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Dev Blog: EVE on Steam: Past, Present and Future

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Dolores Hubbard
Meerkat Express
#81 - 2013-08-06 17:01:14 UTC
Yes the steam integrations sucks for a whole lot of reasons.
1. You can't log in without Eve installed through Steam. That rules out internet caf├ęs and visiting friends who got the regular EVE-client.
2. Each time I start EVE through Steam UAC gives me a error since every start is considered a new game.
3. Every time that you need to log in on the forums or account management Steam thinks you are using your account from a new computer that you have to validate in order to proceed.
4. You can't use multiple characters at teh same time.
5. You can't transfer characters.

CCP: Why did you realease this steaming pile of **** that's clearly not finished? I guess you where in a rush to try and grab new customers from the Steam summer sale? You didn't think we would notice?