
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#332 - 2013-06-05 13:22:34 UTC
Rayzilla Zaraki wrote:
Thanks for the 50,000 skill points.

2.5 day pause and u happy for 50k SP. Did you know how many peoples lost more SP than 50k, when they cant change skills ?
1day=24*2640= 63360 SP

So, 2.5 day pause is 158400SP
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#333 - 2013-06-05 13:23:19 UTC
What's up with the Battleship BPO changes?? Looking at the Armgeddon BPO I've noticed that there is a huge increase in the amount of materials required to build one. Using the latest average price for the various minerals my cost went from 68,699,387 ISK per unit to a amazing 173,429,082 ISK. It's always been a toss up between selling the minerals and building things but this just makes it ridiculous. It certainly seems like there is a big hate on miners in this game.

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#334 - 2013-06-05 13:25:33 UTC
There are still NPCs in the Abbandoned Research Outposts in Drone Space
Stark Enterprises LLC
#335 - 2013-06-05 13:28:49 UTC  |  Edited by: xavier69
To make this game playable again 3 things have to happen pronto

1. Give us the option to turn off that god dam jump gate animation
2. Give us the option to turn off that god dam scanner overlay graphic
3. The overlay scanner pops back on every time u use a jump gate if i turn that shet off i want it to stay the F off X ? WTF ?

Just like other visual elements you have added over years frankly we don't care.
Like captains quarters you need to give us the option to not use it. I frankly have said for a while most of you new content does not interest me so stop forcing it upon me. like QC i dont give hell about walking around in a station.

Finally lets talk about the changes to ice ccp what's going to happen when the guy who mines ice logs on and find there is no ice in his system to mine >?
I would say after a few times of this he is going to cancel he sub or stop playing which means less money for you how was this change even rationalized at the board meeting ?

I am no genius and i can with full confidence the system you have put in to place for ice mining will lose you about 10% of those accounts. there going to un-sub with this change.
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#336 - 2013-06-05 13:31:47 UTC
Electra Magnetic wrote:
10 years have past and CCP is still pushing a terrible representation of spaceflight, a lack of new content (new missions, new sites, new pve anything???),

more push of GATECAMPING as an important task that players SHOULD be doing, more rewards to internet trolls (pirate tags), and a lack of changes to issues that veteran players actually care about.

What happened to two years ago when they presented all those nifty models with like a 200 million poly count, and asteroids that didnt look like floating ****? NOTHING. What happened to making mining an active task where you dont just turn them on and sit there till your hold fills up? NOTHING. What happened to getting rid of some of the on-screen windows so you could actually see the universe? NOTHING What happened to finishing captains quarters and "decontaminating the air"? NOTHING.

Pretty new jump effects, simple number changes to ship stats (that could have been hotfixed), and giving a visual que for signatures was all they could come up with for a large expansion. Oh yea, ice mining changes right... yea because moving them to anoms and doubling the speed really changes anything.

Want to know why? because all CCP cares about is selling plex. they dont care what players want.

more pvp = more players buying plex to buy ships and fittings.

The expansion is a joke. EVE is a joke. Dust is a hallway shooter with nukes. CCP is a just a bunch of greedy immature adults that wouldnt know a good gaming experience if they had one.

Have fun with your new expansion guys, hope you enjoy that loading bar wraping around you as a low-res texture shithole when you jump through the gates only to find blobs of cowards that need to gang up to have fun.

And dont forget, buy moar plexes, buy moar plexes, buy moar plexes.

Almost same what i wrote before here

"This all Odyssey is a big joke. Almost full of nerf.
The Eve patches just ISK sink everywhere almost 3 years ago.
Tier1 Tier2 Battleship ISK increasing, ISK sink at anomalies with new frigs. PLEX manipulations with useless dual training.
Ridiculous BC prices, changed t3 BC sigs for another isk sink for easy bombing. Nerfed faction NPC spawning and loot drops.
Hurray we can buy new faction battlecrusers, which is almost same wich was the old nerfed BCs, but al least for 4x price values.
But atleast the CCP makes again overpowered amarr ships, mini bhaalgorn with t2 property for unbalancing the power relations.
T2 EW abilities for a t1 ship, but not for all t1 ship, just for only one. Megalol. This is the balance for CCP. Ridiculous."
Scurvy Rickett
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#337 - 2013-06-05 13:32:48 UTC
It seems the columns in the anomaly result window are fixed. Is this a bug or intended? if intended could you resize them so that the Distance column isn't wasting so much space (its double the size it needs to be) and at least add the extra room to the Type column? It'd be nice to see what type of object it is at a glance.

I know they get bigger if you widen the scanner window but i don't have the space to do that.

Radial menu is awesome. Big smile

#338 - 2013-06-05 13:33:30 UTC
Crowesnest wrote:
What's up with the Battleship BPO changes??


Tir Capital Management Group
#339 - 2013-06-05 13:36:33 UTC
xavier69 wrote:
To make this game playable again 3 things have to happen pronto

1. Give us the option to turn off that god dam jump gate animation
2. Give us the option to turn off that god dam scanner overlay graphic
3. The overlay scanner pops back on every time u use a jump gate if i turn that shet off i want it to stay the F off X ? WTF ?

Just like other visual elements you have added over years frankly we don't care.
Like captains quarters you need to give us the option to not use it. I frankly have said for a while most of you new content does not interest me so stop forcing it upon me. like QC i dont give hell about walking around in a station.

Speak for yourself, kthxbai.

Where I am.

Erhard Blaatand
Gallente Federation
#340 - 2013-06-05 13:37:12 UTC
Why even keep on complaining? They clearly dont give a rats ass.