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Dev Blog: Introducing The Free Developer License & CREST API Beta Test

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Slamming Mad B-Balls
#121 - 2013-10-17 15:17:44 UTC  |  Edited by: token trade alt
This is neat and all, but the restrictions and whatnot really soured it for me.

I don't like throwing my credit card information out all willy nilly, let alone even mentioning I have one.

If a player or corporation offered me a commission to create an application for them based off of the API, does this mean I could not accept it due to the restrictions? These things are somewhat common in EVE and other games as it is. If we cannot do that, why can we charge ISK for avatars/sigs and server hosting, instead of just asking for donations out of 'the goodness of the users heart.'

These restrictions are going to drive away legitimate developers and ones who break the rules will find other means to do so, as they do and have.

For a game that prides itself in being 'progressive' this is a terrible step forward.