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PvE little things

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Caellach Marellus
#181 - 2013-10-17 17:21:44 UTC
Not sure if someone's already listed these, not read through all 9 pages. Apologies for any double ups.

Allow all members of a fleet to warp to a mission beacon under their own steam, rather than send the person who's mission it is in first, and everyone else warp to them. So if I pick up a mission in a system, other people in my fleet can warp to it without me being there.

A small audio notification for when you complete mission objectives, even if it's just a cheerful beep. I help a fair number of people who are getting into missions and they miss when they've completed the objective and are sat there for a while waiting for something to happen, alternatively they've shot everything and left, and not done what they needed to do.

Another audio notification for when you accept or complete a mission, this is more to alleviate my all too often mindlessness when I undock without accepting the goddamn mission, worse when I set autopilot and jump across to where I'm going.

The mission rejection timer to be toned down, or preferably not trigger when it's against another empire faction. A lot of mission runners these days specifically avoid missions not because of the difficulty, but because of who they're shooting. The former is probably easier to code, while the latter means this can't be used to avoid crap missions vs drones or mercs.

Have the LP store remember the last filter setup you used. It keeps defaulting to "show affordable only" for me, when most of the time I use it to buy ammo, ammo and more ammo.. and the occasional starbase charter.

There's a lot of other stuff in my head but I'm really trying to stick to "little" things. I hope when missions get looked at for a more serious revamp, a thread like this for player suggestions is created.


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Arien Moyna
Interstellar Damsel Rescue Inc.
#182 - 2013-10-19 05:36:30 UTC
As the poster before: Not sure if someone's already listed these, not read through all 9 pages. Apologies for any double ups.

The most tedious task in a mission is to sell all the items afterwards. It is so bad that almost everyone is just reprocessing all the items and selling the ores. Some of these items have a very good market value, but the only way to find them is to click through hundreds of items, selecting "sell" and look at the market data. So: Selecting multiple items at the station and selecting a new option "Market Overview" (or "Mass Sell...") should give a list with all the items, and for every item the price data from the sell window, an option to select or de-select items and a button to view the market data.

Thank you :-)
Laiannah Sahireen
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#183 - 2013-10-19 11:35:24 UTC
Tributary Soong wrote:
1. Preference setting to never receive missions that affect standing with any faction. Or move to FW - your choice :-)

2. More/different missions -- seems often enough as if there are like 1 dozen missions in 4 levels, each handed out by 432 agents. Start adding more a little at a time, and try to have some cohesive story lines instead of just agents cursing other factions or making vague allusions to coming wars.

3. Automatic and instant drone return to bay on warp-out -- no more orphaned drones, please. For drone-carrying boats, drones are like guns -- you can't accidentally leave your guns behind and you shouldn't be able to with drones, either.

4. Accept Remotely / Get new mission remotely for all missions, as opposed to just a few here and there.

5. Remote access to ship hangars from any station. This is a huge one for me -- it's really annoying to have to make tons of jumps back and forth to keep changing ships because suddenly you need a ship with a large cargo bay or one that mines efficiently or a bigger/smaller combat ship. If you need some kind of storyline justification, call it a new development in wormhole-generating tech that allows you to reach your main hangar from anywhere with the appropriate facility (yada yada).

6. Shortcut gates / "super" stargates -- again endless jumps get old very quickly. It would be wonderful to be able to jump through regions more quickly.

7a. PVP Off switch -- Allow me to opt out of PvP so I can enjoy the rest of the game without being suicide-ganked in highsec, constantly war-decced in my choice of player corp, and etc.....or....

7b. Remove bottleneck 0.5-0.6 systems that attract gate-camping suicide gankers. You should be able to peacefully head to Jita to buy a module without having to sneak through Uedama.....or....

7c. Tag all player wrecks in highsec so they are only salvageable / lootable by the character that piloted that ship. Stop allowing people to be rewarded for suicide ganks and the suicide ganks will stop.

I'm sure that the devs have WAY more sense that to implement most of these, but for the sake of clarity, most players do NOT want any of this crap except maybe the second one. In fact, if you're asking for a 'PVP Off' switch, there is already one available. You just click 'Quit Game' and find something to play that's more your style.
Elric Darkmoor
0rizen Irregulars
#184 - 2013-10-21 11:22:25 UTC
1st Really is little in comparison to the ones i have read in this thread.

Could the "Open cargo" and the "remove from overview" not be right next to each other?

Maybe a gap or a ------- line to separate them.

I tend to click on the wrong one @ least once each time i go forth to loot and salvage.

2nd I don't suppose we could get a "loot all wrecks" option?
Only those that are in range so that i could "open Cargo' anyway.
Would reduce the click fest a tad if that could happen.

Bureau of Astronomical Anomalies
#185 - 2013-10-22 23:53:15 UTC
Can we add another 1000 (So 3000 instead of 2000) characters to the MOTD, so broken links or really long links imbedded in it doesn't cause it to go all cryptic so easily.

