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Advice: So, what should be my next ship?

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Nomad I
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#41 - 2011-10-07 15:44:30 UTC
As a new capsuleer the most important thing is ISK. So I choosed to run missions in a Imicus with 3 drones. After that I will run missions in a drake, because it's one of the most efficient ships.
Magister Mortalis.
Undead Nation
#42 - 2011-10-07 15:45:34 UTC

There is no other class of ship in the game that has the same performance to cost ratio, check any major battle, any sov war, and a gang or fleet of BC's will be involved. A properly piloted small gang of BC's could easily take on any other subcap fleet composition.

Advice to new players? Max out all skills and support skills for medium sized modules and train BC's to V.
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
#43 - 2011-10-07 15:47:38 UTC
I recently conned... convinced someone to play Eve.

Told them to train for the rifter, then the hurricane, the vaga, the drake, then the mael (in that order over the course of 7 months).
Largo Coronet
Caldari State
#44 - 2011-10-07 15:50:12 UTC
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Joe Risalo
State War Academy
Caldari State
#45 - 2011-10-07 15:56:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Joe Risalo
For noobs..

The best thing I can suggest, and what I personally fly are missile boats.

In order

Kestrel - Frig with rockets, your first ship

Caracal - Assault launchers and a passive shield tank...can take you through lvl 2 missions no problem

Drake - Very good passive shield tank, gets you through lvl 3 missions, and with the right fit can even do a lot of lvl 4 missions. Very popular ship for both pvp and pve

Raven - The first Battleship to get for lvl 4 missions, kinda sucks, but can do the job

Raven Navy Issue - Spiffed up version of the raven, gets and extra launcher and the stats are a bit higher...Can have higher dps than a golem, but your tank will suffer for it

Scorpion Navy Issue - One of my personal favorite missile boats. Same dps and tank as a raven, but can fit target painters as well without risking tank, which means more effective dps

T2 Nighthawk (Ferox skin) - Another passive tank missile boat. Can have battleship class dps

T3 Tengu - Massive active tank shields. Can tank more than most bs's and still have better dps, while having a smaller sig radius, and better scan res at the same time.. Good for both pvp and pve, but prefered for pve

T2 Golem - Marauders are the monsters of all mission runners. While limited in the range of torps, they're able to blast battleships in 1-5 shots with a simple 2 target painter fit. They also have a bonus towards resistances, so can pull out a pretty good tank on top of their massive dps. Only problem is very low sensor strength, and somewhat short range. Not really good idea to bring for pvp

Scorpion - First battleship for pvp. Not the best ship in the world, but pretty good at it's job

T2 Widow - The scorpion on steroids. Can cloak, but can't warp cloaked

T2 manticore - The skin of the Kestrel. Can cloak and warp while cloaked. Fits 3 torp launchers with awesome bonuses to give them the dps of most battleships. Also fitted with a bomb launcher that can be used in null sec. With a bomb, everything in range takes damage, and some of them go POP. Very thin ships, so they pop easy, but they're only 20 mil a pop. When you get up this high, 20 mil isn't that high

T2 Cerberus - The skin is the Caracal. Again, it's the caracal on steroids. Seriously... For it's size, this is a monster of a ship.

Each one of these pvp ships can take a battleship out on it's own if done right. They're all very threatening ships and people think twice before engaging them. The manticore on the other hand, well, the person won't see you to think once.

When it comes to ships missiles are the easiest to figure out, and require the same primary and secondary attribute skills, so you can remap and train for both ships and missiles.

The only complicated thing about missiles is that they don't tell you their range.
You gotta multiply the flight time by the velocity, and then hack off about 4% to factor velocity ramp up time.

Missiles always hit, and they have not Optimal range, only max range.
So you dont' have to worry about targets getting underneath your range.
Donna Snowpaw
Twilight Concepts
#46 - 2011-10-07 16:00:14 UTC
I have several answers to this one.

let's see. for a new player that wants to do a lot of PvP, I would have to say start with maxing out your frigate skill. Propulsion, electronic warfare, the little support skills needed for fast tackling and quick escapes. Then move up to cruisers. Most of the support skills will apply to both, some will help your cruisers better. Punisher, rifter, kestrel, harbinger, stabber, dominix

for someone wanting to do PvE, I'd have to say find a solid tanked ship, long duration. drake, harbinger, caracal, hurricane, maller, rupture, I fear I am not as experienced with gallente ships so i can't suggest anything there. Train for the ship. Pick one, and max whatever skills you will be using for it.

