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change hi-sec exploration. make it mean something more...with one simple fix

#21 - 2013-03-04 08:45:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Tauranon
dexington wrote:
Somnorific wrote:
tech 3's should not be able to enter ded 1-4's(namely 3 and 4's)
watch the whole dynamic of exploration change for the better of the exploration community. IMO

Please post negative ripple effects of this proposed change.

DSP's are a bigger problem then T3's, it's way to easy to jump from system to system and hand pick sites without much scanning. Force people to actually spend time scanning, and let them fly the ships they trained fore.

No - they aren't.

I would drop 1x32 probe per planet cluster without them anyway, and get largely the same info by offsetting the probes from the clusters to level out the signals. And I would be just screamingly angry at having to press the stupid launch button 4-7x per system and wait out its stupid delay, which is why I trained dsps for. The dsps's themselves are convenient and easily explained to a halfwit, they are not critical.

I ran an expanded launcher battlecruiser fit for something different last night, which has the constraining problem of forcing me to find ded4s, watches or vigils. I found 2 watches - ignored them, ignored locking down the vigils and locked down some 15 sites of appropriate sig str, none of which was a GSO, over 70 or so systems.. Including some course reversals to let me back out of dead ends etc, that was probably 100 warps and jumps without a positive hit for what I was after. ie dsps also do not prevent the RNG signature monkey joining the loot fairy in mocking individual players, if they feel like being capricious.
Julien Brellier
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#22 - 2013-03-04 11:36:30 UTC
Stop whining.
Train for and save up for a T3.
Race other people to the juicy loot.
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#23 - 2013-03-06 11:15:05 UTC
still think more individualized content should be added.
a site for T3's that actually make the carebear t3 work is a great solution.
a different site for T2's, as hard as some missions- with of course juicy rewards as well.
yet another complex found throughout the explore mechanism that caters to T1's.
let drakes battle drakes
let tengus battle legions
and so forth.

Its not a bad suggestion for some people to get all worked up over.
me personally? since the two months ive been scanning ive accumulated 2.5 billion, give or take in juicy loots.
but also yesterday, angel cartel...i killed the boss a tengu raced to my loot, stole and warped out.
i should have kill rights on such a thief.
but i digress-

I mean honestly. More content, individualized content? How can that be a bad thing?
please, dont try and call me fail, newb, move on to different spaces. Im not stupid.
JUst suggesting ideas to improve a great dynamic of this game.
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#24 - 2013-03-06 11:34:13 UTC
Dude, i've got one really simple solution: explore in lowsec.
Absolon Echerie
Roving Guns Inc.
Pandemic Legion
#25 - 2013-04-19 13:40:22 UTC
DrunkenNinja wrote:
Dude, i've got one really simple solution: explore in lowsec.

and there you shall be waiting to gate camp the fun out of him
Ronan Huren
Revenant Tactical
#26 - 2013-04-19 14:00:10 UTC
Absolon Echerie wrote:
DrunkenNinja wrote:
Dude, i've got one really simple solution: explore in lowsec.

and there you shall be waiting to gate camp the fun out of him

Gate camps in lowsec are a joke.Very easy to break.
seth Hendar
I love you miners
#27 - 2013-04-19 14:31:04 UTC
Somnorific wrote:
the problem is and, is not overcrowding of hi-sec.
and this is also not a personal problem as someone posted.
I also understand those with t3's resentment of my statements.
the problem is ultimately lack of content for the growth of the explorer profession due to dynamics possible unforeseen when this profession was developed and born.

What I have proposed is simple and quite logical. Perhaps those running systems with their DSP 70% advantages and t3's racing for the overseer, looting and being on their merry way wont agree with me, of course they wont. Just as similarly, me at such a disadvantage will not agree with them.

What is wrong with adding more content geared towards individualized ships?
Its human for those at the top to say everything is just fine as is.
as well as to berate the person, with so few SP who suggests such blasphemy.

I want to explore. I also want to run combat plexes that have a chance at juicy prizes. In the relative safety of hi sec.
Those have become very very rare for me these days.(as luck alone would have it? no, not just luck there are other factors)
As such the lowly player i am, I can scan down 5 sigs to 100 as fast as the best of em. But here I am still at a disadvantage due to other factors.

I personally think I bring truths to the discussion. I see no negative arguments thus far as to why more specialized and individualized content cannot be added to a great dynamic of this game.
I simply see the usual SP ego warriors at work here.

Or how about this- make every damn signature in the game truly random, dynamically so. That would be just as fine with me as well.
As exploration stands now, luck plays less of a roll than what ship you fly. No bueno.

it is not a lack of content, it is an overcrowding problem in one particular area.

there are shitloads of sites that are never probed down in low and null.

like everything in eve, if you want the more rewarding things, you have to put yourself at risk, in low, there are more sites, of better quality, which pop better loot.

the highsec shouldn't be a staying place, it is a nursery, made to teach the game mechanics.

there is already enought cash incomes in high sec vs low and null.

and the sigs spawn random already, and their respective content is also random.

i live in low, run bazillons sig there, and make very good money, with sometimes loot worth 300 to 500M a piece even if lately, except the awesome loots, the "regular loot" (datacores / decryptor and stuff) has dropped in quantity
CMD Ishikawa
New Eden Public Security Section 9
#28 - 2013-04-19 16:54:42 UTC
You are right, using T3s in high sec is overkill, but if they wanna use their billion ships for that is their problem.

Find systems with less people and explorers (yes, such systems still exist), you could even try low sec, I assure you low sec is not that dangerous and more profitable and exciting than high...!!!
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