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Optimizing Invention & Manufacturing Calculator + How to make a bil per week

Bel Amar
Rules of Acquisition
#61 - 2011-12-29 08:25:19 UTC
Is this site coming back? It's been down for days...
mkjkgkvk Melkan
#62 - 2011-12-29 09:36:38 UTC
Will donate if automatic price updating is added :)
White Hot Research
#63 - 2011-12-29 18:34:25 UTC
Bel Amar wrote:
Is this site coming back? It's been down for days...

I just recently found this thread and have enjoyed it right away. But like Bel Amar said, its down for a few days now!? Any idea when it will be back up? Keep the good work up! Blink
Eve Tycoon II
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#64 - 2011-12-30 10:47:09 UTC
I'm still here... not sure about my host. If they won't get online soonish I will eventually simply pay for hosting elsewhere and load it from backup.
Jacob Reuben
Gallente Federation
#65 - 2011-12-31 13:37:23 UTC
Fantastic to have your site back up.

Really appreciate your site, it's helped me understand the invention process to a much greater degree!
Social Misfit
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#66 - 2012-01-07 01:21:32 UTC
Great site Big smile

Have a minor problem with the manufacturing tab, cant change the ME/PE. There's an entry option near the bottom of the page to do so but it doesn't seem to change the numbers in the main calculation (I did check back through the pages, if someones already posted this sorry :What?).

Eve Tycoon II
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#67 - 2012-01-07 21:51:43 UTC
This most likely means that your chosen item is not affected by ME and you havent looked at pph to compare PE effect.
Professor Clio
Apocalypse Lancers
#68 - 2012-01-08 21:20:06 UTC
Do you update the prices? seems like haven't changed in quite some time. Otherwise awesome tool
Scrapyard Bob
EVE University
Ivy League
#69 - 2012-01-08 23:41:56 UTC
Professor Clio wrote:
Do you update the prices? seems like haven't changed in quite some time. Otherwise awesome tool

This would be my main complaint at the moment. I would be nice if your site would automatically pull (and cache) prices from one of the (3) pricing sites. For instance, EMD has their "buy 5% sim" price at:,35,36,37,38,39,40,11399,16272,16273,16275,16274,17889,17888,17887

Or the "global" version:,35,36,37,38,39,40,11399,16272,16273,16275,16274,17889,17888,17887

Or EMK's Jita 5% buy sim prices:

Or the eve-central's "sell median" price.

Personally, for calculating costs and profit margins, I prefer to use either the EMD or EMK 5% buy sim pricing, especially a version that averages the top (4) market regions (or EMD's "global" price).
Scrapyard Bob
EVE University
Ivy League
#70 - 2012-01-09 00:26:27 UTC
From a user standpoint of the invention profit tool:

- It would be nice if, in the table at the bottom, where it shows "Jita sales price" there would be a line above that of "total cost" which totals up the Invention Cost line plus the Optimal Manufacturing Cost line. Then below the "Jita Sales Price" line, I'd like to see a profit per unit number.

I'm constantly having to add up invent+manuf cost, subtract it from the jita sales price to get a feel for what the base cost of an item is.

- Up where it lists the item name such as "Veldspar Mining Crystal II", a search box would be nice so we can quickly look up a different T2 item. And it would be nice if it would remember the 3/3/3 or 4/4/4 setting from the invention box along with which pricing method we picked at the bottom of the page.
Ken Sunji
#71 - 2012-01-09 02:23:18 UTC  |  Edited by: Ken Sunji
Such a great tool. My main pledges 500 mill to your cause if you can pretty please have it up and running and up to date by the 15th Lol

Otherwise a donation either way as it did him very well just before xmas either way.
Hans Arienth
Hanson Heavy Industries
#72 - 2012-01-11 23:23:53 UTC
Ok I really hate to beg... but can you please, please update the prices on the site? They are now almost exactly a month old.
Eve Tycoon II
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#73 - 2012-01-13 14:39:50 UTC
As promised here the prices have been updated :).

Price data from eve-marketeer seems almost usable so I might be able to implement an option to use it instead of my internal prices.
Seraphina Amaranth
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#74 - 2012-01-15 05:30:20 UTC
No data available for new crucible t2 items?
Ken Sunji
#75 - 2012-01-16 02:25:26 UTC
Donation on the way as promised. How would you like it? Cash or PLEX?
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#76 - 2012-01-19 04:28:48 UTC
Is there anything governing the items available in the manufacturing calculator??

I swear Drake and Hurricane are the only BC's that you can view :S
Also noticed heaps of other items missing to, but forgot to write a list.. I'll work on a list as I go and post here.

Using this now eveeye is being a ***** :) Thanks for this great tool!!
Eve Tycoon II
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#77 - 2012-01-19 15:17:50 UTC
Most likely they are the only _popular_ bc's (you forgot to uncheck low volume filter). P
Inari Ryosaki
#78 - 2012-01-22 11:48:19 UTC
Anyone else getting"Invalid query: Table 'a4878979_evemar.ramTypeRequirements' doesn't exist" from the invention part of this site?
Eve Tycoon II
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#79 - 2012-01-22 13:35:49 UTC
Thanks for letting me know about this. It is fixed already.

Also, price update date has been added in the footer (displays on detailed manufacturing & invention pages).
Jes Visuit
Private Investment Holdings Inc
#80 - 2012-01-22 13:48:56 UTC
I have no experience with invention, but have been thinking about dabbling in it.

So hopefully all you pro inventors in this thread can answer some questions in relation to real life effort.

Assuming you are making 1 bil / week (24/7 on 9 or 10 slots), on average,

How much isk is the initial set up? (making the assumption here that we are inventing modules / cruiser and below ships so we're not taking out a mortgage to pay for the BPOs)

How much time do you spend keeping the slots running 24/7 a week? Also do you need to log in everyday, or a longer period every few days? (aka how lazy can I be and still be fairly profitable?)