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[Odyssey] Tech 1 Battleships - Gallente

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Technologies Unlimited
#281 - 2013-04-08 20:35:45 UTC
Liang Nuren wrote:
Grendell wrote:

Well let me put it another way. While statistics are all fun and dandy, they can't be used to paint an accurate picture of the situation. You can sue statistics to help, but they can't be the end all fact to push an issue in any given direction. To get a clear picture of the situation you have to follow what people are using as the norm.

You may not have the luxury as a developer to enjoy as much pvp experience as some of us players do. I personally have the luxury to be apart of a few alliances and have been for years. There has never been a single doctrine or fleet setup in any of them that included the Megathron for years. In just about every situation there is a better choice. The guys that usually fly it are the ones who can't fly the main choice, or because they just want to be in a ship they find pretty.

You asked what role we wanted for the Megathron? We want our old badass, in your face, punch swinging, beer guzzling, woman harassing, FREEDOM yelling, Pimpthron back. We don't want to be the retarde.d cousin that was brought along out of pitty.

I'm pretty sure that CCP Rise is Kil2. Feel free to go watch his PVP experience on his old Youtube channel. I may not agree with him, but do try to give him (and the rest of the CCP team) a break from the "You don't play your own game" stuff. :)


I'm not saying all the devs don't have time to dedicate to a lot of pvp. I'm saying I doubt many do. From my personal experiences with the many friends that became devs (6 in total), their play time was reduced to pathetic levels, thus taking them out of the players reality of the game. Out of the 6, not one had enough pvp playtime to actually stay in touch with the status of real pvp. Being overly reliant off statistics instead of actual player experience was the issue.

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Antagonistic Tendencies
#282 - 2013-04-08 20:37:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Rroff
Sad to see the mega changes, seems to have gone from a fun ship to fly to a very middle of the road ship. Don't think the changes will make the hyperion that useful either. Domi I'm on the fence some interesting changes but seems the geddon will now own gal at their own drone game...

Infact the more I see of these "closing the gap" changes like TE and mega, etc. the more its making me lose interest in the game.
Raven Solaris
Gallente Federation
#283 - 2013-04-08 20:40:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Raven Solaris
On another note, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the idea with regards to Gallente vs. Amarr droneboats that Amarr = More bay and Gallente = More bandwidth?

Dragoon: 75m3, 25 bandwidth.
Algos: 60m3, 35 bandwidth

Arbitrator: 150m3, 50 bandwidth
Vexor: 125m3, 75 bandwidth

Prophecy: 225m3, 75 bandwidth
Myrmidon: 200m3, 100 bandwidth

Armageddon: 375m3, 125 bandwidth
Dominix: 375m3, 125 bandwidth

What happened?
Havegun Willtravel
Mobile Alcohol Processing Units
#284 - 2013-04-08 20:40:42 UTC
Domi - The least horribad of the proposed changes but still pretty crappy.

Why da faq did the stupid Geddon get that epic super win buff and not the DomiOops.

It'll be better with sentries. Umm who gives a crap ? You'll be able to sentry snipe ( maybe ). Umm ya, like a Nado or Naga Roll.

Algos - Vex Navy -> Domi. Drone MWD buff or gtfo.

Buffing the Dominix to be better with sentries doesn't mean it wont suck with Ogre's or Zerks. Nerfing the entire top rack to buff just 1 drone is BS. Either buff the whole drone bay or try harder. Cause atm this sucks rocks.

The only micro redeeming thing about any of this is that there is Noooo way in hell the Geddon goes to TQ the way it is. If it does why would anyone bother to fly a domi ?

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Liang Nuren
No Salvation
Divine Damnation
#285 - 2013-04-08 20:40:48 UTC
William Darkk wrote:
So now that there's no Gallente ship more useful for anything than another race, can I have the skillpoints I put into Gallente BS V back so I can grab Amarr BS V?

I mean christ, compare the Dominix to the Armageddon and ask which one you'd bring with you on a roam.

Ditto for the Hyperion and the Abaddon.

If I'd known in 2007 that the Amarr were the neut+drones race I'd have rolled Amarr and never looked back.

