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Sunshine and Lollipops
#21 - 2013-01-18 22:20:48 UTC
Who got ripped off? When? How? What?!
Dr Grey
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#22 - 2013-01-18 22:22:49 UTC
Someone shot a statue in Jita
You had to pay AUR to get into the system to shoot statue

something like that
Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#23 - 2013-01-18 22:25:08 UTC
Not another one... sheesh.

Also define false advertising? They basically did deliver an expansion with captain's quarters as a feature slating. Nothing about stations.

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Ferengi Trade Authority
#24 - 2013-01-19 00:40:41 UTC
In b4 rant lock
#25 - 2013-01-19 00:51:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Generals4
Dave Stark wrote:
starting eve to walk round in a station?
haha, oh you.

To be fair, he may have started playing EVE to fly spaceships and visit space hookers in Jita 9-9 ? After all, what Pod Pilot wouldn't like to get some after successfully scamming some poor sobs?

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Katran Luftschreck
Royal Ammatar Engineering Corps
#26 - 2013-01-19 01:11:20 UTC
Well now we know who Swiss Earl's main is.

Roll Sizzle Beef
Space Mutiny
#27 - 2013-01-19 01:58:31 UTC
The new rage quit is POS updates, not WiS, keep with the times slowpoke.
Captain Tardbar
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#28 - 2013-01-19 02:19:30 UTC
I'm rather disapointed that we can't walk into stations and gamble away I hard earned isk on roulette tables.

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Bane Necran
Appono Astos
#29 - 2013-01-19 02:27:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Bane Necran
These threads make me wonder how many people are playing that think WiS is still upcoming, and what the population will be like when they all realize.

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Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#30 - 2013-01-19 02:34:21 UTC
I want WIS...then make it so you have to walk to the markets or insurance store so I can sneak up to a crowd of 2000 jita station traders with my smart-bomb vest...oh the tears that would generate...makes me feel warm all over..
Ranger 1
Ranger Corp
Vae. Victis.
#31 - 2013-01-19 08:10:35 UTC
The Captains Quarters and Avatar creation that was advertised was delivered.

This does not equal false advertising.

Whether you are pro or con on it's success as a mini feature, or in favor of future development (or not), is irrelevant.

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I Love Boobies
All Hail Boobies
#32 - 2013-01-19 08:32:14 UTC
Myrissa Kistel wrote:
I think you are about 1 year to late for outrage.

Pretty awesome avatar photo.
Alice Saki
Nocturnal Romance
Cynosural Field Theory.
#33 - 2013-01-19 08:36:02 UTC
WiS <3

I wanna be able to dock up and abuse the person I'm Camping Twisted

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Brave Empire
Brave United
#34 - 2013-01-19 10:01:37 UTC
arcca jeth wrote:
well CCP? you did it, you suckered in a ton of subscribers with your WIS videos and teasers, now years ago. How does it feel ripping people off? I'm almost ashamed to be a 7 year customer of yours.

"Umad bro?" - obviously Thanks a ton CCP

can i haz your stuffz?
Brave Empire
Brave United
#35 - 2013-01-19 10:02:33 UTC
Ris Dnalor wrote:
arcca jeth wrote:
well CCP? you did it, you suckered in a ton of subscribers with your WIS videos and teasers, now years ago. How does it feel ripping people off? I'm almost ashamed to be a 7 year customer of yours.

"Umad bro?" - obviously Thanks a ton CCP

just buy a ps3 and you can bunny hop on whole PLANETS!?!?!!?!?! Lol

fixed and that's not relevant
SB Rico
State War Academy
Caldari State
#36 - 2013-01-19 10:11:01 UTC
Personally I lost interest in WIS when I discovered that even if it happened II wouldn't be able to go shiv the station huggers :(

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Scatim Helicon
State War Academy
Caldari State
#37 - 2013-01-19 10:14:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Scatim Helicon
Natsett Amuinn wrote:
I think the thread is just silly.

That doesn't the OP doesn't have a legit point.

It's very simple minded of you guys to act as if the WiS stuf that CCP did indeed taut as being were EVE is headed as being a silly reason for anyone to come to EVE.

He's a little late for complaint, yeah.
But CCP did indeed use the WiS to attract new people to EVE. The lack of an avatar has ALWAYS been cited one of the top barriers to entry to EVE. It is exactly why CCP at one time said it was vital to the growth of EVE online.

So now that there are full body avatars and the ability to walk around a bit and that barrier to entry is gone, there must have been a massive corresponding explosion in new players and subscriptions, right?

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Jake Warbird
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#38 - 2013-01-19 10:34:41 UTC
Where is Internet Lawyer Steve when you want him...?
Vaal Erit
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#39 - 2013-01-19 10:46:49 UTC
Sorry, didn't you hear? The WIS lovers were trampled by the stampede of players subscribing once they heard WIS was being cancelled.
Dave Stark
#40 - 2013-01-19 10:47:40 UTC
Jake Warbird wrote:
Where is Internet Lawyer Steve when you want him...?

better call saul.
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