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100m SP Nyx ready PvP'er Looking for something new..

Dakaris Zulu
Awww Diddums..
Cynosural Field Theory.
#1 - 2012-12-21 17:47:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Dakaris Zulu
I'm a bittervet looking for a new home, I got bored of eve and went to the darkside that is wot but now I'm back.

I tried my hand at FW but it seemed just full of clueless farmers so that got boring quick also.

I've got over 100m sp with near maxed out Super carrier skills (need ecm burst thingy mah bob)

I'll post my eve kill whats it called in this link also, Don't care to much about politics but I'm looking for a good bunch to fly with and have a laugh.

I can do all races of Sub caps, I have a Thanatos and Moros and like using them.
FC'd in the past and would like so again.
I'm very direct and to the point and would like that in return please so no time wasting.

Anything else just mail or reply to this thread as I rarely answer convos.


Killboard Whatnot

Character SP thingy
Dakaris Zulu
Awww Diddums..
Cynosural Field Theory.
#2 - 2012-12-22 02:10:00 UTC
Still looking for that right blend of awesome..
Lex Arson
Psychotic Tendencies.
#3 - 2012-12-22 02:41:18 UTC
You didn't mention what it is exactly you're looking for, but if it's small gangs give Adversity. a peek.

There's no use crying after every mistake, you just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

Ubiquity Inc.
#4 - 2012-12-22 02:43:31 UTC
What's your timezone?
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2012-12-22 05:43:09 UTC
We might be a good fit for what you're looking for. We too are bitter vets who are really only looking to enjoy the game and laughs with friends.
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2012-12-22 07:21:13 UTC

Give Black-Listed a looking into.


We actually use our ships
Angry Anarchists
#7 - 2012-12-22 09:34:07 UTC
Hello there!

You seem to fit the description of our recruitment just now!

in-game mail sent.

plus here is our recruitment post

Thanks. Lol

Amarr Empire
#8 - 2012-12-22 10:59:27 UTC  |  Edited by: ZharV

If your normally online around the time of this post then our corp could be a good fit.

We are a bunch of aussies that are the founding corp for c0nvicted alliance based in vale.

Plenty of laughs, Ship replacement program ect.

check us out

btw. we are a pvp corp/alliance
(if you dont fit our timezone then still feel free to drop me a line as we have other corps in alliance from diff TZ`s)
Dakaris Zulu
Awww Diddums..
Cynosural Field Theory.
#9 - 2012-12-22 14:18:01 UTC
Had some good offers but still looking..

As the ncdot fellas asked, I'm UK TZ but play at any time.

Looking for small to med pvp ideally, massive blobs aren't my 1st choice as they tend to lack skill..
Dakaris Zulu
Awww Diddums..
Cynosural Field Theory.
#10 - 2012-12-24 05:29:17 UTC
Still on the looksie, I'll get back to you all with my mince pie filled ass after christmas..

Merry that btw..
Ireland VonVicious
Vicious Trading Company
#11 - 2012-12-24 07:12:22 UTC
Ryak Knoxe
The Six-Pack Syndicate
#12 - 2012-12-24 08:07:56 UTC
Eviscerate is recruiting

We are an active pvp corp basing in low sec. Our HQ is located one jump from npc null. We have no blues and shoot everything. Come shoot stuff with us.

We already have a few FCs, but the more the merrier.

Check us out.

GUT-U is our pub channel.

US/EU Timezone PVP Corp
Knights of the Posing Meat
#13 - 2012-12-24 17:04:40 UTC
FETID is an experienced PvP corporation who enjoy roaming for kills in low sec.
We are currently looking to expand our corporation with more experienced PvP pilots.

Check out the link to our killboard:
check out our video:

What we offer?
- A large verity of fleet compositions
- A number of experienced FCs
- An active EU Tz based corp
- JF services to move large amounts of your assets easily from A to B
- Our own mature and friendly TS server and forums

What we are looking for?
- A pilot experienced in PvP
- TS3 Downloaded, able to follow fleet commands given on all OPs. Mic is a Bonus!
- 10Mil SP minimum! or able to fly t2 frigs & cruisers

For more info join our recruiting channel Fetid Monkey Scrotii or Send a message to Maximus Babbarus or stockin.

Until then,
Fly wreckless o7
Aedun Sole
Amarr Empire
#14 - 2012-12-24 19:35:19 UTC
Hey Dakaris

I know exactly what you are talking about. TDR was formed out of bitter vets who prize quality over quantity, and too prefer a friendly yet skilled enviorment.

Check my post, or just contact me ingame.

Tactical Narcotics Team
#15 - 2012-12-25 04:08:18 UTC
Team Shut it Down members of Covert Intervention

Recruitment is OPEN

"The Scope" Articles



Join our Public Channel "TSID_Recruiting" or contact Eramor in-game.

We are a Gallente Federation Faction Warfare Corporation looking to expand our numbers in order to increase active PvP Roams as well as PLEXING Operations. Team Shut it Down has recently been accepted into the Covert Intervention Alliance and are hard at work to get the number of pilots up.

What the Corporation offers:

- Tech 1 Frig and Destroyer Replacement
- PvP/ PLEXING Fleets
- Helpful Training for n00bs
- no SP Minimum
- Corp TS3 Server

What the Alliance offers:

- Best PvP training in game
- Free ships for Fleet ops
- Friendly/fun environment
- Experienced leadership
- No SP minimum
- Alliance TS3 Server

What the Militia offers:

- Pilots
- Milita TS3 Server

Join our Public Channel "TSID_Recruiting" or contact Eramor in-game.
Dakaris Zulu
Awww Diddums..
Cynosural Field Theory.
#16 - 2012-12-30 16:43:55 UTC
New years bump...

I'll be getting back to the couple of guys I chatted new once my alcohol levels drop a little lol
Red Teufel
Feign Disorder
#17 - 2012-12-30 23:05:00 UTC
try pirating where the fun is at.

Blackened Skies

•Few Blues
•No Alliance Masters/Drama
•Small Gang pvp fun.
•Drunk Roams as well :D
Almost Dangerous
Wolves Amongst Strangers
#18 - 2012-12-31 13:32:16 UTC
come talk to us in death or glory we are a new corp formed from mutant ninja zombies and another corp under a new name we are small gang pvp and wold like to speak to you hit me up in game we are UK/EU timezone
Dakaris Zulu
Awww Diddums..
Cynosural Field Theory.
#19 - 2013-01-02 13:26:49 UTC
Last bump...

Still on the looksie..

Buhhdust Princess
Mind Games.
Suddenly Spaceships.
#20 - 2013-01-02 14:41:46 UTC
You look like you'd fit in over here. At work atm so can't type much, sorry.

UK TZ, BLOPS, Med-Scale PvP, Cap Drops and more, join channel : Mind games public

Also, convo/mail me tonight if you're online.
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