If you are going for mining and production, get your cruiser and industrial skills highest priority. osprey or the minmittar mining cruiser are a must. Industrial to haul the ores and materials around. Work towards your mining barges, then crystals. after you get your crystals trained, get your exhumers.
Plus 10 NV
#47 - 2011-10-07 16:02:11 UTC
CCP Fallout wrote:
As a new capsuleer, we almost always go through the new player experience tutorial and then ask ourselves, "what's next? I want to blast everything I come across!" EVE has quite a number of ships that a new or young capsuleer could fly... but what should he or she choose? What ships do you recommend, for what purpose, and why is that ship better than any other?

The ships that are popular will change over time. What I would say now may change after the assault ship buff. Instead I would suggest you tell them a bit about how tanking works, active tanking verus buffer tanking. Why active tends to be better for pve and buffer for pvp. Again there are no hard and fast rules but try to give them a general idea of how fittings work would be better than suggesting specific ships.

Ultimately though eft is really the easiest way to find out how to fit your ships. I mean talking about ehp, range and how much damage is done to different ships at different ranges is very important. The current eve client doesn't really give that information in an easy to follow way.

I mean if all you have is the eve client itself you have to calculate how far missiles go. You have to calculate the explosion radius and velocity. You have to calculate how much damage you will do in fall off. You have to calculate how transversal will effect your damage.

Until eve builds in some of the functionality of eft the best advise for new pilots will be to get eft or some similar third party program and work with the fits to accomplish what they want to do.

Make faction war occupancy pvp instead of pve

Selene D'Celeste
The D'Celeste Trading Company
#48 - 2011-10-07 16:06:15 UTC
Darien Elter wrote:
Loaded Question here. PvE? PvP? Meh, I'll answer both.

I'd recommend your racial Tier 2 battlecruiser (Drake/Harbinger/Hurricane/Myrmidon) as your first real missioning boat. For PvP, start small. Frigate/cruiser as they're fairly inexpensive and when properly fitted and flown, are deadly all the way from solo to large fleet. I personally prefer the Rifter and the Vexor over any other ships in their respective classes.

When you have the cash flow/skills you can start using a Battlecruiser for PvP, and step up for a HAC or T3 or BS for missions.

The thing to remember about PvP is there is no 'best'. Every ship has different strengths and weaknesses, and there is always a foil to your ship and it's fit.


Solid advice.

Visit and enjoy EVE's oldest ISK gaming service!

Renan Ruivo
Forcas armadas
Brave Collective
#49 - 2011-10-07 16:08:44 UTC
If there is something i think we should not be doing is telling new players what to do. We show them a list of things they can do and then we advise them accordingly.

So i cannot say what ship would be best for someone starting now without knowing what he/she wants to do in the game? Missions? Kestrel > Cormorant > Drake > Raven > Nightmare

PVP? Rifter > Thrasher > Hurricane > Geddon/tempest > Bhaalgorn/ashimmu/curse

Mining? Something > Something > Apocalypse/Rokh > Hulk

Marketeering? Iteron MK I > MK II > MK III > MK IV > MK V > Obelisk/Orca (depending on what you carry)

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#50 - 2011-10-07 16:11:00 UTC
tinman44 wrote:
Caldari t2 cruisers are merciless, as well and the Tech 2 nighthawk. Don't blaster fit a Deimos, you will just lose it right away.
Rifter is the best cheap ship in the game, no contest. many of the minny ships are outstanding in their class. it takes less than a week to have a rifter peaking in performance, and it shines. However for money making, you cant beat a drake. Myrmidon is great for gallente L3 and L4 missions as well.

A lot of people are mentioning Tech 3s... The proteus is a useless brick, usefull only for Cyno bait. Skill for a tengu/loki if you want to solo large PVE engagements. You can tank ANY L4 in a properly fitted T3, however, the tanking can be confusing for some players, and I've seen a lot of newer pilots lose their 1 bil isk ship because they had small shield boosters or were relying on speed tank and fast dps. to preserve your sanity/iskies, go for pure tank, which should be able to boost 600-800 shield every 3 seconds with 80s-90s resists.

Poor Amarr.