Things that keep me up at night;  Why do we use a voice communication device to send telegraphs? Moore's Law should state, Once you have paid off the last PC upgrade you will need another.

Shiva Darksun
Amarr Empire
#186 - 2013-10-23 21:45:14 UTC
Seeing feedback from February which is not yet implemented is kind of a let-down but I'll go with my own feedback.

- I don't have a problem with faction missions, they're really part of the EVE Universe and make sense. What I dislike though is waiting for an agent timer to expire (4h is a lot when your gaming session is 2h tops) and then rejecting a mission, only to be prompted with... another faction mission. It's annoying as hell. I mean I rejected a faction mission, timer resets and "here's another faction one for you, trololo".

- Faction missions should have a red text warning of sorts saying "this mission will negatively affect your standings against [faction_name]". As a new player, I was confused as to why is my standing with Minmatar going down the drain and I had to ask around.
Robert Morningstar
Morningstar Excavations LTD
Business Alliance of Manufacturers and Miners
#187 - 2013-10-31 22:24:34 UTC
color code the type of incoming damage

blue for em a shade noticeably different than outgoing damage
gray for kenetic
red for thermal
orange for explosive
and perhaps split
Caldari State
#188 - 2013-11-04 06:42:32 UTC
Can we have a countdown to the next storyline mission?
Bureau of Astronomical Anomalies
#189 - 2013-11-10 10:22:41 UTC
A simple item, not necessarily Missions but an overall UI improvement.

In the selected Item HUD box, the 'align to', 'Warp to' and 'Jump' buttons, can we make them turn on to a solid color and off with a click.

For example; In a fleet the FC does a wing warp and say jump on contact, you take the warp and click the Jump Icon (It turns Green for lack of a better color scheme) in mid warp the FC gets new intel and changes his mind from jump on contact to 'Hold on gate', the fleet member clicks the Jump Icon again and it goes from Green to the normal white border button. So instead of needing to spam stop on the gate we now know we will drop from warp and wait.

This also works for non fleet scenario, where many of us have been heading somewhere and realized we forgot something, so cancel jump and change route in mid warp would be handy.

For the trolls I don't want to cancel a warp mid warp just the command to jump with a visual indicator to let me know if I am in 'Jump' or just 'Warp to' mode while in warp.

Things that keep me up at night;  Why do we use a voice communication device to send telegraphs? Moore's Law should state, Once you have paid off the last PC upgrade you will need another.

Julian DeCroix
Socialist Death Panel
#190 - 2013-11-18 19:49:39 UTC
My OCD begs for a more efficient way to "Stack All" than the right-click context menu. A keyboard shortcut perhaps, to stack all in the currently active inventory window? Thank you.
Luca Lure
#191 - 2013-11-27 11:25:57 UTC
The mission window has a little bug in it. If you minimize it and then restore it sometimes the mission text is unreadable until you resize the window. I don't know if more people have this problem. Happens about 1/3 of the times. Is annoying.

Then I think the time limit as it is now, is not realistic. The clock starts running after accepting the mission. In reality it should be starting after seeing the mission. Maybe the mission grinders don't like it too much, but it is more realistic.


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Jeanne-Luise Argenau
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#192 - 2013-11-27 22:35:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Jeanne-Luise Argenau
to mission i just second move the locator, either with creating an agent who only does location, its abit annoying.

to mining pls change the possible rats in highsec. 1.0 security no rats, .9 and .8 frigates with the occasionally destroyer, .7 and .6 there could be an occasionally cruiser spawn and in .5 the occasionally bs (not effecting faction and hauler spawns).

this will probably be a bit more, but make missions more interesting by creating random spawns which should overall create the same bounty for said mission


make the standing loss for shooting a faction automatically a half gain for their most dreaded enemy faction
#193 - 2013-11-29 18:24:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Futchmacht
This is not really a major problem but would be nice..

If and agent would sorta remember you the more you use them.. the NPC's feel like robots..

I have a guy that i have a 9.2 rating with that i have probably talked to 400 times .. and his opening text is always like "So you think your a tough guy don't you well here is a mission you can maybe pull off" type thing.. and this ******** @$$hat knows very well that i have done like 400 missions from him and blown up at least 10,000 ships for him and he is treating me like someone he just met today :)

Maybe make it so that agents keep track of how many times you have used then and make them say a few different things.. all it takes is a small database counter and a few extra lines of text.

Maybe make it so that they are friendly or hostile if your declining a lot of missions or you are getting a lot of missions done in a fast time something like that.

I know its not a real problem becasue its just npc missions but a lot of other MMo's at least try and make there NPC grind missions some what interesting.
Miriya Zakalwe
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#194 - 2013-11-30 02:58:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Miriya Zakalwe
I am new so maybe I have missed how you do this, so forgive me if I am derping mightily here, but I want an Overview tab for all bookmarks in the current system. Probably the best way is to add them to the filter options?

