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Goonswarm effecting all high sec miners?

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Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#61 - 2011-11-13 03:00:53 UTC
Grammer nazis: The only post method more MEH than goonage...

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Caldari State
#62 - 2011-11-15 12:13:17 UTC
Well since the fun is over for now i guess it can be outed.

While Goons have been doing ice miner ganking the avg. price for Ice Harvester II turrets in jita went way up.
Normal price was around 3,2 mill pr. turret but under "the great ice miner depression" prices went up to 4,8-5 mill pr. turret.
So while isotopes havent been affected much you have to say that ice miners replacing their lost stuff has.

Ieg. a pure profit increase of 1,6 mill pr. turret sold. So yes the market has been affected in a big way.

Go Goooons, go Goooons, go Goooons
Aphrodite Skripalle
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#63 - 2011-11-15 14:06:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Aphrodite Skripalle
One day one goon shot an ice miner.
Now all goons are shooting ice miners.

Its all about swarm intelligence, nothing more, like waterdrops finding the optimal path in a river.
Nevryn Takis
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#64 - 2011-11-15 17:31:59 UTC
Ash Stewart wrote:
Raeloth Draenor wrote:
The Goons are apparently doing a little house cleaning of the botting pieces of **** that seem to over populate high sec ice fields. That, and making a crap ton of ISK in the process. If you're going to mine out there then be ready and accept the chance you're going to get nailed. It should be like this anyway instead of letting botters control the market. In the end we'll thank the goons for stirring the pot. Lol

If I was an Ice miner.. i'd move to other ice fields............... Minmatar space for example have not been affected, and there are plenty of Ice miners here that are contentedly mining away.

Pandemic Legion are in the area terrorising Amamake... that's the closest we've got to one of the big Alliances stirring up trouble.

Or.. mine here and sell in Gallente space for higher cash.... who knows? a trader can even profit!

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