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Weapon Batteries

Samantha Tel'Vellor
Continuum Interstellar Fleet Operations
#21 - 2011-10-07 06:53:36 UTC
Yume Mei wrote:
The whole notion of a battleship being able to obliterate smaller vessels while only sacrificing a small portion of its offensive ability vs. intended targets would create a huge imbalance. Sure running your lvl 4's or sanctums/havens/hordes/patrols, you really wouldn't care about imbalance. Unfortunately a significant portion of the Eve community enjoys "PVP" activities. Your proposed changes would eliminate the viability of multiple ship classes in said "PVP" environment.

First, the notion I am proposing is NOT "giving a battleship the ability to obliterate smaller vessels while only sacrificing a small portion of its offensive ability vs. intended targets". Have I expressed anything here that would lead you to believe I do not care about imbalance? No. If you wish to engage in discussion, please refrain from making assumptions or accusations with no basis.

My proposed changes, would first and foremost, preserve the viability of certain classes of ship that do not see as much use as some others, while potentially also adding additional options to other classes of ship, but only if those options could be made to work without the imbalance you claim I care nothing for.

First and foremost this idea was designed with destroyers in mind. Since battleships seem to be the primary thing that everyone's getting caught up on, let's remove those from the equation. Yes, I think point defense on battleships would be nice. No I don't think it's a requirement for my idea to work.

Di Mulle wrote:
Would be good if you would be able to give "argument or explanation" for your assumption that you absolutely should have guaranteed defense in a given situation. So far you are taking it as absolutely granted, while the game design in its' very basics is made on the opposite premise, and for quite good reasons.

If I assumed what you assume that I take for granted, I'd be happy to provide an argument or explanation. Since, however, your accusation has no basis in the fact, or anything I've said, there's no point to me making more than a cursory response to your ill thought out flame bait.

Goose99 wrote:
The imbalance comes from OP's numbers, not the concept itself. When you trade every 1 large turret for 16 small ones, that's a net increase in dps, not to mention tracking, with only sacrifice being range. Give only 2 small turrets for 1 large, and you'll see how many people willing to make the trade.

See, he gets it. How many times now have I stated that the precise numbers are not important ultimately to this concept? I've done some math, but I don't have CCPs databases, nor have I looked up and compared exact numbers on specific ships/modules/etc.

If the 16x number bothers you, then we can just as easily replace another variable. I've already said that 2/4 could work as well, even though I don't think 16x is as overpowered as some of you seem to think. Particularly once you calculate that the number is not a dps multiplier, but a rate of fire multiplier.

The one aspect which would be required to be just about on par with the smaller weapons would be accuracy. Rate of fire, and thus ammunition consumption, ought to be inflated, while dps would probably have to come down a bit.

Then you factor in powergrid and CPU requirements, which could easily be more stringent than other weapons on the same class of ship, and that's another balancing factor.

The point isn't to be able to obliterate smaller ships. The point isn't even centered around battleships.

This idea came from two things. Destroyers, and Assault Launchers. The game already does this basic concept with Marauders. They get 4 guns with the firepower of 8. Destroyers are not considered an exceptional ship class at present, but if they could get the same deal, 4 guns with the firepower of 8, providing them with a free high slot or two, how does that overpower them?

And expanding the concept of the assault launcher into a few other classes of missiles as well as turrets wouldn't imbalance things either. It's not like it doesn't already exist. True, the core idea led to the thought of point defense, which is something I feel Eve could benefit from, but it's hardly a new idea in the game, just a new way of looking at it.
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