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Dev Blog: Resource Shakeup in Odyssey: Just don’t call it a Cataclysm + Companion blog

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Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#981 - 2013-06-02 01:32:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Teclador
CCP Fozzie wrote:
Drago Morris wrote:

Would it be possible to know why so many will not be replaced and why Derelik will have only 2 on the same side of the map

Simply because there were so many Amarr highsec ice belts that the addition of supply as a meaningful concept for ice would have skewed the market too far towards Amarr towers. When we we deciding what belts to remove we considered geography, (including across regions, often when one area of a region seems empty it's because there's an ice belt just across the border in another region) and we also considered the volume of ice being mined there over the past several months. When we had two similar ice belts and had to remove one of them, we'd generally keep the most popular one as to cause the smallest disruption possible to the local miners.

"Simply because there were so many Amarr highsec ice belts" - WHAT ???

Seriously @ CCP Fozzie, when did you lastly have a look at the Starmaps? Amarr is the System richest Region in whole Eve and with your changes you have to travel a hell more than in any other Region to reach an Ice belt.

The other side of the Medal is, that you remove Ice Belts without a closer look to there neighborhood systems with Ice in and the Systems remains with ice are worth nothing because of some factors like less other belts/system attractions or "on short words" in Systems with only a hand full of Moons.

Here as an example explained on Domain: Dotlan - Domain

As for instance "Bashakru", next nearest Ice Belt in 7 jumps, next two in 9 jumps....
Some part of this Region will getting dry.

And on your next Statement that "the Market is going too far towards Amarr Towers" i can say that there is not only the Amarr Tower that goes within this Math, whats about the Capital Ships or the other Towers (Usability) ?
GSF Logistics and Posting Reserves
Goonswarm Federation
#982 - 2013-06-05 13:41:26 UTC
As mentioned in the main blog, we are planning to increase the number of installations available in all player-built outposts, as well as increase the number of installations provided by outpost upgrades. There are no plans to change the special bonuses provided by outposts (such as manufacturing time bonuses) or the refining rates of outposts in Odyssey.

EVE Online: Odyssey will not be the last expansion to iterate on Outposts, as there are many other changes we expect to make before we’re done. However the installations added in Odyssey will be a very important improvement for nullsec industry and Outpost value.

With this in mind, I'd like to make a suggestion on refineries for later Odyssey patches.

Currently it's only possible to achieve a perfect refine rate at tier 1 Minmatar outposts. They start out with a base rate of 35%, then upgrade from tiers 1/2/3 to 40, 45, and 50% respectively. With good skills/implants you can get 100% rates at the tier 1 upgrade, and so virtually all Minmatar outposts built receive a tier 1 refine upgrade.

The other racial outposts currently have refinery upgrades but at extremely low rates of 10% / 20% / 30%. This is utterly pointless, as at best you will get around a 90% return and for less than the cost of this tier 3 upgrade an alliance can just put down a Minmatar station to get perfect refines.

To make refinery upgrades worth using for other racial outpost types, they should be buffed like so:
Tier 1 = 20%
Tier 2 = 30%
Tier 3 = 40%

This means that it becomes possible to get perfect refines at non-Minmatar stations, but it is a huge investment and still requires decent skills to do so.

I'm also hoping we can get blueprints for the outpost upgrade platforms, as we already have for outpost eggs themselves. That way they can be player-produced instead of NPC-seeded in certain regions.
Ellendras Silver
CrashCat Corporation
#983 - 2013-06-05 14:47:00 UTC
Loan--Wolf wrote:
eve is a school yard full of bullies and ccp likes it that way i personally cant afford to sub 4 accounts and a pos so ill be leaving soon been fun

can i have your stuff? Cool

[u]Carpe noctem[/u]

Jin Rich
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#984 - 2013-06-13 03:59:51 UTC
Hey! I can't find Photonic Metamaterial Reaction blueprints on the market-window under "Manufacture & Research/Reactions/Complex Reactions" - it's not in the list and not displayed there. But when making a hyperlink to it in a chat window, and then right-clicking and choosing "view market details" I can find it. Bug in Market Window?

Interim Industries
#985 - 2013-06-14 12:36:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Shock
I don't understand why CCP kept the respawn of Ice belts linked to the same systems.

It would have been much better to tie it back into exploration, making the ice belts respawn randomly within the region (maybe with some added weight to the original systems). And not these stupid anomalies, but proper signatures that need to be scanned down.

edit: sure, there are the casuals that just want to mine a bit without the hassle of chasing belts, but those still have ores available to them. Lazy labour doesn't deserve much profits.
Atra Mortis Industries
#986 - 2013-07-07 09:43:32 UTC
Tau Cabalander wrote:
Tippia wrote:
CCP Fozzie wrote:
Ice anom sizes are tuned so that high sec is capable of providing about 80% of the ice needs of New Eden right now, if fully mined.
“Fully mined” meaning 23.5/7, and every anomaly sucked dry, presumably?

Sounds reasonably scarce. Smile

In my experience, not all ice fields were occupied, let alone 23/7.

Some systems with multiple ice belts only had one belt commonly used.

[Farewell to my quiet Amarrian systems.]

I imagine a great deal of pressure on belts closest to hubs, and an initial shortage of ice products. Miners don't like to move, and might find other things to do with their time as a result.

I already have, enjoying playing another game due to RL job meaning I don't get anything to mine these days.

