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What is your favorite Eve myth?

Cyprus Black
Goonswarm Federation
#161 - 2013-01-07 16:37:42 UTC
New players can do anything on day one.

Summary of EvEs last four expansions:

Sunshine and Lollipops
#162 - 2013-01-07 16:50:06 UTC
Cyprus Black wrote:
New players can do anything on day one.
Has anyone ever actually said that, though?

It rather sounds like you're misremembering what people do say: that new players can actually do something (and a very important something at that) on day one.
Jint Hikaru
OffWorld Exploration Inc
#163 - 2013-01-07 17:09:39 UTC
AFK Cloakers stop people from doing stuff.

Jint Hikaru - Miner / Salvager / Explorer / SpaceBum In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#164 - 2013-01-07 17:47:19 UTC  |  Edited by: engjin
T2 BPO owners have an unfair advantage/ you can't compete
Muad 'dib
Digital Ghosts
Train Wreck.
#165 - 2013-01-07 17:48:42 UTC
there is a spoon

Cosmic signature detected. . . . I got 99 likes, and this post aint one.

Ranger 1
Ranger Corp
Vae. Victis.
#166 - 2013-01-07 17:55:48 UTC
engjin wrote:
T2 BPO owners have an unfair advantage

Oh, that's a biggie. Smile

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Diamond Bull
#167 - 2013-01-07 18:14:21 UTC
That ship to ship PvP is the only way to play Eve "right".

That 0.0 is a fun place to live.

That hitting F1 on command is something only the elite can do.

Actually, just insert most of what people say about ship to ship PvP here.

DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#168 - 2013-01-07 18:14:52 UTC  |  Edited by: DeMichael Crimson
Tippia wrote:
DeMichael Crimson wrote:
Anyway, read it and weep :

In case you can't be arsed to check facts before posting, which seems to be the case due to your reply and past history, here it is in condensed form :
…and the question remains: how is it a myth?

Oh, and yes. “Clueless” would be an apt description for those who consider the other things you listed as myths.


Yeah I thought so, Reading Comprehension just isn't your Forte now is it?

However, +1 for persistence in posting snide little innuendos intended to insult and enrage.

Djana Libra
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#169 - 2013-01-07 18:15:13 UTC
because of falcon
Kimo Khan
#170 - 2013-01-07 18:29:28 UTC
Trust no one
Unsuccessful At Everything
The Troll Bridge
#171 - 2013-01-07 18:29:34 UTC
Highsec is too dangerous and Nullsec doesnt have ANY completely empty systems/constellations/ entire regions.....

Since the cessation of their usefulness is imminent, may I appropriate your belongings?

Sunshine and Lollipops
#172 - 2013-01-07 18:45:24 UTC
DeMichael Crimson wrote:
Yeah I thought so, Reading Comprehension just isn't your Forte now is it?
…so you can't explain how a standard piece of code used in pretty much every piece of software ever it's a myth, then?
Mirima Thurander
#173 - 2013-01-07 18:49:10 UTC
That TEST will ever be more than a Goon pet.

All automated intel should be removed from the game including Instant local/jumps/kills/cynos for all systems/regions.Eve should report nothing like this to the client/3rd party software.Intel should not be force fed to players. Player skill and iniative should be the sources of intel.

Mirajane Cromwell
#174 - 2013-01-07 19:01:02 UTC
There's a way to open EVE gate and through it, it's possible to reach Earth.
Max Nebular
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#175 - 2013-01-07 19:10:30 UTC
EVE was actually created by Ian Bell...
Burseg Sardaukar
Sardaukar Merc Guild
General Tso's Alliance
#176 - 2013-01-07 19:18:43 UTC
Tippia wrote:
Newbies can't catch up.

Myth: Newbs aren't valuable at day 1. Have a trial guy joining in war efforts 2nite in a Reaper.

Can't wait to dual box my Dust toon and EVE toon on the same machine!

Dersen Lowery
The Scope
#177 - 2013-01-07 20:36:47 UTC
Tarvos Telesto wrote:
CCP cooperate with blizzard, soon WOW and EvE become connected virtual worlds.

Wait, you mean I won't be able to launch an orbital strike on Pandaria? Damn, I was looking forward to that.

Myth: Lowsec is scary and horrible and new players should never go there.

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I voted in CSM X!

Jack Miton
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#178 - 2013-01-07 20:52:08 UTC
Local is important.

There is no Bob.

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Down the Pipe:

Rusted and Rejuvenated
Sigma Grindset
#179 - 2013-01-07 21:03:46 UTC
HBC=CFC=Goons=PL=TEST blobnapfest420xxxxxx

o7 toonies

Christy D Floyd
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#180 - 2013-01-07 21:18:58 UTC
ISD is fair in monitoring the forums.

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