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New Dev Blog: Player-owned Customs Office

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Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1801 - 2011-12-05 17:44:14 UTC
Oops If is a invitation to leve all Pi Mining why just not ask or finish it at once?? Question
Mercenaries of Mayhem
#1802 - 2011-12-10 15:21:40 UTC
In case anyone is still looking at this thread.

I've been trying to configure the access to one of my POCOs. When I click the (-10) icon, nothing happens. When I click the (-5) icon, the (-10) selection changes to "Access Denied".
OK, np. Click on the (=) icon and the (-5) selection changes to "Access Denied". NP again.

Click the (+5) icon and the neut selection also goes to "Access Denied".

All is good. Select "submit" and move on.


When I click on "Configure" again, I see the (-10, -5, Neut) settings are now at 0% tax, not at "Access Denied".

Went through it all again (5 times so far) and same result. It keeps changing from "Access Denied" to 0% for those selections. (OK, 6 times now after selecting "Clear History", deleting the 0.0 from the box and doing the "click on icon below to set selection for icon above" routine, again.)

Am I doing it wrong or should I submit a petition about this ?
#1803 - 2011-12-13 09:07:50 UTC
Traska Gannel wrote:
Questions: (I didn't read the whole thread to see if these were asked already):

1) Will we be able to use spaceports to launch resources into orbit either
a) when a customs office is not present
b) when we do not have the standings to use the customs office

... operation of on-planet enterprises should not be dictated by the presence or absence of orbital facilities though the transfer of resources can be expedited by a customs office.

2) Roaming fleets wll pop customs offices for giggles and kill mails on a regular basis if there are no other targets available. Folks will do it just for the fun of griefing others.

a) Should customs offices have defences of some sort? Fighters for example?
b) Should attacking customs offices be a no-risk activity?

3) For this to be a viable in-game business model ... i.e. why would anyone do this ... it needs to be able to make a profit. So ... based on stated resource requirements for ONE customs office:

BPC = 6000LP + 20 mil ISK ~= 26,000,000 ISK (at 1000ISK/LP)
Manufacturing the Customs Office Gantry:
Skill requirement: Industry V
Integrity Response Drones: 5
Nano-Factory: 10
Organic Mortar Applicators: 10
Sterile Conduits: 14
Capital Construction Parts: 1
Upgrade to Customs Office:
Broadcast Node: 8
Recursive Computing Module: 8
Self-Harmonizing Power Core: 8
Wetware Mainframe: 8
Parts Cost ~= $75,000,000 ISK at current market value

Total cost for one customs office = 100,000,000 ISK.

Personally my current export taxes average about 60,000 ISK/planet/dayt

Assuming that there are 5 people on each planet (which is not typically the case in my experience) - this would be a return of 300k ISK/day assuming that the rates are held about the same as current.

100,000,000/300,000 = 333 days which is close to a year before you show any profit under what I would consider a fairly optimistic estimate of cash flow.

Conclusion: I don't think anyone in their right mind would build one of these given the current costs since the odds of it lasting a year in order to start making a miniscule profit (300k isk/day) compared to other sources of income in the game (even if totally passive) is NOT cost effective.

CCP ... it is a great idea ... but please go back and look at your numbers or you will be putting in another feature that will simply fail.

Tu esti prost la cap, How much did you say, it was 60 k average...have you tried exporting 1 unit of ROBOTICS??
well bro...for like 700 pieces i payed like 8 mils or so ....i was what...but anyway this was until i read what is going on.
But i think if you get 1 month of POCO without it being blown up i think you will get back the money invested...cos remember is not only you that is using the POCO, is all the other horde of Alts, so divide the cost for the poco on the nr of players that use the planets, and to think you consider letting anyone use your pocos...hmm...i mean that is your home system boy, how can you do stuff in your home system if there are reds in there doing stuff...first of all i was not allowed to put CC in space that i had no sover....let alone put pocos...If i was allowed to do this make 3 alt each month just to shorten the other guy PI:) and do it in 14 day rations then after 1 day put it up i really screw his planet.....
But anyway, of topic, Poco will bring new life to EVE, pvp for defending, competion on the market, tax money in corpwallet not CCP concorde, DUst123:), a lot more.
Zleon Leigh
#1804 - 2011-12-13 17:45:24 UTC
Yep, POCO's are a huge success. About as welcome as cancer. Biggest screwup of Crucible.

Incarna - Newest business example of mismanaged capital. CCP - Continuing to gank independent PI producers every day

PvP's latest  incentive program ** Unified Inventory **  'Cause you gotta kill something after trying to use it

Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#1805 - 2011-12-15 15:44:00 UTC
A sample of Processed Materials pricing from today in Amarr indicated that there are only three(3) items where buy-orders are at 500 ISK / Unit or greater. The other twelve(12) items have buy-orders for well under the current tax basis value of 500 ISK / Unit with an average around 275 ISK / Unit.

Observations were based upon highest buy-order values as there is no guarantee that a sell-order will be acted upon.

So much for sandbox gaming as CCP continues to take an explicitly active role in market manipulation through taxation. "Tax'em until they do as we design." Yes, this mindset has always worked well. Pirate

At what point will a more truthful snapshot of commodity values be captured for more truthful taxation? And how often will these values be adjusted to reflect more realistic market pricing?

p.s. phhuck you forum gremlins. The power of copy and paste has thwarted your attempts to eat my post.

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