I used to mine ice because it was pretty much the only thing that was left by the time I was able to get online. Now the local belts have been removed completely (Molea system) and the nearest are mined out within minutes of spawning. Nice job CCP, you've managed to nuke one of the few things I could do without destroying my standings or getting blown to hell at a gate camp trying to find something to mine. Add in the lack of probe use to find the "hidden belts" due to that auto scanning feature and you end up with gankers having a field day due to reduced size of belts and ease of locating them. Probe use for finding them would have made mining a FAR more interesting profesion... but the scan changes removed that.

Pretty sure i'm not the only angry carebear right now (I have PvP'd but can't afford to do it all the time).

The pyramid of life has been disrupted, looking forward to seeing how PvP'ers like mining to build their opwn ships and ammo.
Nemesis Bosseret
Dysfunctional Nocturnal Rejects
#987 - 2013-07-22 09:36:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Nemesis Bosseret
joy forms are broken
Nemesis Bosseret
Dysfunctional Nocturnal Rejects
#988 - 2013-07-22 09:36:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Nemesis Bosseret
Bugsy VanHalen wrote:
CCP Fozzie wrote:

However the decision to move gravametric sites to anomalies just does not make sense to me. This is a totally different situation from the ICE belts. The ICE belts were static, that change just adds some depth. But gravametric sites require significant effort, equipment, and skills to find. Sure a skilled probe user can find them almost as easily as an anomaly, but they need the skills and equipment to do the job. Moving them to anomalies has basically dumbed them down. Now any idiot can find them without any scanning skills or effort. How is this an improvement?

On top of this we have the safety issue. Mining in null sec is barely doable as it is. Many do it, but the risk level is fairly high. Nobody mines in the static belts unless deep inside alliance territory where you never see a non blue. Null sec mining is restricted to gravametric sites, not just because they have better ores, but because they offer an added level of safety. This change removes that level of safety. You have commented that alliances will have to step up and protect their miners. Do you play the same EVE I do? That just will not happen.

No PVPer is going to drop whatever they are doing to go play babysitter to a bunch of miners. Some of the huge alliances may force members to do so, but I thought CCP wanted to support smaller groups rather than the huge blocks that make null sec so stagnant. This change does not support smaller groups trying to get a foot hold in null.

Why must EVE be made easier for gankers and harder for industrial players? Gankers have it far to easy already.

I know Odyssey was not about making players move to null sec. But I was under the impression that it was among other things about supporting and encouraging null sec industry. This change goes against the grain when compared to all the other changes Odyseey brings.

Ok attempt Number 4 of posting this, and it glitching out..
Simple, new mechanics are slanted to make it easy die, and for any idiot to do scanning. Ie trying to plug isk sinks

As to ur direct assualt on CCP on nullsec and how nul sec industry kinda just got a kick to the gonads..... ummm yeah dude if u havent noticed since they started the incursion kick every new so called improvement has actually screwed indy guys everywhere first off faction ships... big issue if a faction ship is better than a T2 ship........ whats the point of me training for months to fly a T2 Marader or Black ops, when i can go get a nice shiny faction ship at half price and do the same thing............ or in some cases they broke the faction ships ie the bhaalgorn or curse by making the cheap T1 armegedon a Neut boat now........... or messing with cap supplies on the apoc, or screwing with the Reis

Lol Or my favorite nerf to date, BPO's to most major ships in the game adding the wonderful extra materials so now research is almost pointless and is slanted to keep everything balanced on prices when CCP gets a whim to change this. Fact is they claim they want all this nice stuff and for it to be balanced and o push people to null sec because it can be more lucrative truth is the more they mess with the game that they made that was great and go on the nerf nerd war and start breaking everything they set years ago for a reason they are just going to lose fan base, lose people subscribing, because whats the point.... i spend billions on BPO's and billions to fuel a stick but CCP doesnt like that i can make it 100 mil cheaper than everyone else so they go an add extra materals to my BPO and remove the amount that actually can get researched off?

this wanna be expansion to exploration if anything broke exploration and just made it so everyone could do it. and made any real scanners completely useless for there time and effort expended into the game getting good at it,

Rebalancing ships.......... pft, yeah ok rebalance them now, and in 6 months rebalance them again and again, and eventually no one will play. there is nothing balanced with how they are now, odviously no one in ccp really plays this game any more. or understands how a real pvper is going to sit and look at the mechanics and just tweek it to there advantage no matter what they do, of course unless ur in an WELP fleet and all u know how to do is push F1 thru F4 and thats it, which part of me thinking is what is happing because most of these rebalances or nerfs are kinda slanted to that kinda tactic, which leads me to believe that if anyone in CCP does play this game all they do is Welp fleet combat and never goes off on solo roams and if some how someone kills there shinny ship that it must be an imbalance in the ship or game mechanics. Just saying its what it looks like to me and alot of others.

All in all, every time i hear CCP is going to be adding some new wonderful patch, i sit and read patch notes and plug it into EFT/EVE HQ and try to figure out what they are going to screw up next, As to null sec industry............ LMFAO yeah ok, last i checked every indy i know has fled nul because it is a total waist of money to be out there, u can make the same isk if not more just running incursions or doing similar operations playing the market in High Sec, Nul sec is mostly a dead zone with a few groups with money fighting over the last resoarces they have left IE tech moons and the last real monopoly in the game, and if its not these groups its a few others sitting there trying to kill stuff, for some lost cause until they run outta money and are forced back to high sec... Which really it sucks, ive wanted to go to nul for years and every new patch that comes out pushes me further and further away from ever wanting to go out there, But ill go back to drinking and just popping stuff when i find it sitting in low.