The Navy Domi is still there, and it's hard to argue with the Vindicator and Bhaalorn. Besides, there's a ton of rage and I'm sure that CCP will come to the table ready to play ball tomorrow. :)


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Caldari State
#286 - 2013-04-08 20:42:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Psihius
I'm having mixed feeling about Dominix.
As people said - it really lacks a bonus for Drone Control Range.
Also, I think either the drone damage bonus is a little weak, or Sentry drones need a small buff in damage. Building a serious drone damage boat leaves you no fitting resources for guns and/or tank. Drone modules are very CPU intensive, so some additional drone damage would be very preferable.
While you can build a powerfull boat with no tank, you can't build a BS level DPS pure drone boat, nor a gun based boat.

Also, take changed for Osyssey Navy Vexor - with it's 5 Sentry Drones and ship bonuses it will able to put out same DPS as a Dominix. Kind'a lame.
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#287 - 2013-04-08 20:43:37 UTC
Love the changes overall.

My hope is you keep the Navy Dominix bonuses the same so people who enjoy the versatility of the Dominix today can still use the Navy domi for those purposes.
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#288 - 2013-04-08 20:48:08 UTC
CCP Rise wrote:


The Hyperion in a tight spot. We can acknowledge that for the moment active armor tanking is struggling to find a place. We know that many of you would be happier to have the Hyperion lose this bonus and pick up something more practical in today's Eve. However, we're committed to helping armor find its place, and so, to keep continuity with the rest of the Gallente line-up, the Hyp will keep its current bonuses.

It will be gaining a low slot (giving up a mid), hopefully making its purpose as a pure brawler more realistic.

Gallente Battleship Skill Bonuses:
+5% Large Hybrid Turret damage
+7.5% Armor Repair amount

Slot layout: 8H, 4M(-1), 7L(+1); 8 turrets , 0 launchers(-1)

you want to help armor tanking yet you remove a mid slot. Dual rep tank and single cap injector is a recipe for fail and with blasters you want that web so you will need to make a decision to risk cap stability or go with a scram and no web.

not a fan of this change at all.
Tuxedo Catfish
Gallente Federation
#289 - 2013-04-08 20:50:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Tuxedo Catfish
William Darkk wrote:
So now that there's no Gallente ship more useful for anything than another race, can I have the skillpoints I put into Gallente BS V back so I can grab Amarr BS V?

I mean christ, compare the Dominix to the Armageddon and ask which one you'd bring with you on a roam.

Ditto for the Hyperion and the Abaddon.

If I'd known in 2007 that the Amarr were the neut+drones race I'd have rolled Amarr and never looked back.

Seriously. Every Amarr ship is now a quantifiably superior version of its Gallente counterpart; the Armageddon is what the Dominix ought to be, the Apocalypse gets a double bonus (range + tracking) that might have made the Megathron viable, and of course the Hyperion is still completely overshadowed by anything with a passive resist bonus.

I am cautiously interested in the Megathron changes taken by themselves, out of context, but I can't imagine flying it over a pulse Apoc (if armor fit) or a Talos (if shield fit.)
Perihelion Olenard
#290 - 2013-04-08 21:04:19 UTC
Catlos JeminJees wrote:
the Hyperion is like a starving 3rd world kid and you gave it some shoes instead of food.. for shame

That reminds me of some Christians who made a visit to a third world country. Instead of giving them what they need, they gave them bibles.
The Kronos Ritual
#291 - 2013-04-08 21:05:10 UTC
Have you considered doing a 7/5/7 layout with the Megathron? Maybe increase it's damage bonus to account for a lost turret.

Do something similar along the lines with the Hyperion.
Krynn Fennir
Systems High Guard
Tactical Narcotics Team
#292 - 2013-04-08 21:05:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Krynn Fennir
The proposed changes to Gallente battleships are terrible in almost every way.

The only change the Megathron needed is more speed/acceleration so it could get it's DPS on target sooner.

The Dominix ship bonus change is horrible. In it's current state it can send good DPS while using neuts or remote reps, or it is capable of excellent DPS as a blaster platform. Also, the only thing the new bonus will do is make it viable as a sniper with a large buffer with the ability to tackle and kill (with small/med drones) anything that gets close.

The Hyperion... well it's been broken, may not be fixable.

