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Where are my new ships?

Templar Dane
Amarrian Vengeance
Team Amarrica
#21 - 2011-10-19 23:14:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Templar Dane
Delucian wrote:
Well hardly. The Ferox doesn't even have a better tank than a Drake.

I did not state that it did. I said it typically had one or the other. Drake has super tanke and good DPS, and a Ferox can be fit for some major DPS.

It's for a reason you hardly see any tier 1 BCs, the better tank (if at all) doesn't make up for the huge decrease in offensive power. Only if I see 50% Cyclones and 50% Hurricanes then yes, they both have their equal uses.

I am not sure where you are flying that you hardly ever see Tier 1 BC's. Surely none of the systems I am in.

As far as "Huge decrease in offensive power" goes, I have not run a L4 yet that I cannot do in my Drake. Yes, it is outpaced by my Tengu, as it should be. Yea, with excellent skills you can byppass a Drake with a BS - as it should be.

If you are anywhere in Eve that you are seeing 50% of any single ship class - I really cant imagine why it would ever be that way - unless it was a mission only area (which dont exist to my knowledge - although many think high sec is supposed to be that way).

Sorry, in practice, Tier 1 BC's are one of the best ship classes in the game for many reasons.

Edit: so I dont have the last word in this thread, I have bolded and underlined the key word for you (in order) in this portion of the post that highlights my point which you clearly dont understand.

WTF have you been smoking?

Ferox and "dps" in the same sentence......

guy without a clue wrote:

Sorry, in practice, Tier 1 BC's are one of the best ship classes in the game for many reasons.

Ferox is crap, prophecy is crap, and the cyclone is crap unless you happen to have a deadspace shield booster and a tengu alt laying around.

If you see someone in one of these ships, he is...

A. Hoping you'll underestimate him
B. Bait
C. Mentally impaired.

PS. Brutix is so crap I forgot to mention it.
Holland Kross
Olympus Trading Corp
#22 - 2011-10-19 23:56:52 UTC
My fellow capsuleers:

As you can see there are many differences in the way everybody Plays the game. just look around your system and see

how many tier 1,2,3 frigs you see flying around?

How many tier 1,2 cruisers?

How many tier 1 BC's?



No amount of rebalance will make this ships more common in space, (except maybe the destroyer) what we need are more ships, more diversity, that is what this game is all about. all the different ways to do the same thing.

Its not about Which ship is the best, on the contrary, is about not knowing. having so many options that you are overwhelmed (like when you star and dont know which one of the 5 frigs is best). And the first time you got into that Tier 1 cruiser think you were the bomb? lol.

Do we need more ships? YES.

Last Combat ship added to the game: 2.5 YEARS AGO. After that we got two new ship skins: Scorp (that really needed it) and Maller ( that didn't need it).

We did got a new salvaging ship (AWESOME) and that was the end of the destroyer sales.

Ship rebalance or Ship counters. I will go with the ship counters, design specific ships to combat specific threats.

The way I see it there is no need for SC nerf, just design a BS that can counter the SC with a new weapon that can punch a hole on a SC from 150km away. Tech 3 Weapon maybe on a new T2 BS

Just food for thought. And yes I know: "if you dont like it quit", but where is the fun on that. Why not make it better for yourself and at the same time bring more ppl to the game.

More to follow at a later time...

It is all Pixels in Cyberspace

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