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How to Exploit with Empire Wars

Zenko Incorporated
#1 - 2011-10-12 06:30:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Mithfindel
A recent GM post ( announced the removal of war dec limitations, essentially resetting the wardec "house rules" into Microsoft-esque "documented in code" or "if it's possible to do with the client, it's legit". As a reply to comments, GM suggested this is to "give us [game masters] a better view on the various loopholes that exist within the mechanics (for both, attackers and defenders)" and suggested "Having said that, if you have ideas on how to improve war mechanics and make them more sound and useful, it probably is a good time to create (or revive) according threads on the Features and Ideas Discussions forum in this regard." (

So, I suggest this is a thread to collect "known exploits" which, of course, are no longer exploits but just creative play and possibly theorycraft a few new ones. I'll start with a few examples:

- Wardec shields: Having dummy corporations for the express purpose of getting corporate wars declared on them. These corporations then join an alliance, which has a large number of alliance wars (converted from corporate wars) declared on itself. Alliance war bills will be never paid, just recycle corporations out of alliance, corp war dec them, and then join the alliance.
- Wardec collecting alliance (IMUNE): In case a corporation is declared a war, it joins an alliance (as soon as possible) and once joined, leaves the alliance immediately. As a result, the corp war dec is moved to the alliance, and after the 24 war cool off time, the original corp is not war dec'd.
- Dodging wardecs by alliance hopping: Corporation, with the help of dummy holding corporations, sets up alliances. Once the incoming war declaration to any alliance comes in, the corporation proper leaves the alliance, leaving the war dec to the holding corporation. Join another alliance, rinse, repeat.
- Hisec POS immunity: When an alliance hisec POS is put into reinforced, owning corporation drops from the alliance. If timed correctly with POS timers, POS will exit reinforced mode so that the alliance wardec is dropped but there is not enough time to have the corporation re-wardec'd.

There are also some things on the character level, such as characters moving from corp to corp.
- Leave / join to avoid camp: A character leaves a corporation to safely undock / dock, and then immediately re-joins. Requires that the character has no roles in the corporation to work.

Is this the right place to say "be creative"?
Vincent Athena
#2 - 2011-10-13 19:01:19 UTC
There is also:

Corp declares wars, then joins an alliance bringing in the wars with it and giving all alliance members a chance to shoot at the victim corp. This allows an alliance to have a huge number of wars ongoing.

Also to fix the issue we need to look at the reasons of why players want to avoid war decs.

1) The player simply gets no enjoyment from PvP combat, but does like spaceships, mining, industry, missions and such, and perhaps doing such activities with friends. (Based on the number of players in NPC corps, this is a big group).

2) The player does not want to be held responsible for their actions.

3) A PvP corp or alliance wishes to have an industrial arm that feeds them isk or ships, and have it not interfered with.

Also do we want to encourage players to join a corp? After all you can form a pseudo-corp by having everyone stay in NPC corps, then setting up a private chat channel. There are advantages to a corp over a pseudo-corp, and we do not want to make a real corp so undesirable that people stay out of them. I also assume we do not want rules that turn masses of people away from Eve.

So we need war rules that take all this into account.

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#3 - 2011-10-13 20:51:55 UTC
Umad bro?Bear
Zenko Incorporated
#4 - 2011-10-13 22:23:33 UTC
As a note, unless I am exactly wrong, a corporation may not join an alliance if it has "outgoing" wars. However, if they manage to get someone declare a war on them ("incoming" wardec), they're free to join an alliance. As such, Vincent Athena's speaking nonsense. Of course, for a large enough group a billion or a few in wardecs aren't really that expensive. Unlike corporations, alliances do not have a limit on their number of outgoing wardecs (the wardecs just get more expensive as there's more of them). As for the amount of people in NPC corps, there's likely quite a few alts, and therefore, without CCP data, no reliable information on the amount of genuine "draft dodgers" can be gained. (And even CCP might have a slight challenge tracking people paid by PLEX.)

Of actual relevance to the original topic, even if only distanty related, is the use of out-of-corp remote repairers. Just removing this mechanic would, however, also remove legitimate uses of RRing a member of other corporation potentially involved in a war.