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[Odyssey] Faction Navy Frigates

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Scandium Defense and Security Inc.
Sleeper Protocol
#401 - 2013-06-05 13:36:18 UTC
Colt Blackhawk wrote:
The uber buff of firetail and comet WILL hurt.
Try some fits.
Standard fits of firetails with scramweb td ab, 160dps, 8.5k ehp will eat blaster corms^^
That is not balancing. That is winmagallatar.

Firetail is finally a useful ship in line with the other navy frigates. Nothing to complain about it.
Do you think that a scramweb td ab hookbill would not have killed your short range blaster cormorant?
Vaerik Vanrune
#402 - 2013-06-06 10:34:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Vaerik Vanrune
Not here to question the stat changes, but will you guys please consider reverting the comet to it's old skin? If not atleast give it back it's -woop woop- lights.

You get all that from just reading markings on a page? You must be a wizard.

Maximus Aerelius
#403 - 2013-06-06 20:43:31 UTC
When are these going be unstickied to give Page 1 back to Player Posts? Odyssey is in and the Feedback and Issues threads are active. Why not replace these with a "Link Sticky" to those two threads?

We all know how lazy we are to go clicking...wait for it...past Page 3 of this Forum section. Blink