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Swear I will Ragequit one of these days

#41 - 2011-10-12 19:33:07 UTC
Mrs Sooperdudespaceman wrote:
Jennifer Starling wrote:
Yes, so much for a "sci-fi simulator" that doesn't really even try to be realistic.
* As if there's a lot of resistance in space - but then asymmetrical ships should be uncontrollable.
* Clothes costing more than battleships.
* Insurance companies that hand out money to joyriders and never go bankrupt.
* Market overviews that don't seem to be able to get data from other regions, even if it's just 1 jump away.
* Minmatar agents in Amarr space (?!) giving missions to shoot Amarr Navy ships without repercussions.
* Ship's crew that doesn't seem to be able to fly around collidable objects but bump into them dozens of times.
* Thousands of years into the future and not even such a thing as radar.
* Police that can bribed for a dime so you can shoot whoever you want.

And so on. It doesn't exactly add to the immersion imo.

* Asteriod belts that respawn within days. In real life they take millions of years
*Pilots like the OP, who has proven himself to be a bad pilot by losing a Drake in a level 3 mission, can still get insurance at the same rate as everyone else.
*NPC Pirates that continue to appear in places like Dodixie and Motsu despite getting their arses kicked every single day for the past 7 years. Surely they would move to somewhere else?
*An agent gives out the same mission several times a day to 1000's of people in the same system. That's like sending 1000 SEAL teams to shoot Osama 1000 times!
*Any Tom, **** or Harry can create a corporation. There should be some sort of test to determine if you are 'fit and proper' person to start your own company.
*There is no **** hidden in the couch of my CQ.

It doesn't exactly add to the immersion does it?

*Warping through planets.
*Sounds in space
*A non-customizable AUTOPILOT. still cant warp to 0 when autopiloting.
*Seeming unlimited fuel source

doesnt really add to the immersion does it?

Amarr Militia Representative - A jar of nitro

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