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Dev blog: You have insulted my honor - I demand satisfaction! Dueling comes to EVE Online

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Singeabooty Raj
#41 - 2013-01-17 16:43:48 UTC
I wish that when you accept a duel request concord would magically teleport you to a special space pocket / arena that nobody else could enter until the combat is over. That would be awesome.

Black Man with Goggles

Wrecktical Supremacy.
#42 - 2013-01-17 16:43:49 UTC
Bubanni wrote:
I have a suggestion, Honourable duel tags on killmails... Thus a killmail that resulted from your duel is different, potentially a tab/list of killmails from these duels that others can look at if you set it to public. - remote repping ships could be visable on these, so you can see if someone often gets help from a friend...

or go a step further and completely over haul the killmail system (logi on KM FTW)
Colonel Xaven
Caldari State
#43 - 2013-01-17 16:44:10 UTC
CCP, I really hope you are aware of the danger to develop this into a sort of arena pvp, which would be plain wrong imho.

Aurelius Harrison
ARC Heavy Technologies
#44 - 2013-01-17 16:44:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Aurelius Harrison
However, if the target accepts the challenge, then a 5-minute Limited Engagement is created between the two characters.

Question for clarification. is this 5 minute timer the time in which combat can start? Or a limit on how long the fight can last? I can't imagine many fights created this way lasting more than 5 minutes but it could happen.

Also, please fix pos's.
#45 - 2013-01-17 16:46:25 UTC
James Amril-Kesh wrote:
Steve Ronuken wrote:
And how this is really just restoring an option that crimewatch 2.0 took away?

No, the option was never taken away. About the only thing you can't do is have your 1v1 on Jita undock or a busy highsec gate. If you do it at a safe spot you're pretty much guaranteed to have no interference since nobody's going to bother combat scanning.

It didn't work out that great for arranged tournaments though; you couldn't allow spectators, and your contestants had to be carefully managed through adding and kicking fleet members.

Incidentally: I'd like to see a dueling mechanic where you can create multiple teams and assign individual pilots to each.

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Rek Seven
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#46 - 2013-01-17 16:46:39 UTC
CCP Dolan wrote:
Finally I can have truly honourable combat!

1v1 at the sun is now a real 1v1!

Or so an off grid booster would have you believe Twisted
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#47 - 2013-01-17 16:46:50 UTC
As no one else mentioned it


disable them while dueling or something - its not honourable to cheat as many do now.

I like the idea, but how it works in Eve is often different kettle of fish
CCP Masterplan
C C P Alliance
#48 - 2013-01-17 16:46:56 UTC
Rek Seven wrote:
Nice feature. You could record stats of someones dueling history so they can display it on their character sheet with pride.

That's an interesting idea.

Malrock wrote:
All fine for fun, but please, put under game client generic options a checkmark for auto declining all duel requests.

Thank You.

This is certainly something we could do, similar to the 'Auto Reject Invitations' chat option
Pinky Denmark wrote:

  1. Find noob target in weak ship
  2. Issue challenge
  3. Find more noob targets and repeat while waiting
  4. ...
  5. If lucky, gank target with an overpowered ship
  6. Profit

You can only have one pending challenge at a time, precisely because blindly spamming local with multiple challenges at once is something we want to avoid.
Valkyrs wrote:
Looks interesting! Can you disable keyboard input on the window? If I'm yammering away in chat while I'm undocking from Jita with a boat full of goods, I would be quite upset to accidently start a duel.

Alternatively, allow users to block duel outright, or have a 1 minute timer where users can cancel the duel before it starts, or put it in a duel menu or something.

Please have some precautions.

Keep up the good work!

That is something we're aware of, and will try to make sure doesn't happen. The default action on hitting Return is to refuse the challenge.
Chribba wrote:
I prefer mining lasers! No surprise huh?

Very well. Bring your best Strip Miner and I'll see you at dawn.

"This one time, on patch day..."

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Route One
#49 - 2013-01-17 16:48:47 UTC
Singeabooty Raj wrote:
I wish that when you accept a duel request concord would magically teleport you to a special space pocket / arena that nobody else could enter until the combat is over. That would be awesome.

...and not return you.

Now that WOULD be awesome Twisted
Tir Capital Management Group
#50 - 2013-01-17 16:48:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Bloodpetal
I would like to point out you're being disinformative.

"settle our difference in single combat without interference..."

That's a lie. You really need to phrase that more accurately.

Otherwise, I think it's a great step to blappage.

Where I am.

Aurelius Harrison
ARC Heavy Technologies
#51 - 2013-01-17 16:49:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Aurelius Harrison
Namagon wrote:
As no one else mentioned it


disable them while dueling or something - its not honourable to cheat as many do now.

I like the idea, but how it works in Eve is often different kettle of fish

Advantages within the confines of the system aren't cheats. They may not be fair but they aren't cheats. Boosters can be beaten, you just have to know how.

Also, please fix pos's.
Arias Menlar
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#52 - 2013-01-17 16:49:32 UTC
Just to point out, in the screenshot in the blog it says "we will enter into an Limited Engagement" where it should be "we will enter into a Limited Engagement", proper use of "a" and "an" is the sign of a caring and professional dev Blink
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#53 - 2013-01-17 16:50:34 UTC
In before command link booster alts. Cool
#54 - 2013-01-17 16:51:46 UTC
I already see how I go out the first day this implemented and spam on random people in high-sec! There must be a numbers of suckers who will click "Accept" without reading the text ;)
PIE Inc.
Khimi Harar
#55 - 2013-01-17 16:51:57 UTC
Looks simple and solid. Thank you.

I agree that kill mails should have a tag and that you should be able to completely opt out of the system.
DuckDodgers en Chasteaux
Gallente Federation
#56 - 2013-01-17 16:52:29 UTC
Khanh'rhh wrote:
How many developer hours were spent on this?

How many developer hours do you think it would take to fix just the most egregious elements of POS management (such as adding manageable access lists to a SMA)?

Do you see the problem, here?

It might come as a giant surprise to you, but when people see Eve marketing (trailers, etc) they don't then start playing the game to have childish slap-fights in a market hub. The sooner you get on with creating a game which meets player expectations at the door, the better off you'll be.

however.. thanks to those childish slap fights THERE IS A MARKET this should be welcome change for anybody involved in marketing /manufacturing and even mining . more destruction = more ships and modules that need to be replaced = PROFIT!!!!

Used to be a time you saw somebody with a bounty you thought ... "Wow he must have pissed somebody off ." now you see somebody with a bounty and you think " yep... they appeared in help channel ."

Wrecktical Supremacy.
#57 - 2013-01-17 16:52:48 UTC
in all fairness to CCP, they did remove the whole jetcan method of dueling, I suppose it is a fill in for removing a feature used by many... As much as I don't totally like the idea, it'll bring back pvp training for the new guys in a more... obvious (?) manner.. that and this doesn't affect low/null/wh so I shouldn't really have an opinion.
Carebears with Attitude
#58 - 2013-01-17 16:53:48 UTC
Commissar Kate wrote:
The comments link on the blog does not lead to this forum. It just redirects to the blog.

That's a common error, in the first few minutes after a new Dev Blog has been published. AFAIK it's automatically corrected. Or if not then CCP has a manual procedure for fixing it.
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#59 - 2013-01-17 16:54:14 UTC
Bitter vet tears here, i don't want to play this game any longer.
CCP Guard
C C P Alliance
#60 - 2013-01-17 16:54:31 UTC
This is not a thread about the POS system, thanks. Please allow this thread to be about the contents of the blog.

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