I realize you guys are working hard to give all ships a purpose and place within EVE, but changes like this leave me wondering if you even play the game. Leave the Domi alone, give the Mega more speed, and do what you like with the Hyperion... pretty sure it will still be simply a station game/bait "role".
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#293 - 2013-04-08 21:08:12 UTC
Nievisis wrote:

[b]Galentte - Combat Droneboat

Gallente Battleship Skill Bonuses:
+10% Drone Damage and Drone hitpoints
+4% Armor Resist Bonus

6 highs(5 turrets), 5 meds, 7 lows 125/375 drones

Providing bonused Sentries supplemented by Hybrids the domi can dish solid dps while assisting with RR. Alternately, fit up a standard neut domi and cap-nap your way to victory. The domi's key strength has always been its flexibility which should be maintained even while unifying the damage bonuses. Because of this I suggest swapping to a resist bonus which further encourages the droneboat mantra of "tank hard and let the drones eat em." As you mention earlier, resist bonuses are highly sought after for fleets, adding one encourage the dominix's inclusion in armor-bs doctrines and may freshen up the meta.

You know, this idea is actually pretty good. Obviously CCP didn't even blink an eye giving the APOC a Gallente bonus (tracking) so why not return the favor? I mean really giving the APOC best range with scorch & tracking....crazy. Giving the Domi the resist bonus would make it a interesting choice and a better fit for the whole RR Domi thing and better for fleets.
X Gallentius
Black Eagle1
#294 - 2013-04-08 21:11:29 UTC
w.r.t loss of Dominix turret damage bonus... kind of glad to see wasted bonus go away. How many people actually used 6 large blasters on the Domi? Most of the fits I've seen are neuts, drone link augmentors, remote reps, or even heavy neutron blasters so that it could be active rep fit. Otherwise, it was four electron blaster Cannon II's and two neuts. Only the last fit will be affected, and not that much.

Marlona Sky
State War Academy
Caldari State
#295 - 2013-04-08 21:11:38 UTC
What about the idea of giving the Dominix a +1 to drones launched instead of the optimal range and tracking bonus. Then remove a couple turret slots and add more drone bay?
Dragoon Industries Limited
#296 - 2013-04-08 21:12:23 UTC
So you still ignored the fact that the Dominix's one real issue is the complete lack of powergrid compared to the other 2 ships.

How do having like 6000 less power then the other 2 make any sense.
X Gallentius
Black Eagle1
#297 - 2013-04-08 21:12:26 UTC
Mariner6 wrote:
You know, this idea is actually pretty good.

Armor resist bonus is for Amarr. Non-starter.
East Trading Co Ltd
#298 - 2013-04-08 21:14:43 UTC

I suggest:
6 turrets %12.5 per level damage bonus (9.75 effective turrets instead of 10, less cap/ammo consumption)
Have the armor rep bonus work for remote armor reps too.

This way it can have its role as spider BS for smaller gangs. Even if no spider, two utility highs would add very nice value to the ship. Mael could use the same treatment too by the way.

Also since the armor tanking 1.5 patch, the reps on Hyperion are requiring more PG. I know LAR PG costs were reduced, but with 3 rigs to get max performance out of reps, the PG need increase becomes a heavy burden on hype's already low grid. Could use a decent PG boost.


Mega was already struggling with CPU and it has a new medslot. The +25 CPU is not enough. Should be slighly higher. New layout will make some interresting fits possible.....I'm excited about this one.


Haters gonna hate, but I like the new bonus. 600 dps to 200km is possible. The tracking bonus will also help to gardes. It is great
Capn Jack
Shadow Vanguard.
#299 - 2013-04-08 21:17:14 UTC
Bye bye Dominix, you went from awesome to decent with the old NOS changes, you went from decent to underpar with the NPC Rat AI changes, but now... you're just crap!

And seriously... same drone bay as Amarr what drunken stupor made you come up with this?
Baldyface Akiga
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#300 - 2013-04-08 21:17:30 UTC
X Gallentius wrote:
Mariner6 wrote:
You know, this idea is actually pretty good.

Armor resist bonus is for Amarr. Non-starter.

Yeah and drones are a Gallente thing...