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WTB Minnie T3 or Leadership Character - 4b spend

Outfit 418
Blue Loot Not Included
#1 - 2013-03-01 22:41:40 UTC
I am looking to find a scout minnie t3 booster character. So I don't care about guns or any of that mumbo jumbo. If you have a character with Leadership skills trained or a character with Minnie Cruiser V and its ready to train and sit in a T3 I am interested. Will train it up the rest of the way myself.

Good Navi/Engin skills would be a plus
Outfit 418
Blue Loot Not Included
#2 - 2013-03-01 23:56:43 UTC
Get this man an alt!
Jumpy Bois
#3 - 2013-03-02 00:17:09 UTC