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Sov mechanics change suggestion

Akira Menoko
#1 - 2013-04-10 23:51:54 UTC
In a discussion with a corp mate about the current state of Sov warfare, I think I may have stumbled onto a decent/good idea.

To me one problem of the current sov system (and the old POS proliferation sov system) is being able to take vast amounts of space without actually living in or near it. But on the other hand that buffer space is a helpful/needed security measure to insulate the core areas where people live and do their money making PvE.

My suggestion is to have two types of sovereignty claims: core systems and border systems. It's kinda like highsec and lowsec applied to sov space. "Core" systems would generally be the ones people live in and work, and like military/industry indexes require some amount of maintenance to keep as a core system. "Border" systems simply require the presence of the TCU and have to be within X number of jumps of a core system. If it falls outside of that range (due to core systems being lost) it would go offline after a period of time.

For groups starting fresh with no sov, you could have a "first one is free" type of thing where the first system claimed is granted core status. Or maybe link it to activity and POS presence, requiring a group to live and work in an area prior to claiming sov.

Anyways, that is my half baked idea. Big smile