Useless brick, huh? LOL! You obvioulsy never used one for PVE. A blaster Prot will out mission a Tengu any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

As for what ship a new pilot should head for, DEFINITELY a Strategic Crusier! Tanks like a BS, has the DPS of a BS, but moves like a standard cruiser. Yes, it's expensive, but you'll thank yourself after you're sitting in one. Obviously, get your racial cruiser skill to 5, because that opens up a LOT of doors into the PVP world. Frankly, Minmatar T2 cruisers and T1 battlecruisers are the way to go, IMHO. (and I started out GALLENTE, and then cross trained)
Nak hak
#51 - 2011-10-07 16:15:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Nak hak

As stated above, Rifter. Wait,.... you mean there are other ships! It's cheap and fun to fly. It's a bad day for battleship pilots when they see a large group of Rifters.

Also, I like the Griffin. Great for EWAR. Come to think of it I like all the ECM bonus ships. You be jamming!


Had great fun with the Vexor for L2 missions, and Myrimidon for L3 missions. I love my drones!

Remember, you will need something to haul your ships, and supplies around EVE. I prefer using the Iteron Mark III, and the Iteron Mark V.

Oh wait a minute, the question was, "what should be my next ship?" Your next ship will be your POD!

It's about freedom.

Best Regards, Nak hak

Lady Zarrina
New Eden Browncoats
#52 - 2011-10-07 16:16:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Lady Zarrina
For starter If I had to pick one ship, it would be the drake. For PvE the drake wins hands down. Level 3 missions with ease and level 4 missions are possible (although slowly.) Heck you can even do low level sleepers (WH stuff) in drakes. The DPS is low on a drake but the huge tank more than makes up for it. You need ISK in Eve, and the drake allows you to make more, faster.

And best of all, the missile and shield skills will all be useful for the tengu.

EVE: All about Flying Frisky and Making Iskie

Aramis Defranzac
Immoral Sin
#53 - 2011-10-07 16:19:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Aramis Defranzac
My recommendation: PVP = Rifter, PVE = Kestrel, but if this is for ideas on new ships, see below :)

Create 2 new versions of the destroyer class for each race:

1 version for PVP, so make it quick, low sig radius

2nd version for PVE, make the resists for the ship specific for each race depending on the rats they fight in their starting system.

easily 8 new ships added to the game :)
Renan Ruivo
Forcas armadas
Brave Collective
#54 - 2011-10-07 16:23:06 UTC
I would definatly recommend against specializing in missiles for anything PVE related. Missiles are versatile in damage type but the travel time is an efficiency sink both in travel speed and ammunition consumption. They are good for use while you train lasers and projectiles.

Yes, lasers and projectiles. Top of the ladder for mission runners? Having a properly fit Nightmare for EM/TH weak rats and a properly fitted Machariel for EXP/KN weak rats.

Serpentis extravaganza Level IV in more than 8 minutes using a highly skilled nightmare is too long.

The world is a community of idiots doing a series of things until it explodes and we all die.

Parallax Heavy Industries
#55 - 2011-10-07 16:43:15 UTC
A scimitar! It's cool, light, fast, minmattar and most important, it's a logistics
.... oh, caracals are nice too.
Ascendance Of New Eden
Workers Trade Federation
#56 - 2011-10-07 16:46:22 UTC
Haeshka wrote:
The Drake is the way to go!

It's bonuses and ability to tank lend itself greatly to teaching new pilots how to properly train skills. With the drake, you have a GREAT incentive to train an entire skill category: Engineering, with the exception of the capital ship skills. Doing so will make the character a useful pilot any time any where in the future, for shield tanked ships in general.

The ship is also not terribly expensive to purchase and fit, allowing newer pilots to get into it early on and not feel like quitting should they lose one in a mission.

100% agree ... Drake is easiest way to get noobs going on Level 4 missions ... no need to worry about active tank skills, etc., just train shield and missile skills .... (and i don't even fly one myself btw, but can definitely see it's the easiest way to bring new members up to speed).
Rahabim Dumah
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#57 - 2011-10-07 16:47:35 UTC
Pilgrim. All the time. No matter what.
Joe D'Trader
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#58 - 2011-10-07 16:57:25 UTC
Tristan, best T1 frigate if only it could get in range.
#59 - 2011-10-07 16:59:05 UTC
I'd like to see more friggate siz ships for pvp cos nulsec solo pvp is primarily frigatte pvp or else blob.
mebe t3 with ability to adjust slot layout and attibutes would be fun.

i'd like to see racial bonuses for pilot
amarr pilot gets bonus (perhaps armour or lazor) for flying amarr ships
caldari would be shield or ecm perhaps
minmitar could be speed or falloff
galenti ?, well fix guns first :)
Lili Lu
#60 - 2011-10-07 17:22:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Lili Lu
It depends a lot on what race ships you are starting out with and what you think at an early stage in your eve life you want to do. I have characters that have trained in all four races of ships (each character flying at least two races, which I would suggest as a further goal to avoid dissatisfaction by being stuck in the suck, getting nerfed, or simply finding that you like one weapon or tanking system more than others).