I know lots of people have hundreds of bookmarks per system. For that, hmm. Maybe a bookmark folder for Overview bookmarks?

I feel like this is so obvious I am missing something fundamental. If so, please educate me.
Josef Djugashvilis
#195 - 2013-12-05 14:27:11 UTC
Get rid of drone missions.


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Bossman Slim
Justice Nerds
#196 - 2013-12-08 18:54:26 UTC
Best I can tell there are about 10 agent missions of each type (security, mining, etc.) which are scaled based on the agent level and then repeated in a some what random order. There are then about 5 story line missions from those agents, which also get repeated. The mission system is extremely grindy and becomes boring after a fairly short time frame. Items I would like to see changed:

1) Add more mission variety

2) Make missions a bit more random within the limits of the faction they are targeted.

3) Remove missions against the "big 4" as standard agent missions. Add these to faction warfare allowing them to be picked up by people engaged in faction warfare.

4) Add a utility similar to what Cryptic has for Neverwinter/Star Trek to allow players to generate missions. Missions are basically spawned in dead space, so creating a tool kit for players to create missions should be fairly easy.

5) Create missions which mirror pvp more. Missions should involve chasing down NPCs to kill them, defense until reenforcements arrive, etc.

6) The 16 to 1 for story line missions needs to be reduced or an alternative put in allow people to boost faction standings. I don't mind this mechanic typically except when I grind out 16 missions and then get a delivery story line mission which boosts my standing by basically 0.

7) Allow agents to see the ore hold for turn-ins.

Main thing is more variety.
Mr Pragmatic
#197 - 2013-12-09 21:26:57 UTC
Audio for completed mission, the mission is complete dialogue is inconsistent

Story line count down

Better information when showing info on enemy ship.

In the age of interstellar travel why can't I accept and turn in missions via eve mail?

When I warp to an acc gate, getting stuck on it is frustrating as hell.

Make the music loop 2 times, edgy music stops playing halfway thru the mission.

Better dialogue from enemy NPCS.

Missions that require hacking to access acc gate?

Continues salvage option on drones

Better LP store filtering

More diverse angels on agent portraits. They all look the same.

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Jeanne-Luise Argenau
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#198 - 2013-12-17 03:14:10 UTC
other thing i just stumbled upon

Make SoE Empire independent, currently its a subcorp from the minmatar but lore wise its not related to any
The Faithfully Misguided
#199 - 2013-12-17 14:46:45 UTC
My Idea,

As new missions are created, the old missions could be put offline for a short duration and then put back in. (cycling missions means they might have the chance to be missed!)

The old missions could even be tweeked:

Change the type / location of Spawns, Racial types within, location of objective, move/add random spawns.

Little things:

Getting stuck on collidables (NPC's)

NPC Aggro, do they not see you shooting their friends. (Maybe a part of the other spawns come to investigate)

Spawn triggers, be good to see the enemy ships warp in, maybe have them detectable on Dscan, have the ranges and location variable (maybe relative to the trigger ship, you blap the trigger ship, the distress call goes out, a timer starts, first the frigs turn up, then the cruisers and finally the BS's)

Repeated missions get boring (see above about variation), maybe have a script to prevent getting the same mission per SL

Higher Standings could give you more declines without standings loss, or be able to negotiate for the better missions.

The Mission could have extra spawns for extra ships in a fleet, to make it a challenge for fleets.

Agents offer multiple missions, so its not constant dock and undock, or access mission via Comms, delivering a mission item or ammo pick up etc, be the main reason to dock up.

More linky missions, part 1 part 2 etc. This with reduced docking would be nice, ie kill Dread pirate, take her ID card to access another mission.

Biggest one for me with the lower level missions is not knowing what ships fit through gates, maybe have a classification system, Gate is class 1 accepts everything, class 2 BS and below, class 3 BC and below etc. If they can give you info on where the gate is and what is on the other side, they should know what fits through the gate.

NPC's should follow the rules, firing Torps massive ranges! Be nice to see them reload, switch ammo, maybe have a few pre designed tactics, only a handful would be needed. As opposed to orbit set range shoot til I die.

Drone missions, a nice change from other missions but V dull, be nice if they had some EW, maybe depending on what ship they have converted, drone dps should be variable too, why are they limited to one damage type. Loot should be better too, what ever was in the hold at the time of conversion, maybe some large ships or drone hive mind with guns!(bigger than BS for fleet missions).

Delay or decline? Is there a difference? Does delay mean you get that mission put by for a raining day??

Just some thoughts!

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#200 - 2013-12-20 06:12:11 UTC
Unit P-343554* have nothing in wreck, though, it must be officers Drone control unit there. Also, there are no practically loot from it, as it`s wreck usually do not salvage at all or the max prise of salvage is about 20kk isk. It was not just once.
Its disbalaced if compare with Officers from other regions. Can you fix this problem please?
P.S.: Dont say that DCU and loot drope randomly as from 10> oficcers for the last 6 month we had nothingWhat?
Fly safe!