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New Chronicle: Cover Stories

First post
CCP Falcon
#1 - 2013-03-08 14:33:14 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Gargant
Hello capsuleers Big smile

The beginning of the Tribal Assembly has ushered in a new era for the Minmatar Republic. There is a lot of discussion going on behind closed doors on Matar, with new deals and new relationships being formed among previously estranged tribes.

Cover Stories, a new chronicle by CCP Delegate Zero, gives a window into the goings on down at the Great Caravanserai during the initial stages of the inaugural Tribal Assembly.

You can read the new chronicle, and find out more about what's happening here. Big smile

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Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2013-03-08 14:50:22 UTC
+1 sir

No Worries

Akrasjel Lanate
Lanate Industries
#3 - 2013-03-08 15:13:31 UTC
I like it

CEO of Lanate Industries

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Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#4 - 2013-03-08 15:20:21 UTC

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Per Bastet
Obsidian Mining Coalition
#5 - 2013-03-08 17:06:40 UTC
Awesome Story - Good to see the Minmatar Storyline progressing.

"Whether the paranoid conspiracy theory community has had a separate trial process and decided other crazy batshit insane garbage was true I can't attest to as I don't subscribe to that mailing list and instead deal in the realm of fact."  - CCP Sreegs, 2013

Rattus Norwegius
#6 - 2013-03-08 19:30:22 UTC
Nom, nom, chronicle!
Industrial Mining and Mayhem HS
Brave United
#7 - 2013-03-08 20:01:56 UTC
I enjoyed reading that Big smile

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Nicola Arman
Deep Maw Salvage
#8 - 2013-03-08 20:08:11 UTC
I want more!

Cool read.

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2013-03-09 01:08:22 UTC
Where is the cover art?


*said the never can be satisfied customer*

+1 good read.
Caviar Liberta
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#10 - 2013-03-10 23:55:56 UTC
Its good to see the chronicles are being written again.
Lead Farmers
#11 - 2013-03-11 11:23:43 UTC
Great to see a return of the chronicles.
Onnen Mentar
Murientor Tribe
#12 - 2013-03-11 11:56:30 UTC
A good read and ripe with intrigue and open to speculation. Fun. More, please! :)
Plutonia Authority
#13 - 2013-03-11 13:56:02 UTC
Loved it, all it's little bits of lore, like the Ni-Kunni traders, the Thukker's old history, the political realities, the bits about modern tech in the EVE universe and most of all, seeing Karin Midular again. I've had a soft-spot for her character since the 'Ray of Matar" chronicle years ago. I'm glad she is still in action.

Great work!
Critically Preposterous
#14 - 2013-03-12 09:08:51 UTC
Waiting for Part 2 Big smile
Klister Ethelred
Parallax Shift
#15 - 2013-03-12 14:50:23 UTC
I would like to read that chronicle but the typeface is too small to read. C'mon. 10px??

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Commissar Kate
#16 - 2013-03-12 15:47:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Commissar Kate
Klister Ethelred wrote:
I would like to read that chronicle but the typeface is too small to read. C'mon. 10px??

Just use the zoom function on your browser and make it larger. Ctrl + rolling mouse wheel is the shortcut.

And good chronicle, I have always enjoyed reading them, although I do miss the artwork we used to get with them.
Mastab42 1
PNut42 Corp
#17 - 2013-03-15 09:55:48 UTC
okay what''s the blood line the Seb data dealer guessed wrong about Allek ?
Julian Darklight
Dog Soldier Collective
Quantum Inquisition
#18 - 2013-03-15 14:21:09 UTC
Happy to see the return of the chronicles. As a young teen, and unable to afford EVE, I would read them every time a new one came out. They kept my interest in EVE and hardcore sci-fi alive and distracted my mind temporarily from what was, at the time, a very depressing and painful childhood. Since then things have improved greatly but I am just as happy to see them again as they add leagues to the depth and intensity of New Eden.

I would seriously like to know what tribe the old man mistook in the politician. AND MORE DAMN COVER ART!!!

Ha, awesome story. Waiting, eagerly on the next installment. Shocked
Aria Venefica
Vherokior Arcana
#19 - 2013-03-16 13:55:13 UTC
Good read. Glad to see chronicles are being written again. Keep them coming!
Big smile
Trigger Morgan
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#20 - 2013-03-16 20:43:01 UTC
Wonderfully done! Great read! Id fill my own data pad with as much of this I could get! Chomping at the bit for more! I can see the place in my head, no art even needed.... But wouldn't hurt Blink

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