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Request Dev Info about the winter expansion coming soon

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Lieutenant Brooker
Calamitous Nephropidae Ltd.
#101 - 2011-11-02 04:05:28 UTC
Mashie Saldana wrote:
Dogfishful wrote:
I sure hope the T3 Amarr BC will be one of the best of the T3 BC's, because the Legion was left choking in the dust. Tengu best for PVE, and the Proteus and the (hmmm I seem to have forgotten the name of the Minmatar one) are better for PVP than the Legion. I also hope for a good looking one as well, because the Tengu looked the best (in my opinion) with Legion after it.

Pleas figure out the difference between Tier 3 and Tech 3. The new BC's are tier 3 as in you need BC level 3 to fly them.

The Legion was left out... Try playing EVE if you think that's true, jesus.
Caldain Morrow
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#102 - 2011-11-08 20:19:54 UTC
NeoTheo wrote:
I dont understand why EvE players are so messed up over *cosmetic features*.

Protip, unless nebula's add some new game play eliment, then this *expansion* has nothing in the way of substantial game play eliments. Adding new ships and rebalancing old stuff is *not* new features.

Giving us back things that we had 5 years ago is also not a new feature. Adding a cosmetic effect to space is not a new features.

I litterally think that CCP dont know what to do to give the game new game play systems. here is a tip, concentrate on the space we live in and how it effects our space flight. NOT giving us new ships. there is only so many spaceships you can put in the game.

Dont get me wrong, i will be happy to see engine trails back, all be happy to have a new ship to blow up. But what i really want is new gameplay systems. and ones that include everyone at that.

Make the nebula's do something. Or this is just "trinity" over a again. pretty but no features.

One: I'd like you explain to me what you WOULD consider a new feature. New ships that are radically different in concept from the current line up seem like new to me.

Two: If you'd read the dev blogs you'd know that the new nebulae are partially cosmetic (WIN) and intended as navigational aids to some degree (WIN!!!!!)

Three: From what you're saying Apocrypha's WH systems and Incursion's well.... incursions are the only new features that have been added in the history of the game..... are you really that dumb?

PS have you actually looked at the new ships? Been to Sisi? If you have and fail to be awed by the obvious amount of effort and care that has been put into these non-features I cannot help feel pity for your shrivelled, accountant soul. Apologies to all the accountants out there who, through dedication and hard work, have managed to retain theirs.