The best frigates for running level 1 mission and probably as well for very cheap lowsec pvp are the Amarr Punisher, Gallente Incursus/Tristan, Caldari Kestral/Merlin, and of course the Minmatar Rifter.

If you are starting as Amarr or Gallente I recommend an immediate goal of flying the Arbitrator or Vexor. No matter what larger ship you eventually come to prefer, BC or BS, you will want a full flight (5) of tech II llight drones, usually hobgoblin IIs or warrior IIs. With this in mind training drones 5 and the specs for light tech II drones, and most likely tech II medium drones, will never be wasted sp and instead sp that will serve you well in any ship with a drone bay (which is every BC and BS). Additionally, the arby and vexor make great level 2 mission boats. With some better skills, and probably a passive shield setup, they are also able to tank a lvl 3 mission and do enough damage for them. Lastly both ship can serve as cheap pvp ships for lowsec if you want to dip your toes in pvp.

That being said the BCs are a better option for level 3s. For amarr the Harby is great against bloods, sanshas, and rogue drones. The Prophesy is lackluster but can be setup with projectile guns to serve somewhat ok against angel, gurista, and serp rats as the laser damage only of the harb will struggle against those rats. For Gallente the Myrm is a very adaptable and serviceable ship in about any level 3 mission. It can be effectively shield tanked against angel rats as well. The brutix will be lackluster in level 3s due to the present sorry state of rails, but has some utility in smaller gang pvp. That may change somewhat with hybrid rebalancing which is coming "soon."

For Minmatar level 2 and 3 I suggest the Bellicose/Rupture as cruisers in level 2 and Cyclone/Hurricance as BC for level 3s. The first in each pair work best as shield tankers, the second in each pair as armor tankers (without getting into the imbalanced overall BC passive shield ability, and you may find yourself having better results with a passive shield cane). The Bellicose can be used for cheap lowsec pvp toe dipping since while it is not the most formidible opponent it will get you fights, and the rupture will put out good damage.

For Caldari you are probably going to want a Caracal or Moa for level 2s and a Drake for level 3s. The tier 1 BCs of every race are rather gimped. So seeing that the passive shiled Drake is so capable in level 3s (and the best BC in general due to the being able to tank level 4s and still have sufficient range and sufficient damage (just barely) for them it probably dictates that you will center on missile skills and thus probably the Caracal is a better option to begin with. WIth the coming "soon" hybrid rebalance the Moa may become more attractive. Stay tuned.

Regardless, delayed damage of missiles and pve op passive shield tanking expectations leave many Caldari pilots unhappy with pvp-ing in these ships. However, the only monoculture BC pvp fleets are drakes. Some try Hurricane alpha fleets but they are not able to toe to toe with similarly sized BS fleets, which the Drake fleets can do. The Drake has been due for a nerf. CCP has hinted that it might come in some alteration to heavy missiles.

EDIT- Another near term goal option to consider if you decide on pvp is training frigate 5. This opens up paths to covert ops, bombers, and interceptors (and possibly even the soon to be buffed assault frigs \o/). Ceptors, bombers, and cov ops frigs can serve as scouts. One of the best learning experiences with fleet fights can be serving as a scout in a cov ops. Especially if you can also master the probing mechanics in the game. You will gold to your fleet commander if you can do it quickly and provide great warp ins on enemy fleets. Regardless, watching gates where a battle ends up taking place can really give you a great overview of fleet or small gang pvp tactics. Sometimes it will be boring if you get assigned the wrong gate. Many people train second characters as scout cov ops alts to have on another window or screen.

Of course all this advice is not geared toward those who enter Industry. While my characters eventually trained things such as exhumers and tech II production skills I feel less confident in my ability to suggest starting paths for those that are inclined these directions. The above pve combat advice can have applicability though to those who don't want to work faction standing for a pos by running endless courrier missions.

Welcome to EVE. It is an MMO game unlike any other. I suggest that you try some lowsec pvp roaming as soon as you can. It is not what I did, but when I eventually got into pvp I wish that I had at least done it after I had access to jump clones. Once you start popping +3 and definitely +4 attribute implants into your main clone you should work your standing to 8.0 with some corporation that allows you to install jump clones so that you can pvp with a cheap pod.