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Dont change the 2/10 plexes!

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Angelus Ryan
One Ronin
#601 - 2013-11-01 21:41:05 UTC
Minmatar Citizen160812 wrote:

I guess it will be another year until they realize they're handing us more faction drops on a silver platter with far less risk than the statics. I wonder if they'll have the same fun gate key mechanics so I can hold 1/10s hostage waiting for gimped prober fits to try it. Lovely pve content right there baby! Roll

I like the part about new players getting locked out of high sec. What a load of bullshit...

I actually think they want to hand out more faction drops to more people. It is an additional source of accessible lowsec income and it might reduce the price of the frig-sized modules (the 100mil b-type shield boosters are a joke).

That part is not necessarily bad, as lowsec aside of FW is pretty much dead and FW is full of stabbed farmers (but wait, I thought farming was bad and removing the 2/10s was to combat farming - Someone needs to tell that to whoever designed FW in its current iteration). But this doesn't replace the thunderdomes that were removed when the 2/10s went away because the 2/10s were PvE content that could be run in PvP ships and fought over (again, my "watering hole" analogy), while not being profitable enough to encourage active blobbing. Plus, the 2/10s weren't contingent on joining FW.

To find these (unless CCP agrees to the suggestion to make them anomalies and not scannable sites) you need probes, which is not something you carry on a regular solo frig when roaming.

PvP=PvE content should really be the future, and CCP seems to be moving away from it, which is unfortunate.