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Caldari Killboard Status

#21 - 2013-01-22 07:21:02 UTC
Mutnin wrote:
SaltyandSweet wrote:

tbh hasnt the price of all BCs gone up recently? i can but alot of dessies and frings over 1 bc, especially the tier 3. i love some good ole BC action but i think for the wallet factor people prefer the frigs because its simple to go back to base rather than losing a BC and being like "**** i only have 4 more".

BC have gone up a lot, but it's also much easier to make ISk than it ever has been. When we were running BC's gangs it was never really an issue for our newer pilots to afford them, it was just getting them able to fly it skill wise. The only guys that had any problems affording them were usually just to lazy to go run a few FW missions.

Granted they couldn't toss them away like a frig, but we were always very careful with our BC gangs because I didn't want to welp them all on a bad call. Which did happen at least twice... Lol

lol it happens and all trolling aside im sure were all in it for the good fun, ive had a few fights where i felt like i did my 1st major engagement palms all sweaty and ****. and yea im too lazy to do FW missions or plex lol. but i do have some lps sitting around i should use em.

Im So Baller I Buy Plex Cuz im too lazy to do PVE!

Deen Wispa
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#22 - 2013-01-22 08:52:13 UTC
Mutnin wrote:

Now days it's just sit on a gate or titian drop people if you have one, the game is filled with lazy fat kids.. Where can I go to get fights in BC's?.. because I honestly have no clue anymore, it used to be low sec FW space but not anymore..

Your view is far too pessimistic and doesn't always reflect reality. I'd say every other night, there are gangs roaming around in BCs and other shinies in the Black Rise/Essence region. I'm not just talking about the big gangs like Snuff and whatnot, but even smaller gangs of 10 or less.

Perhaps though, it would be more appropriate to say that most of these gangs are not to your taste given you are in a small corp and can only field 3-4 people. Most BC gangs tend to have more than what you can field.

I will, however, agree that it does get tiring killing the umpteenth dessie/frig from the same opponent(s). I constantly have alot of bad Cal Mil pilots from Liandri, BRGF, amonst many others, roaming into our home systems and talking smack. Asking for us to undock something to go kill their silly 5 man merlin/condor gang in a novice plex. I'm like "Seriously. Really?" Probably only two alliances/corps in all of Cal Mil who can actually go beyond cruisers.

High Five. Yeah! C'est La Eve .

Princess Nexxala
Quantum Cats Syndicate
#23 - 2013-01-22 15:08:39 UTC
Hells yeah, like, duh

Cynthia Nezmor wrote:

Are you saying that the many 1v1, 4v5, etc. nice frig fights require less skill than being the 47th Nyx pilot on killmail?!

Yes, I got trolled. Cry

nom nom

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