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Skill training time - all skills

Gallente Federation
#1 - 2013-03-11 13:45:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Gainard
Ever wondered how long it would take to learn all skills to level 5?

So did I, and asking around got the wildest answers ranging from 5 to 30 years. So I thought I could just as well calculate it myself.

Well, if you always remap according to the skill requirements and insert the best possible implants including the 3, 4 and 5 point intelligence and memory implants while learning cybernetics it will take exactly:

18 years, 145 days, 19 hours, 27 minutes and 6 seconds.

This is quite convenient as it also requires a total of 18 remaps...

If you are a bit short on ISK and only want to buy the 5 point implants for intelligence and memory you will have to spend 1 day, 21 hours, 11 minutes and 13 seconds more.

The time takes into consideration the skills you are "born" with but not the time you spend on inserting implants or on remapping. Neither is the time considered for acquiring the cybernetics skill and the first intelligence and memory implants.

The tutorial can not be completed and other money making activities (ratting, mining, etc.) will be limited for a very, very, very long time.
You can try extortion though, trying to scare people out of their money. If they pay fine, but don't complain if you get squashed by an industrial that tries shooting instead of paying. Rookie ships or frigates are not that effective without the right skills...

However, money for the remaining implants should be no problem as it takes ~5 years to finish all possible intelligence & memory skills. Some of those skills have to be trained later as they have certain prerequisites not yet fullfilled.

If you spend the first two year optimizing your charcter for its role without remaps or implants and then start to follow the schedule you will have to spend almost a year longer to complete the plan - although it will be much more fun Big smile.

If you never remap and never insert implants it will take you almost 28 years to learn all skills to level 5.

In theory all skills can be learned to level 4 in under 3 1/2 years without remap and implants. Unfortunately in reallity that doesn't work as certain skills require some other skills to be learned to level 5 first.

The amount of remaps can be drastically reduced if a couple of skills are not learned with optimal mapping. Example Gunnery: All skills require perception (primary) and willpower (secondary), only Weapon Upgrades requires perception (primary) and memory (secondary). It also is the prerequisite for Advanced Weapon Upgrades which then requires perception (primary) and willpower (secondary) again. Sacrificing a few hours here saves two remaps.

Remaps always assign 10 points to the primary skill and the remaining 4 points to the secondary skill. There are some skills that require intelligence and memory. Others require memory and intelligence. Saving the remap here costs some time but the training time is still a lot better compared to a skill without any points assigned.

Man, I train for certain goals and then the related skills / modules / ships get nerfed. I hate to be addicted to EVE.

Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-03-11 13:49:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Gainard
To get you started here is a rough schedule:
1. Remap: Assign 10 points to intelligence and 4 points to memory.
2. Start any electronics, engineering, mechanics or science skill you like.
3. Get the Cybernetics skill and start training that skill.
4. Get 3 Point implants for intelligence and memory and pop them in as soon as Cybernetics 1 is completed (the Genolution implant requires Cybernetics 2. You may use it, but that increases the training time slightly - or costs you an additional 3 point implant).
5. Train Cybernetics to level 5, pop in the implants for intelligence and memory level 4 (may skip) and level 5 as soon as possible.
6. Sart training all possible science skills. If a prerequisite from electronics, engineering or mechanics is required learn those too.
For example to learn Archaeology (science) you need to learn Survey (electronics) first.
7. Some skills can not yet be trained. For example astrogeology requires mining at level 3 but the new character has it only at 2. Infomorph psychology needs a remap to charisma and willpower, etc.
8. Train the possible electronics, engineering, mechanics, planet management and subsystems skills.
9. This will take just over 5 years. Save some money for perception and willpower implants and pop them in before the time is up.
10. Remap perception 10 & memory 4 and train Weapons Upgrades (may skip, see above).
11. Remap perception 10 & willpower 4.
12. Train the gunnery, missile launcher skills and spaceship command skill that match the remap. This will take another 5 years, buy the remaining charisma implant. as before (and after) you must skip some skill that don't fit the mapping, just do them when the mapping allows it.
13. Remap charisma 10 & willpower 4 and train the leadership skills and the Infomorph Psychology skill (science)
14. Remap memory 10 & perception 4 and do the drone skills.
15. Remap intelligence 10 & perception 4 and train the navigation skills.
16. Remap willpower 10 & charisma 4 an train the trade skills Trade, Broker Relations and Retail.
17. Remap charisma 10 & intelligence 4 and train the social skills.
18. Remap willpower 10 & charisma 4 an train the remaining trade skills.
19. Remap memory 10 & intelligence 4 an train the industry skills.
20. Remap memory 10 & charisma 4 and do the corporation management skills.
21. Remap intelligence 10 & memory 4 and train the science skills Astrogeology, Cloning Facility Operation and Jump Portal Generation as well as the remaining mechanics skills except Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration.
22. Remap perception 10 & willpower 4 and do the remaining subsystem and the spaceship command skills that match that mapping.
23. Remap willpower 10 & perception 4 and train the remaining spaceship command skills.
24. Remap charisma 10 & intelligence 4 and do the remaining Planetary Managment skills.
25. Remap willpower 10 & intelligence 4 and train the last science skill: Doomsday Operation.
26. Remap memory 10 & intelligence 4 and finish industry: Deep Core Mining
27. Last remap, intelligence 10 & memory 4 train the mechanics skill Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration.

Voila, already finished. Just a little more than 18 years after you began. Only problem is that more skills will be added and at the current rate of additions you will probably have to add another 5-10 years Roll

Training time calculated for Retribution before the ship skill makeover. If you can train (your race) Destroyers and (your race) Battlecruisers you are already looking at additional time Twisted

Man, I train for certain goals and then the related skills / modules / ships get nerfed. I hate to be addicted to EVE.

Team BBQ
#3 - 2013-03-12 08:48:51 UTC
just another 8 years to go ! lol

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