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Redistribution of SP's?

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Saul Perry
#41 - 2011-10-19 01:25:51 UTC
This thread just keeps happening over and over. Every short while another pops up and it always looks the same. And I gotta say, every time I get frustrated because always there are two sides

A) I want complete SP redistribution. Don't worry -- just once in a while, say every 3 months or every year!

B) That's crazy. That will ruin eve.

Of course A is wrong and B is right. Unlimited SP redistribution is a terrible idea, should never happen, and will never happen. Even CCP is not that stupid.


These are not the only two options. There's a huge spectrum of options in between and many of them are actually pretty good. At the most conservative end, we should at least be able to delete skills, but even a modest SP reimbursement would not actually be that bad. I think as high as 50% reimbursement would actually be ok and could actually be a very positive thing. It could serve as an sp sink and it could help some of us clean up unused skills we are OCD about and curse whenever we see.

Yes, players could retrain for FOTM ships, etc, but doing so would slowly disintegrate a player's sp total since a 50% reduction is not small. Were it to happen, I guarantee after a while the wiser players would start advising to never do it unless you absolutely needed to. BUT, there would be times to do it, like when your have friends waiting on you for a fleet and you absolutely need to have those last 1000 sp trained now.

And contrary to what many think, this would be a good thing. Eve would be less held up by the incessant waiting, but there would be a very real cost for the benefit gained. You'd lose 50%+ of the reimbursed sp! As already mentioned in this thread the real currency in EVE is time, and lost sp is lost time.

I guess I only bring this up because every time this thread appears, very intelligent and correct people immediately point out why sp reimbursement is such a terrible idea and leave it at that. All the while, some other voices quietly mutter "how about partial reimbursement?" which falls on deaf ears.

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